Recyclamer Innovation

Recyclamer : The Water Vacuum

RECYCLAMER Nettoyer les espaces aquatiques pollués


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Global Goals

6. Clean Water and Sanitation 14. Life Below Water 17. Partnerships for the Goals Flourish Prize Finalist - For Business as an Agent of World Benefit - Weatherhead School of Management

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Recyclamer Innovation is a company that does not produce just a vacuum robot but which creates a complete innovation. Its autonomous robot works with solar panels, something never seen before, and has been especially eco-designed with a natural filter.


Alan d'Alfonso Peral is the designer of this revolution. Astonished by marine pollution which constantly increases, he decided to make something of it and formed an association and more recently a society. The idea of an autonomous suction system by solar panels came to him. This is a real revolution because it works with solar panels which is different from the other clean sea robot. To develop this innovation he approached the University of Limoges in France to further his research. He managed to create it and the recylamer robot which works with solar energy came up.

First, the robot aspires waste on the water surface. It also monitors the quality of water. Finally, it was made with a recent patent natural filter, which allows soaking hydrocarbon. We can see here that it's an innovation because Alan D'Alfonso Peral thought about it in a totally ecological way from the task to the energy and its impacts on the aquatic area.

They are the first in the world to use that technology with solar energy and natural filter, developed by the creator itself: Alan d'Alfonso Peral.

Recyclamer : The Water Vacuum


This project come from this misunderstanding that rich countries have the opportunity to pay attention to the environment but they don't do it.

" It's sad to have to create this kind of business, but we really need it"

Moreover, he has a little girl and he wants to let her a better world than it is today. If he hadn't done anything he would feel guilty, he doesn't want to be passive in front of this situation he'd rather be a driving force.

The company's goal was to stop waste before they reach the seabed and so they won't be able to clean them.

Overall impact

This project has a social impact indeed Alan D'Alfonso Peral wants to sensibilize an important part of the population so he makes activities, shows and workshops with students and universities. He came to the Grand Pavois in La Rochelle to affect another part of the population (investors, entrepreneurs...) to show that it's possible to reduce waste. He was also invited during the G7 in Biarritz in 2019, to show his innovation to leaders.

The environment impact is huge, the robot is ecological because it works with solar energy and the filter which is directly in contact with water is made with natural fibre so it's totally safe for the environment. However, the crucial part is the effect on animals because, in the first place, animals ingest many wastes and the suffer is unbearable for them. In the second place, the water is polluted by hydrocarbons so the entire marine ecosystem is affected by pollution. The Recyclamer has an impact on both because the filter is able to absorb hydrocarbons and the surface waste are vacuumed.

Business benefit

The market of this innovation already exists. Recyclamer innovation aims to be the leader of it by its unique innovation. There is one employee in the company for the moment and the CEO: Alan D'Alfonso Peral is also working hard for his company.

They already sold 50 machines in Europe, mostly to private companies that own harbours in the mediteranean sea, but not only. Businesses from northern Europe are also buying the robot such as British firms for example.

Recyclamer Innovation aims to develop more and more robots and to produce biger machine sizes.

The company is really profitable and targets more and more buyers.

Social and environmental benefit

The company benefits society because Recyclamer Innovation sensitizes a lot about its innovation. It is doing workshops, awareness campaigns with schools, universities and citizens of the cities, along with shows.

It also benefits the environment because the robots created grabs trash in harbours essentially, where its concentration is very high. This innovation is a revolution because above all, it avoids that animals choke on plastics. We know that 1.5 million animal died each year and it's growing up, unfortunately. Created such a machine is crucial for sea ecosystem's and for the preservation in the future years.

The robots also don't pollute because they work with solar panels and they are autonomous. They show with this revolution that it's possible to make a business on something which improves our environmental impact which uses renewable energy. We need to focus on natural energy because it works as we can see with the Recyclamer. The natural filter allows finally to get out the hydrocarbons from the water.


Alan D'Alfonso Peral, CEO & Founder Recyclamer Innovation

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Business information

Recyclamer Innovation

Recyclamer Innovation

Saint Junien, FR
Year Founded: 2016
Number of Employees: 2 to 10
Cleaning harbours, beaches and lakes is the main activity of the robot recyclamer, so private societies in charge of marina and government are the major clients. However, it serves public interest because there is activity and demo for student. The aim is to clean and sensitize future generations.