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Reclaiming Wellness


Andrew Magoun

Andrew Magoun


University of Tennessee

University of Tennessee


Emily Landry

Emily Landry

Global Goals

3. Good Health and Well-Being

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The purpose of this company is to welcome all patients to come to a place that feels like home to them when they enter. Sometimes people that go to hospitals don’t always feel welcomed or are sometimes comfortable when going there for treatment. Therefore Reclaim Wellness offers a safe and comfortable environment for people that seek treatment in what they provide.


The creator of reclaiming wellness is Sara Magoun. She is a nurse practitioner that has been in the medical field for 20+ years and has been working with natural medicine as well. She takes the knowledge that she has learned to put that forth in creating her own practice to help her patients. Located in Gallatin Tennessee. How it came about is after being in the field of using natural medicine to help with types of problems. The patients that she saw at her old office would tell her how much they like her as their nurse and how great she is at what she does. Therefore sparking an idea that would not only create a place of home for her current patients but also the new ones that she will get along the way. At reclaiming wellness there are three total employees that work there. First is of course Sara Magoun FNP-C who is the owner and main nurse practitioner. The second that works there but hasn't been able to be full-time yet is Joseph Magoun MD. He currently works at the Hendersonville Medical Center as an ER Doctor but plans on transitioning over to the practice. The last one is Katie Leonard BSN, RN, and works there as well to help. They all strive to help people with their health which fits right in with the SDG goal of Good Health and Well Being

Reclaiming Wellness


“The reason patients prefer them to most other practices or hospitals is that its focus on better health through preventive care like better diet and health cerci services, natural treatment when applicable for health problems that arise, and addition of conventional medicine when needed.”

“We also spend as much time with a patient as needed to address all their problems and concerns.”

“The idea for this company was from an observation that conventional health care was not addressing wellness aspect of healthcare and just focused on short term treatments of problems.”

Overall impact

The impact it has on the patients is fantastic and it's expanding and wanting past patients to come back to them even more. At Reclaiming Wellness they want to offer a sense of home to all the patients that come in. They are greeted with a sense of home right away with a living room presence of couches and chairs, nice décor, nice scent, and music to calm everyone that comes in a little nervous. It's also nice cause you will be greeted by one of the staff as well to really make you feel like you aren't talking to some front desk person that is just there to send you to someone and somewhere else.

Something that I noticed in person as well as the rooms that they are in you can choose to either have the door closed or open however you like. It's not like most offices where when you are in there they shut you in and you just have to wait and wonder where is the nurse and why is it taking them so long to do whatever it is they are doing. With the small number of employees they have there are only three rooms but in that being said it's also a good thing. It gives the patient more time with the nurse or doctor to talk about any concerns they have or just to chat with them about life. At Reclaiming Wellness they strive to give the patients however much amount of time they need while in there so you don't feel rushed or like you really been given all the information that you need about your problem.

Lastly, Reclaiming Wellness strives to provide its patients with the best care possible. While using natural medicine they also provide patients with options that will actually help them long term and not just short term like other healthcare providers do. They want you to make sure you can keep your wellness for a long amount of time where you don't have to make as many trips back that you don't need to make. Let's be honest some problems we have we want some long-term solutions so we don't have to keep going back to the healthcare office every month or so or even every week. We want options that can give a long-term effect. At Reclaiming Wellness they provide if possible that long-term option to help you keep your wellness instead of losing it in a short amount of time and having to keep coming back.

Business benefit

It benefits the business because of how all their patients love the work that Sara and her employees do. I met one while meeting for an interview and they say how much they loved the environment of the company and how well Sara took care of her patients. It's the sense of being at home for them that really feels like they enjoy it.

It impacts the business by providing great hospitality and healthcare to families and nonfamilies all the same. Since COVID is going on it impacts it as well by providing tests to check if you have covid or not. Antibodies test and the best possible information on what you should do if you have covid and also how to prepare for it. The company is also a part of the Front Line Covid Critical Care (FLCCC).

It affects all the patients that attend there too. Reading customer reviews they love the nurses and doctors that take care of them while being there. Providing great care is just one thing it's also the environment that is created to feel not like an office or a hospital setting but more like you’re at home and comfortable.

Social and environmental benefit

It benefits society and the environment by using natural medicines. It also benefits the overall patient mood when going there cause entering in a place that feels like home when going in for treatment or any other health thing sure sounds good to me. It gives a sense of comfort to people that aren't comfortable in a hospital setting. It's all about the patients; to them it's about how they feel, how they can help them short and long term, and how we can get them back to 100% and reclaim their wellness in their life that they had and maybe lost.


Sara Magoun, Owner

Business information

Reclaiming Wellness Pllc

Reclaiming Wellness Pllc

Gallatin, TN, US
Year Founded: 2021
Number of Employees: 2 to 10
Reclaiming Wellness is a company that strives to provide a safe and comfortable place for its patients. They recently just opened and has already seen 50+ patients and have much more waiting.