Pushing for Reduced Car Emissions in Egypt


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We have been privileged enough as a group to interview Omar Rashid, a branch manager for BMW located in Cairo Egypt. Speaking with Mr. Rashid has brought us a lot of insight into his life. He graduated from Cairo University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Minor in Marketing. In this job, he has many responsibilities, other than attaining sales and managing resources he closely communicates with branches internationally in order to obtain a strong international brand image with other BMW branches in Europe and America. He also makes sure to communicate with all his employees the reason why they receive or don’t receive bonuses at the end of the year. He also always looks for both monetary and non-monetary ways to motivate his employee such as, often having team dinner gatherings as well as bonuses. More importantly, he understands that the BMW Group is closely looking at ways to contribute to the SDG goals. Throughout the interview, we were able to learn a lot about the company’s innovation, inspiration, impacts, and benefits both societally and environmentally.


After interviewing a branch manager at BMW Egypt we have learned that the company is planning on moving towards a cleaner future, where CO2 emissions are limited. This means that the company is moving more towards Electrical vehicles and more sustainable materials. Already, BMW has released fully electric and hybrid vehicles. Innovation is an integral part of BMW cars, from climate-friendly engines to advanced driver assistance systems and cutting-edge infotainment. BMW is always looking for ways to improve its vehicles, focusing on sustainability and increasing efficiency. They have developed a wide range of eco-friendly cars, from hybrid engines to all-electric cars. Their advanced driver assistance systems use advanced sensors and artificial intelligence to maintain a safe driving experience while allowing the car to make decisions without the driver’s input.

Some of the electric vehicles they have released are the following: the i4 and iX. These are their most sustainable electric vehicles to date, offering an affordable and luxurious option for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint. Mr. Rashid explained to us that the cars are packed with features that help limit climate change, such as regenerative braking which takes energy from braking and turns it into additional electric energy for the vehicle, and a "smart" energy management system that optimizes energy consumption. The electric vehicles also feature powerful, efficient engines and a number of chassis improvements that help minimize drag and increase efficiency. The cars are being praised for their advanced technological features capable of producing an impressive range of electric power for a full day of driving. With its modern styling and innovative features, BMW’s electric cars are making a strong statement about the importance of reducing emissions in order to make the world a more sustainable place. In addition to this, BMW Egypt has talked about the hopes of building charges in a variety of areas in Egypt in hopes of catering to a new era of electrical vehicles.

Pushing for Reduced Car Emissions in Egypt


On the first level, employees are critical to the well-being and success of a company. In order to create good ideas and execute them well, employees on all levels need to be motivated and respected. As a manager, Mr. Rashid was able to do this by effectively communicating and inspiring his staff members. He stated that he keeps good communication by constantly speaking with the managers he has allocated throughout the branch. He also spoke on the importance of motivation, saying “Having a motivated workforce is one of the most important things, and thus I focus on this a lot. I try to have a balance of both monetary and non-monetary benefits in order to keep my employees motivated. Examples include bonuses and team dinners as well as much more.” As BMW already had the goal of sustainability on its radar, motivating its employees is key to its execution.

BMW’s first act towards its goal of only selling electric vehicles started at the 1972 Olympics in Munich. During the marathon competition, two 1602 BMW cars were revealed to be powered by 12-volt lead-acid batteries. Although these batteries had to be replaced making the cars unable to be recharged, these were BMW’s first electric vehicles and the start of their sustainable future.

The motivation for focusing its attention on reducing CO2 emissions and creating electric vehicles revolves around the fact that they are a car company. Along with other employees, Mr. Rashid states that they constantly bring up SDG goals in BMW meetings, and look for ways to incorporate them into the company practices. Since cars take a huge toll on our environment, creating electric vehicles is a natural fit for BMW. He also states, “BMW aims to limit the CO2 emissions by over 40% by early 2030, this includes the entire lifecycle as well as the supply chain and the vehicles emission use as well.” By creating goals at the center of the company, employees can be motivated to achieve these goals in their own innovative ways.

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Overall impact

The BMW Group’s focus on reducing CO2 emissions has been directly influenced by the company’s innovation within its own plants and sites, aiming to be one of the leading companies in its industry to impact CO2 and energy reduction by 2030. This is with the intention of setting the bar as high as possible for the vehicle manufacturing industry and any other industry beyond the 1.5-degree goal. Since 2006, BMW had anticipated lowering its vehicle emissions by over 70 percent, which has now become a move to reduce emissions by another 80 percent by 2030.

With this being said, BMW’s mission for a positive climate impact has already begun introducing its new line of electric vehicles on a global scale, and in this case, Egypt. An article published in late November remarked on BMW's commitment to sustainability, and how it plans on achieving its goals. BMW had appointed Global Auto Group as its new importer in Egypt for its BMW and MINI brands, pushing the BMW luxury to a premium car market. With Global Auto, BMW plans to introduce its BMW I all-electric car line along with solar energy and water recycling technology being displayed in its newly refurbished showrooms.

In addition to the introduction of fully electric vehicles, BMW is striving to maximize its commitment, not only in the type of vehicles but also in the way in which materials are utilized for the production of all BMW vehicles. With the BMW Brilliance Automotive joint venture (BBA), they have established what is referred to as a closed loop for the reuse of certain raw materials such as nickel, lithium, and cobalt, all things found in old fully and partially-electric vehicles. With this closed-loop material cycle, it allows for a conservation of resources as well as a continuous reduction of emissions by 70% compared to batteries using newly extracted metals.

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Business benefit

The benefits of businesses becoming more sustainable and Eco-friendly are becoming more and more evident as climate change poses a growing threat to our planet. For one, businesses that take a proactive stance to reduce their waste and energy consumption, as well as rely on more renewable sources of energy, show a greater commitment to environmental stewardship. Not only does this reduce the impact that their activities have on the environment, but it also sends a message to their customers that ethical business practices are a priority.

Additionally, sustainable and Eco-friendly businesses often find that they achieve significant savings through a range of measures that they can employ. For example, by switching to LED lighting and smart thermostats, businesses can reduce their energy costs significantly - plus they can benefit from government subsidies and tax incentives, resulting in further savings. Additionally, the reduction in waste generated by businesses can reduce the number of physical resources and materials that need to be purchased as Mr. Rashid explains.

Finally, businesses that consider sustainability within their wider business strategy and operations often find that they strengthen their brand's ethical profile and consumer confidence. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the role they have to play in helping to mitigate the effects of climate change, and by demonstrating their commitment through clear and concise environmental policies, businesses can stand out in an increasingly crowded marketplace. Whether it's through embracing renewable energy sources and promoting consumer recycling, or investing in more sustainable packaging and materials, being an eco-friendly business shows that an organization is also environmentally responsible. BMW aims to focus on electric vehicles in order to limit CO2 emissions, they hope they can help create a more energy-efficient and climate-friendly future.

Social and environmental benefit

In recent years, BMW has shifted its focus towards electric vehicles in order to create a more sustainable, eco-friendly form of transportation. This shift has provided numerous benefits both socially and environmentally. One of these benefits is the decreased emission of carbon dioxide (CO2). By using electric vehicles, BMW is able to avoid the release of CO2 into the environment, which contributes to global warming and can have adverse health effects on many populations. Electric vehicles reduce CO2 emissions and help BMW create a cleaner and more sustainable future.

Another environmental and social benefit of BMW’s switch to electric vehicles is the improved air quality in the areas where electric vehicles are being used. By replacing gasoline-powered cars, BMW has made a move that helps reduce air pollution and improve the air quality of people living near their factories and offices. Additionally, this shift can reduce noise pollution, making areas with electric vehicles more pleasant and desirable.

Finally, BMW’s switch to electric vehicles has improved its reputation as a business. Many environmental organizations and customers have praised BMW for making the switch, creating positive associations with the company and PR benefits. Furthermore, the decision to use electric vehicles has increased BMW’s standing in the public eye, further enhancing the perception that they are a socially responsible and environmentally conscious business. By using electric vehicles, BMW has demonstrated its commitment to reducing its impact on the planet and establishing a better future for the environment Mr. Rashid added.


Omar Rashid, Branch Manager

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Year Founded: 1916
Number of Employees: 10000+

The BMW Group is an iconic automotive company that holds special significance in the global motoring industry. From its Bavarian roots as a manufacturer of aircraft engines to its current place as a powerhouse driving the global luxury automotive segment, BMW embodies a centuries-old history of innovation, ingenuity, and excellence in engineering. The BMW Group was established in 1917 as an aircraft engine manufacturer. Since then, the company has become an iconic source of luxury cars, motorcycles, and even commuter vehicles. During the World War II era, the company was turned into a manufacturer of motorcycles and automobiles, with a focus primarily on luxury cars. This shift in focus led to the world-renowned “Ultimate Driving Machine” slogan, which has been associated with the company ever since.