Deborah Altaye

Deborah Altaye


Marymount University

Marymount University


Larry Clay

Larry Clay

Global Goals

8. Decent Work and Economic Growth

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The motel business named GADD, was designed mainly to generate a profit for the purpose of economic growth. It gives service and hospitality to its clients.


I have the privilege to interview my mother, who is also my role model, about her motel business named GADD. After obtaining her accounting degree from Addis Ababa University, she worked in different companies having different positions. She worked in the government and private sector as an auditor as well as a consultant. The high point in her life was when she had the opportunity to work at African Humanitarian Action, an NGO organization financed by UNHCR and OCHA for Angola office as admin and finance officer. While she was doing her job outside of her country, she had the opportunity to observe different business ventures that looked interesting. Since she was traveling to different areas to see refugees, she stayed in motels that were modern, traditional, but affordable

The business was founded in 2010 and has been in the business since then. It is located in the capital city of Ethiopia which is close to the international airport. It gives hospitality services to the local people as well as international clients that look for affordable prices. The motel is designed to be an affordable stay.

After she finished her contract with the company, she knew she wasn’t going back to that corporate world. She always had a passion of owning a business that would boost income for her and the family. She also knew by doing that, she would create job opportunities for her community. She always wanted to do hotel and tourism services and when she was financially ready to start the business, she started the implementation process.


My mother who is also a business owner, always dreamed of opening a hospitality service. Her professional work required her to travel to different African regions helped her notice different lodges to stay in and gave her the opportunity how the hotel business is conducted.

Overall impact

The short-term effects of the innovation are generating income and the long-term goal is to expand and provide more services to its customers to increase its positive impact as well as profit. It has a plan to start a tour business that will allow its clients to see the city and historical places around Ethiopia.

Business benefit

The purpose of the business was to have financial freedom, be their boss, have time for family, help the local community by participating in charity work, and create job opportunities for 12 employees. When financially able to start up the business, she was motivated to implement her business plan. The real-estate business before the motel business helped her to cover the cost of building the business. When it was all set and done, it gave services to local and international clients mostly travelers from Somalia and Djibouti for various reasons.

Social and environmental benefit

The impact of innovation on society is creating job opportunities and providing affordable hospitality services. This business has a positive impact on the community and does not cause any harm. Also, the business has a plan to expand and provide more services to its customers to increase its positive impact as well as profit. She has a plan to start a tour business that will allow the clients to see the city and historical places around Ethiopia


Asnakech Chekol, Founder


Business Website: https://NA
Year Founded: 2010
Number of Employees: 11 to 50
It is a motel business that gives service and hospitality to its local and international clients. It created job opportunities to the community.