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Living a fast-paced lifestyle in New York calls for self-care. There are many ways to practice self-care, such as going to the gym or getting a facial. However, Soul Detox Inc. helps promote wellness through services of cupping and facials. The CEO and Founder of Soul Detox Inc., Mohammad Widdi, started his business with the intention and goal to help support the body's wellness by drawing out toxins. Even though Soul Detox Inc. offers many services, their cupping services are relatively famous. The two types of cupping services offered include dry cupping and wet cupping. The dry and wet cupping practices help solve the SDG of "Good Health" as it allows the natural cleansing of toxins in the body that occurs from the practice.


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The spiritual practice of applying a partial vacuum (negative pressure/suction) causes the tissues beneath the cup to draw up and swell. Thus, there is an increase in oxygenated blood flow to the affected area (self-induced cupping mark). This enhanced blood flow draws impurities and toxins (acidity/stagnation) away from the nearby tissues and organs towards the surface for elimination via the break in the skin layer created through superficial scratches (very light incisions) made before the reapplication of the "cup" or a similar device. This aids the body as a whole to naturally boost the immune system. Moreover, this allows the body to rebuild itself so the client can reach the feeling of being "reborn”.

According to CEO Mohammad Widdi, dry cupping services need to be performed before wet cupping services. Wet cupping services are slowly eased after dry cupping has been performed a couple of times.

Dry cupping services use bulb-shaped glass cups. The cups are heated and then applied to the affected area. Later, the cups cool down which causes the skin to suction into the cup.

On the other hand, wet cupping involves the practitioner creating an incision then placing the cup on top to promote a controlled bleed. This practice is said to relieve the body of toxic blood and bad energies.

Mind Body Soul Detox Wellness Services


CEO Mohammad Widdi mentions his inspiration for starting Soul Detox Inc.:

“I was involved with another startup prior to this. I was working on a very high-quality performance drink. I’m all about fitness and all that athletic good stuff, and the idea was we were trying to cater to that audience. We were offering a high-quality sports drink. As I was doing the wet cupping, and master training people as well, I realized I’ve never seen something have such a profound positive impact on people’s lives in such a short period of time. So I literally dropped everything and started Soul Detox because of the immense benefit that people have. Our slogan is “Cleanse Your Soul, Feel Reborn” —and that’s no exaggeration, you literally feel reborn after you try it. After seeing the profound positive impact wet cupping has had on people’s lives, I became more convinced than ever that when applied right with the proper education and care plans, alternative medicine has veracity.”

Overall impact

"To be able to add value to people's lives... there are many different aspects and variables that will dictate that."

The overall impact of cupping services is to bring awareness to wellness by including it within one's daily life. This impact would take time hence, why there is a 5-year plan and a 10-year plan. Once Soul Detox Inc. is widely known, it will be able to bring its practices where the client is. This will be done through means of education, the website, and videos through social media.

The goal for Soul Detox to be known worldwide; beginning in NY, then nationwide within the next 5 years, and finally to be available to everyone across the globe within the decade. Soul Detox has many wellness practices available making it easier for a customer to "add-on" another treatment and see what works best for their body. For example, Soul Detox Inc. already offers mobile services. Mobile services include the servicer bringing all the supplies to the person and performing the service.

Since cupping practices are not common to most people, it might be intimidating for someone to try cupping for the first time. However, once a client is comfortable, cupping can be very beneficial to their lifestyle. Cupping improves overall blood circulation and can help form new connective tissues and blood vessels the tissue. Mohammad Widdi touches upon the fact that he completely dropped his previous business of creating a high-performance drink because he was amazed by the results from cupping services. With such drive, commitment, and passion there is a good chance for Soul Detox to become a successful company.

Business benefit

This innovation dates back to Ancient Chinese, Ancient Egyptians, Middle Eastern lands, and Ancient Greek practices. Even though cupping practices are just being introduced to the Western culture, Muslims have been practicing cupping for centuries back. In the religion of Islam, the practice of wet cupping is called "Hijama". The word Hijama means "sucking" or "vacuum" in Arabic. According to Muslim practices, there specific days on which Hijamas should be practiced.

Over the years, Soul Detox Inc. has had many clients which come for their services. In the first year of business, during their introductory phase, Soul Detox Inc. offered their services for 25 dollars. However, after seeing growth within their services, Soul Detox Inc. raised prices to 80 dollars per session. In the second half of the second year, Soul Detox Inc. offers in-house services for 100 dollars and 150 dollars for mobile services.

Soul Detox Inc. is one of the few centers offering cupping services. With the help of their 5-year plan, Soul Detox will be able to domestically move into other markets. Mr. Widdi explained he would want to be known in cities like New York, Miami, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Soul Detox Inc. would then shift into their 10-year plan where they would be widely known across the United States, Europe, Asia, and more.

Soul Detox Inc. is also in the process of making their own product line. Moreover, they offer services in their local residence and through mobile services. Mr. Widdi mentions, "Our current strategy is mobile, meaning we do our sessions wherever our clients are. After raising our pre-seed though, as we begin to open brick-and-mortar locations, we will be re-investing all the money back into the company till our 5th year. Our current members are sold on the long-term vision of the company, so there is no intent to become profitable in the early years. Grow, grow, grow until we achieve scale so the dividends are much higher for the shareholders and investors."

Lastly, clients always return to Soul Detox Inc. as they continue to see results through the services provided. More importantly, CEO Mohammad Widdi mentions that the members of Soul Detox Inc. are very conscious of their health, body, and mind. Each employee takes care of themselves through the wellness services they provide. As Mr. Widdi mentions, "These are individuals that are interested in and/or actively striving for the best version of their wellness (mentally, physically, spiritually)."

Social and environmental benefit

Soul Detox Inc. is helpful to society as it helps the people of the city relax. Clients can de-stress while increasing their energy. For example, in New York, there is an increased level of aggression. Road rage may begin with people cursing or racing on the road due to traffic. Aggression is mostly associated with stressed, tired people. With Soul Detox Inc. clients can relax and feel refreshed in 30 45-minute sessions. This leads to decreased rage and aggression, and people being kinder and more understanding.

Organic oils, creams, massage techniques, along with cupping mechanics are used to relax the client. Each product used by Soul Detox Inc. is environmentally friendly, natural, non-synthetic, and vegan.

For example, when leaving the city, the further away you get the kinder people are. Some also tend to live a slower-paced lifestyle, such as in California. Also, many that come from smaller cities are overwhelmed with the size of New York City. Manhattan might not be geographically huge to scale but the population and way of life make it seem like a state of its own.

Overall, innovation can help New Yorkers live a calmer and more present life. Having that time to disconnect from the internet and texts is necessary for self-care.


Mohammad Widdi, CEO/ Founder

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Soul Detox Inc.

Soul Detox Inc.

Bayridge, Brooklyn, New York, US

Business Website: https://www.souldetoxwellness.com/

Year Founded: 2018

Number of Employees: 2 to 10

Soul Detox is a wellness service providing detoxification services to all types of genders whilst appealing to ages 18 and up. They specialize in dry cupping, wet cupping detoxification, and facial services.