Let’s speed up nature in the city !

La Fabrique à Feuilles

11. Sustainable Cities and Communities


One objective of La Fabrique à Feuilles is to raise awareness among people regarding urban revegetation and to remind us of the importance of ecosystem services. The idea is to inspire ourselves from nature to create the solutions of tomorrow for our cities. That’s why La Fabrique à Feuilles organizes many conferences and workshops, especially in schools, to raise awareness of what is at stake.

The main objective of the start-up is to support companies and local governments by giving them turnkey solutions to contribute at their scale to regenerate ecosystems in the city.

Thus La Fabrique à Feuilles mainly helps to solve the SDG 11 - Sustainable cities and communities, because it contributes to promoting the importance of ecosystemic services in our cities and creates bonds between its actors.


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This young start-up was created in 2021 in Paris, by Clémence Collombier, who is passionate about nature and plants. The project is now developed by five people.

The aim of the project was above all to create bonds between the different actors of a city, as regards urban revegetation, but also to make people aware of the importance of nature in urban areas.

By creating a platform (one of the developed tools of the startup) that gathers actors' businesses encouraging the expansion of nature in urban areas, associated with innovation consulting, La Fabrique à Feuilles contributes to regenerating our cities. Those actors feel more supported and more visible. They no longer act in a compartmentalized sphere.

Let’s speed up nature in the city !


Clémence Collombier is the founder and CEO of the flourishing business La Fabrique à Feuilles. She is an optimistic and caring person sticking to the values she set herself and focused on her objectives.

During her career inside big groups, she was tasked with creating and overseeing projects of disruptive innovation. As time passed in her life as an agricultural engineer she was hoping for a better purpose: “I wanted to do more with less”. She is an individual deeply connected to the sector she works in and also someone who truly considers the importance of nature in urban areas but also anywhere else: « Reconnecting yourself to the living is like reconnecting to a part of yourself long forgotten ».

With a real interest in plants and living, she realized that no matter how many actors for a greener city there are if they act individually, their actions seem inefficient. From this statement, came the idea of La Fabrique à Feuilles with a whole new model inspired by nature: cooperative, systemic and regenerative.

Overall impact

The overall impact of La Fabrique à Feuilles is important when compared with other companies which are as recent.

Thanks to all the information obtained, Clémence Colombier was able to initiate many partnerships with other actors in this sector who used to work by themselves and individually. La Fabrique à Feuilles made hundreds of partnerships and was able to form an ecosystem of companies engaged in the objective of creating a greener city. The overall impact of this project is mainly a change in the structure and organization of this sector.

The impact can also be seen on the people because they are one of the “targets” of La Fabrique à Feuille as the company wants to raise the awareness of the population when it comes to realizing the importance of nature around us and the critical state it is in nowadays.

Business benefit

The startup headquarters are located in Paris. However, the start-up is keen on sharing its ideas around the country. Its members often go from town to town to give talks about the role of nature in urban areas. With her agronomic background, Clémence Collombier and La Fabrique à Feuilles, through consulting services, also support and co-create with companies their regenerative roadmap in order to create turnkey projects that restore ecosystem services. The start-up doesn’t only want to raise awareness of revegetation, but also to provide companies with tools to facilitate their adaptation.

What is the most interesting as regards La Fabrique à Feuilles is that this kind of startup doesn’t exist anywhere else. La Fabrique à Feuilles wanted to create a regenerative economic model, which is based on co-creation and innovation.

Social and environmental benefit

« Our social goal is also to give back everyone’s ownership of understanding the living and realize be a part of it. »

La Fabrique à Feuilles aims at reconnecting people to nature and to reconnect people with nature, even more in urban areas. The company organizes workshops on collective intelligence to help people think of a new kind of green city. Every actor can be in a new way an actor of this change.

The project also has an important social impact, since it contributes to gathering different actors in urban areas, regarding the regeneration of our ecosystems.

The values that would best fit to this business for good are benevolence, cooperation, sharing, and optimism. That kind of mindset will help us do far better, especially in terms of sustainable development, according to La Fabrique à Feuilles.


Clémence Collombier, Founder & CEO

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La Fabrique à Feuilles

La Fabrique à Feuilles

Paris, Île-de-France, FR

Business Website:

Year Founded: 2021

Number of Employees: 2 to 10

La Fabrique à Feuilles, a true pioneer in the regenerative economy creates bonds between the different actors of urban revegetation, companies, and local governments with the aim to recreate the ecosystemic services (or services normally given by nature). The young startup also offers consulting services to companies, to help them take into account the environmental issues in their activities.