Iverbe: Bringing Camp to LAUSD



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Across the Los Angeles area, public schools lacked after-school programs for students who potentially needed to stay at school later than required. The lack of these programs was mostly due to schools not having any staff to work these extra 3-4 hours after the school day. Iverbe, a local Summer camp, went into these schools across Los Angeles to provide after-school care.


Iverbe is providing after-school programs to public schools across Los Angeles. It helps parents by having somewhere safe for their kids to be for the few hours after school while they finish work. Iverbe saw a demand for these programs across the greater Los Angeles and took an innovative approach to help their local community, school, and staff.

This innovation helps the local community by providing decent work and economic growth to these camp workers who tend to be young workers working flexible hours just to make some money. Additionally, these after-school programs don't just provide supervision. They provide classes which the students are interested in. Brent explained that these programs "have the flexibility to assist in core classes they might struggle in or skills they want to improve such as skateboarding or cooking". The program provides quality education for public schools across Los Angeles.

Iverbe: Bringing Camp to LAUSD


Brent claimed that through conversation with their campers along with their parents they discovered a huge demand for these after-school programs. Mr. Weiss explained it simply, "there was a gap, parents needed an extra few hours of supervision for their children and schools just didn't have to staff or ability to provide this service, so we thought why don't we step in". Additionally, Iverbe's mission has always been to privide kids with a safe community to learn and grow as people. Not to mention providing their counselors with extra hours during the year and spreading their brand through these programs was extremely enticing.

Overall impact

The impact of this innovation is felt on multiple levels. The young counselors who work for Iverbe in the Summer now have an opportunity to work decent hours and have another job on the side if they'd like. Additionally, Iverbe as a company benefits from this program by spreading their brand to schools across the city. It is a clever way to market their camp while providing quality education.

But most importantly, the impact is felt most by the students who now have a place to be after-school until their parents come. These students no longer have to walk home in unsafe neighborhoods or even stay at school unsupervised. All while getting quality education on top of their classes or new classes that aren't offered during the normal school day.

Business benefit

Iverbe is allowing their staff, the Summer camp counselors, to work a good amount of hours each week at these programs during the school year. Providing their staff with this work is creating income and loyalty to their company. It is allowing them to spread their routes across the Los Angeles area even more and establish them as a premier place for youth to learn and have fun.

Additionally, these programs are a way for Iverbe to market their brand. These parents are now directly informed about a camp which is the route of the after-school service they are paying for. If satisfied with the after-school experience Iverbe is providing them with, they will likely sign their kid up for summer camp as well.

Social and environmental benefit

It creates economic growth in the greater Los Angeles area. With several school locations, Iverbe has been a huge source of income for young adults across West Los Angeles. It helps these kids build a resume and get experience while working with children. These programs are directly causing economic growth and decent work.

Also, this innovation is giving kids additional education. They are getting extra help on classes they are struggling in or learning about something they are passionate about, such as chess. This is an efficient way of spending the 2-3 hours they have after school before their parents are able to pick them up. We are allowing children to learn more about what they enjoy and get the extra educational help they need.


Brent Weiss, Co-Founder

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Los Angeles, CA, US
Business Website: https://iverbe.com/
Year Founded: 2008
Number of Employees: 11 to 50

Iverbe Sports Camp is a summer camp originally located out of The Willows Community School in Culver City, California. The camp was founded in 2004 by a pair of brothers, Marc and Brent Weiss. The Weiss brothers envisioned a haven for kids to play sports and games throughout the Summer. But more importantly, they envisioned a camp that fostered relationships so strong they lasted a lifetime.