Its Not an Ordinary Plastic Bag


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Indonesia’s is the second largest in terms of production of plastic waste to the sea each year, reaching over 187.2 million tons and plastic bags can take 500-1000 years to degrade according to scientists. Along with development and environmental awareness, people began competing to provide solution to this issues, namely presenting alternative plastic bag made from organic and environmental friendly.

Therefore, PT Mogallana has develop new manufacturing division called “Nabati bag” or “Cassava Bag” under the brand name Telobag, which is present as a one of solution that has been needed by our world.


Siti Yachayu Chiara

Siti Yachayu Chiara


IPMI International Business School

IPMI International Business School


Amelia Naim Indrajaya

Amelia Naim Indrajaya


Telobag is a biodegradable, earth-friendly bag which is mainly intended for the household as waste bag or plastic bag replacement. Telobag is made using 100% natural ingrediantes of cassava and vegetables oil, which means that it mainly safe for plant, eco-friendly and not harmful for animals, land and water.

Telobag looks exactly like plastic bag, but its not an ordinary plastic bag. Telobag can only be use for 180 days, and right after that it can naturally degrade and fully composetable. Compared to the normal plastic that made by petroleum-based raw, that can be degrade over hundreds or thousand years.

Its Not an Ordinary Plastic Bag


Mrs. Dede Budiarti explained that Indonesia is the largest user of potreleum-based raw, which can be very harmful for the earth in the future. She notes that “single use of plastic can cause problem not only to Indonesia but also to the world” and she hopes that Telobag can be one of the solution for waste management at the family level.

Overall impact

Using Telobag can reduce the use of plastic. The composer function and active micro organism in Telobag will stimulate the development of soil fertile worms again. Not only that, The composer function can make the organic waste can also be compose.

Telobag is safe for animals to consume, as proven by their youtube video. When thrown away, Telobag will be fully consumed by micro and macro organism as food, and for plants, it is functioning as a compost.

Business benefit

Businesses calculation is promising. But the main goals of Telobag is to contribute to safe guarding the earth. By doing the smallest thing can cause the big thing in the future. Telobag believes that from the smallest thing by reducing the plastic can hopefully helps the earth in the future.

Telobag businesses is going well. Telobag has many distributors across indonesia and more than 300 employess across Indonesia. Telobag is already entering business market such as hotel, retail industry, restaurant, hospitals and many more.

Social and environmental benefit

Telobag is a reducable, Eco-Friendly, Biodegradable, compostable innovation that can be beneficial to the environment.. It can reduce plastic waste and degrade in less than 1 months if expose to the land or animals.

Telobag also have a big impact to the society, it can make us realize that the use of plastic bag can be harmful for the earth. Not only that, Telobag also have an impact to the farmers because they getting a better demand for their tapioca harvest.


Dede Budiarti, Telo Bag

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Year Founded: 2016

Number of Employees: 51 to 200

Telobag comes from the words Telo and Bag, where ‘Telo’ means ketelo tree, in term Javanese language it means cassava, and the word ‘bag’ from English means bag or bag. And combined, we gave the two words "Telobag" which means vegetable bags made from natural cassava raw materials.