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Investing in Global Financial Markets Sustainably


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Century Financial, prides itself on pioneering innovative financial solutions that prioritize sustainability and responsibility. One of Century Financials' high points was the successful integration of sustainability and ESG principles throughout the business operations and offerings. This was achieved through a comprehensive approach that incorporated responsible investment practices, environmental considerations, and social impact assessments across all financial services.

Century Financial focuses on educating and engaging clients about the importance of ESG factors in investment decisions. This involved providing transparent information about the sustainability metrics of investment options and offering guidance on selecting investments that align with clients' values.

The innovation lies in the creation of sustainable finance products, redefining the traditional financial services by integrating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria into investment decisions. This innovative approach involves a range of financial instruments, from green bonds and ESG-focused mutual funds to impact investing.


Century Financial embarked on a journey to restructure existing financial products and develop new offerings aligned with sustainability and ESG criteria. These included green bonds, ESG-focused funds, and other investment vehicles that prioritize companies or projects with positive environmental or social impacts.

The company formed partnerships with various stakeholders, including non-profits, industry experts, and regulatory bodies, to strengthen its commitment to sustainability. Collaborative efforts aimed at driving industry-wide change and promoting responsible financial practices.

"When you talk about service and technology we ensure that in all our platforms in the company we provide and we deal with markets, it is very important, we provide investment insights, we have regular webinars, we are also a knowledge centre, so we provide daily marketing snapshots, learning key trading concepts" (Ms. Sameera).

Century Financial is committed to regular reporting and assessment of the impact of its sustainability initiatives. This involved tracking and reporting the environmental and social impact of investments, ensuring transparency and accountability to stakeholders.

"We also for those who are investing in the market for the first time we create investors guides, we talk about which companies are doing well, which is something they need to look at, we also have something called the investing IQ in which we can ask our clients to check their investment knowledge in order to keep themselves appressed on the latest investments in the financial markets" (Ms. Sameera).

Investing in Global Financial Markets Sustainably


The company integrated sustainability principles into its corporate strategy. This involved setting clear ESG goals, implementing environmentally friendly practices within the organization, and aligning corporate governance with responsible and ethical standards.

This innovation emerged from a clear understanding of the global necessity to address pressing environmental and social challenges while maintaining financial profitability. The motivation behind the sustainable finance offerings was to empower clients to make impactful financial decisions aligned with their values, fostering a more sustainable future.

The creation of these offerings involved collaborations across diverse sectors, including finance, environmental experts, and social impact advisors. The dedicated team meticulously analysed market trends, regulatory landscapes, and client preferences to shape these innovative solutions.

Overall impact

The integration of sustainability and ESG principles in all offerings has resulted in tangible positive impacts. It has not only attracted environmentally and socially conscious investors but has also contributed to the betterment of society and the environment. Century Financial remains dedicated to continually improving and expanding these efforts, creating a positive impact on both its clients and the broader community.

This innovation profoundly relates to the company's mission of integrating sustainability into the financial landscape, emphasizing a purpose beyond mere profitability. It aligns with the commitment to promoting responsible investment practices and enhancing the well-being of society and the environment.

Business benefit

Concrete evidence of impact lies in the substantial growth and success of these sustainable financial products, as reflected in the increased demand and positive feedback from clients. Additionally, the impact assessments measure the tangible positive effects on specific environmental or social causes through the allocation of funds from these investments.

"We are apart of any financial exhibition or event that happens across the UAE". (Ms. Sameera)

Social and environmental benefit

In the short term, the sustainable finance offerings garnered significant interest from clients seeking socially responsible investment opportunities. Over the long term, these products have demonstrated positive impacts on both the financial performance of the clients' portfolios and the overall societal and environmental well-being.


Sameera Fernandes, Director of Corporate Affairs and Sustainability

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Century Financial

Century Financial

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Number of Employees: 201 to 500

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