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Global Goals

7. Affordable and Clean Energy 9. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

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Founded 25 years ago by Lee Coffey, Datagear Inc. is a B2B company known as an industrial solution provider that aligns itself with UN SDG Goals 7 and 9. The company is heavily involved in “mobile computing” which is the technology and machinery that prints and generates labels and bar codes in both warehouses and retail stores. In addition to mobile computing, Datagear Inc. has evolved into working in security and surveillance, specifically in the warehouses and big industry. Finally, Datagear Inc. also provides a clean energy solution to large agricultural companies such as Gills Onions.


Datagear Inc. has innovated by providing a comprehensive industrial solution that aligns with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), specifically focusing on SDG 7 (Affordable and Clean Energy) and SDG 9 (Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure). The company's innovative approach lies in its integration of mobile computing technology, security and surveillance systems, and clean energy solutions.

Datagear Inc. offers a range of industrial solutions, including mobile computing technology for label and barcode generation, security and surveillance systems for warehouses and industrial settings, and clean energy solutions for large agricultural companies. Datagear Inc. has been operating for 25 years, indicating their long-term commitment to providing these innovative solutions. The company's installations and services extend to various locations such as The Port of Long Beach, The Port of Savannah Georgia, Oxnard, Gardena, California, and much more where they have installed solar panels, RFIDs, bar codes, and surveillance cameras. Datagear Inc. achieves innovation by leveraging mobile computing technology to optimize inventory management and tracking processes in warehouses and retail stores. Their security and surveillance systems enhance safety and monitoring in industrial environments. Additionally, their provision of clean energy solutions to large agricultural companies contributes to sustainable practices within the agricultural sector.

By offering these integrated solutions, Datagear Inc. addresses the UN SDGs of Affordable and Clean Energy (SDG 7) and Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure (SDG 9). Their emphasis on clean energy solutions helps reduce the carbon footprint of large agricultural companies, promoting sustainability. Furthermore, their mobile computing technology and security systems contribute to efficient and secure industrial processes, supporting the development of resilient infrastructure and fostering innovation. Datagear Inc.'s innovative approach aligns with the UN SDGs, aiming to create a better world by promoting sustainable practices and enhancing industrial efficiency and safety.

Industrial Solution Provider


Founder Lee Coffey was inspired by the opportunity originally presented by Harbor Freight and Tools to provide industrial solutions for their retail stores. Coffey recognized the potential for expansion as Harbor Freight planned to open more stores across California and nationwide. In response, Coffey founded Datagear Inc. and enlisted the help of a few employees to meet the growing demand. According to Chief Operating Officer Jack Tateel, Coffey "quickly saw the writing on the wall and took the proactive step of establishing Datagear to ensure the scalability of his services.”

Coffey's inspiration stemmed from a simple goal—to provide the best technology available to help warehouses and retail stores easily locate items. This focus on efficiency and optimization drove Datagear's core offerings, such as barcode technology and surveillance systems. The expansion into the security and surveillance sector further demonstrates Coffey's ambition to make a difference, as Datagear's solutions have contributed to the safety and security of major ports like the Port of Long Beach and the Port of Savannah.

Coffey takes pride in the business he has built, recognizing that a small team of dedicated individuals can make a significant impact on large companies. This emphasis on the transformative power of their work highlights Coffey's drive and motivation to create solutions that bring efficiency, security, and innovation to the industrial sector.

Overall impact

The impact of Datagear Inc.'s innovation in the short term was primarily observed through continued partnerships with contractors such as the Port of Long Beach and Harbor Freight. These companies relied on Datagear Inc. as their primary industrial solution provider, indicating the value and trust they placed in the company's offerings. This suggests that the immediate impact of Datagear Inc.'s solutions was the continued support and utilization of their services by these key clients.

In the long term, the innovation brought about significant benefits across different sectors. The implementation of barcodes and RFIDs in warehouses and retail stores facilitated efficient inventory tracking, reducing instances of missing or misplaced items. This improved accuracy and helped businesses streamline their operations. Moreover, the use of RFIDs allowed Gills Onions, a large agricultural company, to track the quantity of produce coming in, enabling better supply chain management, and reducing wastage.

Furthermore, the Port of Long Beach, one of the busiest ports in the U.S., experienced long-term effects in terms of enhanced surveillance capabilities. With Datagear Inc.'s security and surveillance systems in place, the port was able to maintain a high level of security. Early detection of potential threats became possible, enabling proactive measures to be taken well in advance. This long-term impact highlights the importance of Datagear Inc.'s innovation in ensuring the safety and efficiency of critical infrastructure.

The evidence for these impacts lies in the continued reliance on Datagear Inc.'s solutions by key clients, such as the Port of Long Beach and Harbor Freight. Additionally, the successful implementation of barcodes and RFIDs in warehouses and retail stores demonstrates tangible benefits in inventory management and tracking. The fact that Gills Onions utilizes RFIDs to track incoming produce further supports the long-term effects of Datagear Inc.'s solutions. Lastly, the improved surveillance capabilities at the Port of Long Beach validate the positive impact of the company's security and surveillance systems.

Business benefit

Datagear Inc. began as a single-person business founded by Lee Coffman. As the scale of work requested by companies exceeded what one person could handle, Datagear Inc. was established. Currently, the company has 11 employees, with approximately 4 employees dedicated to implementing barcodes and surveillance systems on-site. The small size of the team emphasizes their specialization and expertise in their field, positioning them as the go-to industrial solution provider.

The innovation initially focused on warehouses and retail companies. However, an opportunity arose with the Port of Long Beach, which expanded their business into the security and surveillance sector. This new avenue opened fresh markets for Datagear Inc., allowing them to diversify their offerings and cater to a broader range of clients.

Employee retention at Datagear Inc. is reported to be extremely high, indicating a positive work environment and job satisfaction. The company's reputation for being the best at what they do further supports their ability to attract and retain skilled professionals.

Over the course of their 25 years in business, Datagear Inc. has encountered various new opportunities. One example is their involvement in the installation of solar energy systems at specific companies. This expansion into clean energy solutions showcases their adaptability and willingness to embrace emerging trends and technologies.

While specific figures regarding revenue raised or new investment opportunities were not provided, the success and longevity of Datagear Inc., along with continued growth and expansion into new sectors, indicate a positive financial trajectory. The company's ability to seize opportunities and diversify its offerings has likely contributed to its financial stability and potential for future investment prospects.

Social and environmental benefit

The innovation provided by Datagear Inc. brings significant benefits to both society and the environment. By ensuring smooth warehouse operations and seamless integration with warehouse management systems, Datagear's equipment contributes to overall efficiency. This efficiency leads to reduced waste and spoilage in businesses. In particular, in the context of the produce industry, where spoilage on shelves can be a significant issue, Datagear's solutions help minimize such losses. Gills Onions, the largest producer and distributor of onions, relies on Datagear for their bar codes, indicating the positive impact on reducing waste and maximizing efficiency in the produce supply chain.

Moreover, Datagear responds to demand and implements solar energy solutions when instructed by contractors. By offering clean energy alternatives to their clients, the company contributes to reducing environmental impact and promoting sustainable practices. The integration of solar energy systems helps reduce reliance on fossil fuels and lowers carbon emissions, thus benefiting the environment.

Additionally, Datagear's security and surveillance services play a crucial role in enhancing security at the Port of Long Beach. By providing extensive data on what enters and exits the port, Datagear ensures a heightened level of security and helps safeguard critical infrastructure. This not only protects the port's assets but also contributes to the safety of the local community and the overall stability of trade operations.

Overall, Datagear Inc.'s innovation benefits society by promoting efficiency, reducing waste, and enhancing security, while simultaneously contributing to environmental sustainability through the adoption of clean energy solutions.


Jack Tateel, COO

Business information

DataGear Inc.

DataGear Inc.

Santa Ana, CA, US
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Year Founded: 1998
Number of Employees: 11 to 50

DataGear, Inc. is recognized as a leading industrial data solutions company that specializes in wireless data collection systems that utilize bar code and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technologies. In addition, DataGear offers on-site and depot repair services, and technical support and installation. Some of DataGear's longtime customers include The Port of Long Beach, The Port of Savannah, and Gill's Onions.