In-depth Knowledge of the Company and its Impact on Innovation

Jardines La Colina

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The innovation goes hand in hand with the company services improving the personal, social and environmental impact. This idea has a particular effect in the therapeutic support area and great openness to rites in an ecumenical, environs way using renewable energies.


Laura Carolina Ramos Rubio

Laura Carolina Ramos Rubio

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Valentina Niño

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Valentina González Saavedra

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Colegio de Estudios Superiores de Administración

Colegio de Estudios Superiores de Administración


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adela velez


Innovation has emerged since the '70s to provide ecumenical services from all regions focused on tranquility areas and reflected in green spaces, always with an environmental impact and spirit impact from the eternal rest. Today, this innovation continues in line with the objective of giving nature all the things that nature all ready give us, generating a tribute to life with the opportunity to continue growing as a company and at the same time continue to position itself as the leading company in funeral services and service provision, always providing the best to the community and the company.

The principal purpose of this initiative is to show the population a better sense of death, leaving and left aside taboo feelings, to give tranquility to loved ones and eternal rest to the deceased. All of this applying to any religion being ecumenical. At the same time, during the creation of the cemetery park, the importance they see to environmental sustainability has been established.

“Jardines La Colina always seeks to provide the best support related to the green environment.”

In-depth Knowledge of the Company and its Impact on Innovation


Gabriel Gonzalez Sorzano made a cemetery park based on the tranquility and peace of the guarded body to commemorate the lives of the deceased, always understanding that the environment is of added value.

The founder, as a civil engineer, extracted his idea of ​​the city of Medellín through a series of conferences on construction issues, and the macabre reality of how burials were carried out.

The motivation arises through the lack of organization where it was very difficult to find the location or the remains of the loved one and the feeling of pain that the previous cemeteries reflected, where through the construction of a green cemetery park, the concept of suffering and fear in the face of death.

"It was a macabre reality that the population was experiencing, where uncertainty and lack of organization today have prevented us from finding the remains of my father's grandmother."

"The cemetery park seeks to give an eternal rest to the deceased and peace of mind to the family that they will be in the best place in the city."

"Gabriel Gonzalez, was a great visionary and made a company with a very big future always in favor of helping the community."

Overall impact

In the short term, the effects were negative on the part of the society and in social terms , in the environmental aspect the fruits were not seen so early. In the medium term, the curia got involved and began to change the concept of providing services for the last final destination, and with respect to the environment, it was seen in terms of cost reduction issues, better care of green areas; and in the long term, the curia is comfortable with what it receives, with the way it is running and obtaining a very stable company that seeks innovation with environmental and social responsibility every day, which seeks to show this stability in its clients as workers, and in the environmental area, the company has managed to position itself as one of the best Santander companies in business sustainability. With a daily improvement to provide the best possible service.

30,000 affiliates and clients are using our services, with a very low margin of dissatisfaction and with the series of green recognitions that the company has been awarded. Cost reduction and air purification.

“Innovation is explicit from day one that the idea arises to the constant advances that the company already has, that is, 50 years ago innovation grows.”

"Jardines La Colina works hand in hand with the environment, workers and society."

Business benefit

The company lives daily from innovation and has taken an ever greater impact year after year, which is reflected in the increase in customers and positioning, decrease in costs in energy issues, since it is very much taken into account in the company, the use of hydraulic energy by collecting rainwater, the use of solar panels, etc.

The benefits that all this topic of innovation brings to the company is clearly the way in which the entire financial statement has been organized and has found a balance against costs and expenses, leaving more profits to be distributed, a greater amount of box to be used in the workers and the great recognition that the company has had throughout its 50 years of service.

Social and environmental benefit

The social impact was to generate a change in the way funeral services were carried out, peacefully giving a different perspective to death, showing it in a natural way, demystifying.

On the other hand, innovation arises from the environment, from the use of these resources to provide tranquility and an area of ​​pleasure to the affected families. With care and preservation of this, with approximately 150 species of fauna and flora and a large forest reserve.

Throughout this innovation, the company has been highly recognized as an environmentally friendly company.

Having in mind social and environmental benefits, it is clear how this innovation has generated attractiveness and loyalty from the customers to whom the service is provided, seen in the more than 30,000 affiliates. When talking about the environmental benefits, there is the conservation and protection of the more than 150 species of fauna and flora that can be observed in the 70 hectares that the cemetery park has.


Jose Gabriel Gonzalez Ordóñez, Founder

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Jardines La Colina

Jardines La Colina

Bucaramanga, Santander, CO

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Year Founded: 1971

Number of Employees: 201 to 500

Jardine la Colina is a Santander company that offers support to families with comprehensive services, funeral plans, and a cemetery park, with great human sense, respect for loved ones, and commitment to preserving the environment.