Improving Farmers' Livelihood Through Healthy Lives for Consumers


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  • Six times fresher than the market substitutes due to the "farm to table" concept.
  • Healthy fruits and vegetables with no pesticides.
  • Customers can network directly with the farmers.
  • Improving farmers' livelihoods through education and cutting out the middlemen (improved supply chain).


Advan Kumbono

Advan Kumbono


IPMI International Business School

IPMI International Business School


Amelia Naim Indrajaya

Amelia Naim Indrajaya


Sayurbox is a startup company in Indonesia, currently only in Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, and Bekasi. They focus on selling fruits and vegetables through a digital/online platform. They adapt with the technology, and use the "online to offline" (O2O) concept so the consumers can buy fruits and vegetables from home without coming to the retail store. Their approach, the "farm to table" concept, emphasizes getting fresh produce directly from local farms to consumers' tables within one day.

This approach affects consumers through not only the greater simplicity of shopping, but also other benefits. They will have a healthier life since all the products are free of pesticides. In addition, the consumers can know personally which farmer grows the products they bought. The consumers are also welcome to visit the farms and see the love they put into growing the consumers' food.

Sayurbox wants to improve farmers' livelihoods. By cutting through the complex supply chain and food system, they hope to improve the welfare of farmers by giving them the returns they deserve from their hard work.

Improving Farmers' Livelihood Through Healthy Lives for Consumers


The inspiring facts of Sayurbox: 

First, the founder knows that one of the strengths of Indonesia is agriculture, and they should focus on that point because there are so many challenges but not enough solutions. The goal is to break down the complexity of the supply chain. Before, from the farmers to consumers, there could be five points from middlemen, big markets, small markets, etc.

Second, they are aiming high. They want to fulfill the needs of people in all of the big cities who are having difficulties in finding good-quality vegetables and fruits free of pesticides.

Overall impact

Sayurbox has partnered with 22 farmers all around Indonesia, and the farmers' livelihoods have improved since the farmers get a fairer price because they no longer have to face the complex supply chain.

The consumers get a good price with better quality due to less stopping points. People also can enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Business benefit

Profit is a must, and Sayurbox gains a good profit from the innovation they apply in the business. Sayurbox has won many startup competitions, not only local ones but also worldwide.

The awards they have received include:

  • 1st in Seedstars Jakarta
  • 2nd in Plug and Play Indonesia
  • 10th in Startup Worldcup

Sayurbox will expand to many big cities to serve more consumers, and they will work with more farmers.

Social and environmental benefit

The consumers benefit from consuming high-quality fruits and vegetables free of pesticides. Also, they can interact with the farmers so they can trace the sustainability of their products.

For the farmers, they not only increase their income from the fair prices, but they also get a good education and knowledge from the Sayurbox team on how to plant without pesticides and maintain a high-quality product.

Also, since it is made to order, there is no waste product anymore and the fertility of the soil will be maintained. Planting some vegetables and fruits is not seasonal anymore; you can plant it anytime and harvest it anytime. This business has a very good impact on Mother Earth.


Marvin Joseph Kolibonso, COO of Sayurbox

Marvin Joseph Kolibonso, COO of Sayurbox

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Jakarta, ID

Business Website:

Year Founded: 2015

Number of Employees: 11 to 50

Sayurbox is a startup company that sells fruits and vegetables free of pesticides through an online platform. They use the farm-to-table concept, which makes the products six times fresher than the substitutes in the market. In addition, the customers can know from which farmers they bought the product. Also, Sayurbox improves the supply chain by cutting out the middlemen.