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Green Contribution to the Society


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Basel Khalaf


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Global Goals

11. Sustainable Cities and Communities 12. Responsible Consumption and Production 15. Life on Land

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The purpose of this business is to replace plastic bags with eco-friendly Green Bags that are made with different materials and it reusable.

UN SDGs (Sustainable cities and communities, life on land, responsible production and consumption).


According to Mr. Sundar, innovation is all about what people need. Green Bags identified a market gap by listening to customers' demands and requirements. They began in 2008, while the UAE became conscious of the significance of government and environmental protection by encouraging citizens to adopt eco-friendly goods. The corporation also had an agreement in place in India to emphasize the need of adopting eco-friendly products in order to save the environment.

Green Bags may print any brand logo or phrase and raise public awareness by advertising on the bags. Basically, the concept was made in order to let the clients make their own bags that have their logo on them. The whole innovation was made by the managing director of Green Bag company says Mr. Sundar Raj. The goal of the innovation was basically to make a better environment and to have a sustainable society that will make it secure and healthy for our children and the next generation to have a better life without pollution.

Green Contribution to the Society


Mr. AbooBakr Youssef observed that people began to utilize eco-friendly bags made of recyclable and usable materials across the world, particularly in Europe. He was inspired by the concept and began working on it in the United Arab Emirates just as His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum offered the notion of adopting eco-friendly items to limit the use of plastic.

The firm was the first to be encouraged to employ cotton and other materials to make attractive, environmentally friendly bags. They followed in the footsteps of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who stated, "Our primary goal is sustainability." All they wanted to do is make a change in the world for a better place and a better life specially for the wildlife.

Overall impact

In 2008, ideas were presented to promote sustainable eco-friendly products. Aboobaker and his team wanted to replace the use of plastic with bags made of eco-friendly materials. Bags play a major role in raising awareness, reducing the use of potentially harmful materials, and raising environmental awareness. In addition, the company's strategy is to listen to customer demands and produce products that satisfy customers with the best quality, best prices, and excellent results. "Innovation is all about what people need," said Sundar Raj, general manager of the company.

The company's mission is to meet customer needs with eco-friendly products that are not harmful to the environment. The company has made a huge impact with their innovation with the eco-friendly bags having a positive impact on the environment. Also, by using the bags repeatedly when shopping for products customers won’t need to use plastic bags anymore since the bags were made to be reused.

Business benefit

This invention benefits the company in a variety of ways. Initially, the firm developed the concept in 2008, when the UAE government began to urge consumers to purchase environmentally friendly products. Because the firm was the first to use eco-friendly bags, they were well recognized for their high quality and low costs, which raised the need for eco-friendly bags and built customer loyalty. Furthermore, the firm played a significant part in raising public awareness that everyone is responsible for conserving the environment and its lovely species. The firm creates a variety of bags manufactured from eco-friendly materials that come in a variety of sizes, are reasonably priced, and are suitable for both adults and children, ranging from trendy bags to school bags.

Social and environmental benefit

The company got encouraged to implement the idea as soon as the government of UAE encouraged the public to use eco-friendly products in 2008. Mr. Abubacker Yousuf started to work on the project by seeing the foreign countries especially in the Europe countries and implemented in the UAE.

The usage of eco-friendly bags benefitted the environment by reducing the amount of plastic used, which is harmful to the ecosystem. Due to the presence of COVID19, it is preferable to bring your own reusable bag to limit the risk of contracting the virus. Plastic, as we all know, may leak hazardous chemicals into the soil, which can subsequently seep into groundwater or other nearby water sources, affecting the global ecology.

Furthermore, plastic may cause cancer and is a nonrenewable material that has a variety of negative effects on the environment. Our responsibility is to rescue the environment, and the simplest way to do so is to alternate plastic with environmentally friendly items from the GreenBag company.


Mr.Sundar Raj, General Manager

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Business information

Green Bags

Green Bags

Dubai, NA, AE
Business Website:
Year Founded: 2006
Number of Employees: 2 to 10

We interviewed Mr. Sundar Raj, the general manager for GreenBags UAE. He stated that GreenBags is one of the first companies to produce these ecofriendly bags in the UAE.