MS GLOW Aesthetic Clinic (PT Kosmetika Klinik Indonesia)

Glow and Grow with Society

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Global Goals

1. No Poverty 2. Zero Hunger 3. Good Health and Well-Being 5. Gender Equality 6. Clean Water and Sanitation

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MS Glow Aesthetic Clinic (PT Kosmetika Klinik Indonesia) is a private company founded by Mr. Gilang Widya Pramana and Mrs. Shandy Purnamasari, both Indonesian citizens who inspire with the slogan, "Young (Muda) and Different (Beda)," ensuring that management and employees maintain a young spirit, are enthusiastic and growing while striving to be an inspiration in Indonesia.

MS Glow Aesthetic Clinic, a subsidiary of PT Juragan Sembilan Corp. started with skincare products that focus on online facial and body care under the brand name MS Glow.

MS Glow innovates and develops in the aesthetic clinic field with the commitment to staying close to loyal customers. The company has various treatments and hundreds of products, with an average number of visitors per day in the hundreds, with 14 clinics spread throughout Indonesia.


MS Glow Aesthetic Clinic maintains and improves the quality and value proposition to customers, such as ensuring that all clinical tools are registered by the Ministry of Health, which guaranteeing safety for consumers.

In addition to sophisticated tools, MS Glow Aesthetic Clinic has skin and genital specialists as well as aesthetic doctors, where all recommendations and treatment actions are supervised by experts in their fields. Customers receive treatment and also knowledge related to skin conditions, as well as the ideal product certified by BPOM (Food and Drug Supervisory Agency) and Lawful (Halal Indonesia).

Doctors receive training and certification opportunities, and non-physician employees are trained in human resources. When every employee has the potential and competence in accordance with the company’s business development, MS Glow Aesthetic Clinic believes that the company will be able to compete and continue to grow.

In its daily operational activities, MS Glow Aesthetic Clinic pays attention to the disposal and or treatment of medical waste by using a third party, which is required to have a B3 (Hazardous and Toxic Materials) waste disposal certificate. This shows that the company is very concerned about protecting the environment and avoiding pollution, especially those produced by medical waste.

The company provides facilities such as clean sanitation in every clinic, monitored by management using a control checking card.

The business continues to grow, the company’s growth indicators show positive numbers seen from the company’s Balance Score Card. The company is committed to improving the welfare of employees' lives and to complying with government regulations, especially in work compensation and benefits.

The company also provides health insurance, outpatient assistance, immune booster infusion for all employees and daily distribution of vitamins. When Covid-19 hit the world, the clinic provided assistance to employees affected with supplies of food, medicine, and basic necessities while exposed to the virus. Providing free antigen and PCR swab tests for employees, as well as maintaining government health protocols.

MS Glow Aesthetic Clinic Provides a great opportunity for Indonesian people to grow and develop with the company. More than 60% of the leadership in the company and 70% of employees are women. Although the majority of the leaders are women, the company still provides special rights according to the applicable laws such as maternity leave, marriage leave, and other legal rights.

The company guarantees zero sexual harassment. When there are immoral acts within the company environment, and it has an impact on the company’s image, the company will take firm action by firing the perpetrators and protecting the victims. In addition, MS Glow Aesthetic Clinic provides job opportunities for people with disabilities with the hope that all clinics employ persons with disabilities.

Glow and Grow with Society


Mr. Gilang Widya Pramana and Mrs. Shandy Purnamasari have a success story in the development of this beauty clinic business. Starting from a passion for taking care of yourself, daring to sell other company's products on using social media, growing, having capital, owning a skincare factory and beauty clinic spread across several cities. The owner has a dream to have an impact on the wider community through charity as the business grows while always focused on empowering the community to grow with MS Glow.

Overall impact

MS Glow Aesthetic Clinic focuses on a continued positive impact on the environment through certified medial waste treatment, helping groups in need, etc. With a significant business development from year to year, the owner and top management are committed to providing services and empowering the community to continue to grow and develop together. With a vision to become an aesthetic clinic that is innovative, a leader and trusted by the community in line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. The company has been successful with a consistent mission and its profits are used to help society and the environment.

Business benefit

MS Glow Aesthetic Clinic has grown to 15 clinics spread throughout Indonesia, and will continue to grow in all cities in Indonesia. The company's concern for the environment with professionally managed medical waste disposal, BPOM certified products, raise awareness of its commitment to the environment, not only in waste treatment but also a share of profits are used for CSR program in the surrounded areas where the clinics are located. These programs have made the business more known to the public and contributing to its growth. The clinics offer a friendly place with professional doctors and nurses that make this business the community’s destination for trusted skincare.

Social and environmental benefit

MS Glow Aesthetic Clinic has a mission to provide services that are easily accessible and is committed to providing the best quality and being close to the community. The company actively and consistently gives a percentage of its profits to try to help, improve and empower the surrounding community in need.

The company’s commitment to having a positive impact and helping reduce poverty and hunger around the company has routine and non-routine programs specifically to reduce these cases. These programs are prepared and adapted to the environmental conditions in which the company is established, such as a compensation program for orphanages and/or nursing homes every 2 months. The distribution of foods and or necessities as well as health services in residential areas that need assistance following natural disasters. To improve the nutrition of the community, every year Eid-al-Adha, clinics spread throughout Indonesia make sacrifices in the form of cows. During Covid, the company distributed food to people affected for 7 days with a 1-day quota of 100-150 pax. The company facilitates free vaccinations for all employees and the public in collaboration with the health office and region police. Because the company operates in an Aesthetic clinic, the company also provides HIV tests and tattoo removal, with the hope that the public can improve their health.


Dr. Naila Bilfaqih Dipl. AAAM, General Manager

Agung Mrd., Operation Manager

Latifah Nuraeni, Marketing Manager

Nurul Fathimatuzzahra, HRGA Manager

Intan Trisna, HRGA MS

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Business information

MS GLOW Aesthetic Clinic (PT Kosmetika Klinik Indonesia)

MS GLOW Aesthetic Clinic (PT Kosmetika Klinik Indonesia)

Malang, Indonesia - East Java, ID
Business Website:
Year Founded: 2017
Number of Employees: 201 to 500

MS Glow Aesthetic Clinic started by selling skincare products that focus on online facial and body care under the brand name MS Glow.

The company has various treatments and hundreds of products, with an average number of visitors per day in the hundreds, with 14 clinics spread throughout Indonesia.