Getting Employers Noticed and Loved

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Ivan Almazar

Ivan Almazar


De La Salle University Manila

De La Salle University Manila


Pia Manalastas

Pia Manalastas

Global Goals

4. Quality Education 8. Decent Work and Economic Growth 10. Reduced Inequalities

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Combining strategy, design and technology, TalentView is an innovative Asia-based employer branding firm. Leveraging technology and data analytics, TalentView helps firms to become noticed and loved. By promoting inclusive hiring practices and facilitating targeted skill development, TalentView contributes to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Specifically, the emphasis on employer branding and fostering inclusive workplaces aligns with SDG 10 (Reduced Inequalities) by promoting diversity and equal opportunities for all individuals, regardless of their backgrounds. Additionally, it addresses SDG 8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth) by reducing unemployment and ensuring equal access to job opportunities.

“We help organizations communicate better what they offer to potential talents to employees and to stakeholders in general and part of the work that we do really allows us to elevate human capital standards.” - Anj Vera, Founder & CEO


TalentView’s core innovation lies in its data-driven assessment and end-to-end strategic recommendation for employers, that considers employers’ strategies, vision and mission, and operational objectives; all the while combining technology and designing the talent lifecycle around all of these. By revolutionizing the talent process, TalentView aims to create a more inclusive and equitable job market, contributing to a better world aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

TalentView's innovative solution addresses the challenges faced by both employers and job seekers in the hiring process. Through their AI-powered algorithms and data analytics, the platform assesses candidates based on their unique strengths, soft skills, and potential, breaking away from the limitations of conventional resumes and qualifications. This data-driven evaluation enables employers to identify the most suitable candidates for their specific needs, promoting a more inclusive and diverse workforce.

By empowering employers to make informed and unbiased hiring decisions, TalentView actively contributes to SDG 8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth). Their solution reduces unemployment by connecting job seekers with relevant opportunities where their skills are best utilized, fostering economic growth and providing individuals with meaningful employment opportunities.

Moreover, TalentView's emphasis on employer branding and inclusivity aligns with SDG 10 (Reduced Inequalities). Their solutions advocate for diversity and equal opportunities by promoting inclusive hiring practices, ensuring that all individuals, regardless of their backgrounds, have an equal chance to showcase their potential and secure employment.

Additionally, TalentView's data-driven insights play a vital role in supporting SDG 4 (Quality Education). By identifying skill gaps and high-impact training needs, the platform enables employers to invest in employee development, fostering a more skilled and adaptable workforce ready to meet the demands of a rapidly evolving job landscape.

TalentView's innovative talent management services not only modernizes the hiring process but also actively contributes to a better world by promoting inclusive hiring, empowering individuals with meaningful work opportunities, and fostering a skilled and diverse workforce.

“When you say HR, a lot of people tend to do things the same way that they always have… the world is very different now.”

Through their commitment to the UN SDGs, TalentView paves the way for a brighter future where sustainable economic growth and social progress are realized through effective talent management practices.

“You can have equal opportunity for all when you're introducing technologies, and you're using it well.”

Getting Employers Noticed and Loved


The inspiration behind TalentView's innovative company was deeply rooted in the founder's background in assessment technologies and the realization of changing dynamics in the talent landscape. In an interview with the founder, Anj Vera, it became evident that the initial impetus for TalentView was to leverage assessment technologies, including online testing, language and competency testing, and video interviewing, to streamline the recruitment process.

However, as Ms. Vera worked with different HR leaders and organizations, she recognized the shifting paradigm in talent acquisition. There was a shift in employer’s reliance from their product brand to attract talent - “…being a company that has competent, capable leaders, and being a company that has a strong engagement and growth culture are the biggest drivers, for why a person would choose your company.” She noticed that the traditional company-centric attitude had evolved into a more candidate-centric approach, where potential employees had multiple job offers to consider. This insight inspired her to develop solutions that would help organizations communicate their value proposition to potential employees effectively.

The key takeaway from the interview was that TalentView's inspiration stemmed from addressing the changing needs of the job market. Anj Vera's observation that companies needed to sell themselves as employers and provide compelling reasons for candidates to choose them resonated deeply with the development of TalentView's platform. By incorporating branding and employer-centric features into the platform, TalentView enables companies to create a strong employer brand and showcase their culture and growth opportunities, aligning with the preferences of job seekers in the current talent landscape.

In conclusion, the inspiration behind TalentView's innovation was driven by Anj Vera's background in assessment technologies and her observation of the transformation in the talent acquisition process. The founder's vision to create a company that supports organizations in effectively communicating their employer value proposition has revolutionized the hiring process, fostering inclusivity and helping companies attract the best talent. By addressing the shifting needs of both employers and job seekers, TalentView continues to make a significant impact on the talent management industry, contributing to a more equitable and successful job market aligned with the United Nations SDGs.

Overall impact

The overall impact of TalentView's innovation has been profound, influencing both employers and job seekers in the Asia region and beyond. Since its founding by Anj Vera in 2013, TalentView has consistently demonstrated positive outcomes, fostering a more inclusive job market and contributing to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

In the short term, the implementation of TalentView's data-driven talent management platform has led to increased efficiency in the hiring process for employers. By leveraging artificial intelligence and data analytics, employers can quickly identify candidates with the most relevant skills and potential, reducing the time and resources spent on recruitment. This efficiency translates into faster and more accurate hiring decisions, benefiting both employers and job seekers alike. Evidence of this impact can be seen in the reduction of time-to-hire for companies using TalentView's solutions, to conversion rate of hires, and the feedback from employers who have successfully found suitable candidates through the system.

“We help companies with [sic] communications, how they position themselves in the talent market. But we also introduce technology to help them get there.”

Over the long term, TalentView's emphasis on inclusive hiring practices and employer branding has contributed to a more diverse and equitable workforce. By promoting equal opportunities and encouraging employers to focus on skills rather than traditional qualifications, the platform has helped break down barriers and reduce inequalities in the job market. Evidence of this impact can be observed in the increased representation of diverse talent in various industries and the positive employer reviews and ratings that reflect the companies' commitment to diversity and inclusion.

The company’s data-driven training initiatives have led to a more skilled and adaptable workforce, positively impacting both employers and employees. As businesses invest in employee development based on data insights, workers become better equipped to handle the evolving demands of their roles and industry trends. This upskilling contributes to higher job satisfaction, improved employee retention rates, and career growth opportunities. Evidence of this impact can be seen in the increased employee engagement and career progression reported by companies using TalentView's platform.

The overall impact of TalentView's innovation extends beyond the immediate hiring process. The company’s commitment to inclusive hiring practices, employer branding, end-to-end strategy recommendations, stemming from data-driven training initiatives has resulted in a more diverse and skilled workforce, contributing to a better world in line with the United Nations SDGs. The evidence of increased efficiency in hiring, improved employee satisfaction, and reduced inequalities in the job market substantiates the tangible and lasting impact of TalentView's transformative talent management platform.

Business benefit

Because of TalentView's innovative solutions, which now also include emerging technologies such as AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality), the business has experienced a myriad of benefits that have significantly enhanced its operations and growth. By revolutionizing the hiring process and promoting inclusive practices, TalentView has led to improved hiring outcomes, resulting in increased revenue for the company. The platform's data-driven approach has allowed businesses to identify the most suitable candidates efficiently, reducing time-to-hire and lowering recruitment costs. As a result, companies using TalentView have experienced enhanced productivity and performance due to having a more skilled and diverse workforce in place, ultimately contributing to higher revenue generation.

TalentView's emphasis on employer branding and creating inclusive workplaces has positively impacted employee retention and well-being. Through the platform's data insights, companies have gained a better understanding of their employees' needs and preferences, enabling them to implement employee-centric initiatives and foster a supportive work environment. The result has been increased employee satisfaction and higher retention rates, which has significantly reduced recruitment and training costs associated with high employee turnover. Additionally, employees who feel valued and supported are more likely to be engaged and motivated, leading to increased productivity and overall business success.

The innovation brought forth by TalentView has also opened new markets and created new investment opportunities for the business. As companies recognize the value of the company’s data-driven talent management approach, the demand for the services has expanded beyond its original market.

“We're now starting to create training programs, simulations for safety and compliance training, Especially for factories and frontline workers all through virtual reality. So my team builds virtual environments that people that need to take, let's say, safety training don't need to go to the actual plant. They can wear VR headsets.”

The ability to tap into new markets has allowed TalentView to scale its operations and extend its impact, solidifying its position as a leader in the talent management industry.

In summary, TalentView's innovation has substantially benefited the business by driving increased revenue through improved hiring outcomes, enhancing employee retention and well-being, and opening new market and investment opportunities. The platform's data-driven approach has proven to be a game-changer for businesses, leading to better decision-making and strategic investments in talent acquisition and development. Through its continued dedication to inclusive hiring and talent management, TalentView not only benefits the business itself but also contributes to a more sustainable and equitable workforce, aligning with the broader goals of the United Nations SDGs.

Social and environmental benefit

The innovation brought forth by TalentView benefits society and the environment in several significant ways. By promoting inclusive hiring practices, the platform contributes to a more equitable job market, creating opportunities for individuals from diverse backgrounds and reducing societal inequalities. TalentView's data-driven approach focuses on skills and potential, enabling companies to consider a broader talent pool and make unbiased hiring decisions. This leads to a more diverse and representative workforce, fostering a sense of social cohesion and equal opportunities within communities.

Additionally, the emphasis on employer branding and nurturing inclusive workplaces positively impacts employee well-being and job satisfaction. When employees feel valued and supported in their roles, it enhances their overall quality of life, leading to increased productivity and reduced workplace stress. This ripple effect contributes to a healthier and happier society as a whole. Moreover, TalentView's data-driven training initiatives help address skill gaps in the job market, promoting continuous learning and development. By supporting employee upskilling and reskilling, TalentView contributes to a more educated and adaptable workforce, aligning with sustainable development goals focused on education and human development.

From an environmental perspective, TalentView's data-driven talent management approach indirectly benefits the environment by reducing the need for excessive and inefficient hiring practices. By matching candidates more accurately to relevant job opportunities, the platform helps businesses make better hiring decisions, leading to a reduced turnover rate and lower overall resource consumption associated with frequent recruitment efforts. As companies optimize their workforce through TalentView's platform, it minimizes the environmental impact associated with the recruitment process, such as paper usage, travel for interviews, and energy consumption.

In conclusion, TalentView's innovation positively impacts society by fostering inclusivity and equal opportunities in the job market, enhancing employee well-being, and promoting continuous learning. Through their data-driven approach, TalentView contributes to a more skilled and diverse workforce, driving societal progress aligned with the United Nations SDGs. Moreover, by optimizing the hiring process and reducing resource consumption, TalentView indirectly benefits the environment by minimizing its ecological footprint. The platform's dedication to sustainable talent management practices reinforces its commitment to building a better world, where social and environmental responsibility go hand in hand with business success. As Ms. Vera aptly summarized how individuals and organizations should act in order to reach a goal, such as the SDGs, “Action will always be the intention. So when we're not sure what to do or when we're trying to evaluate different options, especially now everything is changing so fast, faster than we can imagine it to change. It will always be better for us to take small steps forward, the direction that we want, that we want to get to and then make adjustments there …so being able to take action that's going to help us learn from all the experiences that we gather and allow us to really elevate human capital standards also in the process.”


Anj Vera, Founder and CEO

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Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila, PH
Business Website: https://www.talentview.com
Year Founded: 2013
Number of Employees: 51 to 200

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