From Predicting Terrorist Attacks, to Finding the Cure of Cancer

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Volantis Technology was born to help preserve, order, and unify data and information so humans are able to extract knowledge from data and information easily. From those knowledge extractions, we will able to gain unimaginable ideas that improve infrastructure, the quality of education, economic growth, sustainability of cities and communities, and climate action in ways that were not possible before.


Cecilia Astrid Maharani

Cecilia Astrid Maharani


IPMI International Business School

IPMI International Business School


Amelia Naim Indrajaya

Amelia Naim Indrajaya


First of all, Volantis Technology invented a Data & Artificial Intelligence Marketplace that allows societies, businesses, governments, and basically everyone to discover new data sets and AI models for personal as well as professional use. All the AI models are ready-to-use and ready-to-integrate to any applications. Apart from marketplace, Volantis also invents a Machine Learning Studio which automates AI model creation as well as data analytics. This allows anyone that does not understand programming or computer science to create an AI model. They are able to create models by drag-and-dropping desired data and algorithms, and voila the model will be ready. On the other hand, it also accelerates the process of digital transformation. All of this can be visualized using Volantis visualization tools that help businesses in monitoring their data without the effort of building dashboard applications.

All of this was built using the best in class infrastructure, which offers efficient and effort-Free Deployment. All data in the Volantisiq platform is unified into a centralized large data store, in which all datasets are connected to each other. Having those sophisticated infrastructures in place, they have also established the platform with the best-in-class security, in which users won't be able to view other's data before they agree on the legal documents of the data.

All the data that exists currently in the world is scattered all over the place, not unified, and not connected to each other. What if we could connect all the data? What if they were all connected and unified? Having said that, meaningful insights and knowledge are needed to pursue Sustainable Development Goals and a better world. From all of this connected data, we could improve the quality of education by having a better dissemination of information. We could improve infrastructure by having the best in class infrastructure for our scattered and unstructured data. We could improve economic growth by gaining insights from data and predictions from AI model to make economical decisions. We could improve the sustainability of cities and communities by being aware from data provided of all the situations, conditions, and supplies provided by the cities and communities. We also could improve climate action from connected data that originates from sensors that monitors our climates.

From Predicting Terrorist Attacks, to Finding the Cure of Cancer


As I interviewed the CEO of Volantis Technology, the word of insipiration from him is very scientific, and it reflects the innovation that Volantis Technology is currently inventing. "Volantis Technology is inspired by the fact that life itself is composed by sets of information that struggles against entropy. As said in the second thermodynamics law that everything is subject to gradual decline into disorder. Nevertheless, humans and nature have been able to survive and maintain the balance of information overall to create life. All of this cycle and balance can happen because of the precise process of information exchange and preservation (such as DNA from our ancestors still in our bodies now). In that sense, life and nature are able to survive entropy by ordering, unifying & using information in such a way that it still prevails." - Bachtiar Rifai, CEO of Volantis Technology.

Volantis Technology is born to help preserve, order, and unify data and information so humans are able to extract knowledge from data and information easily. From those knowledge extractions, we will able to gain unimaginable ideas and thoughts that were not possible before.

Overall impact

Dataset is a collection of related sets of information that is composed of separate elements but can be manipulated as a unit by a computer. Data that exists currently in the world is scattered all over the place, not unified, and not connected to each other. What if we could connect all the datas? What if they are all connected and unified? There would be no questions we couldn't answer.

At its core, Volantis is a data unification platform that connects multiple datasets into an accessible single unified interface. For short term impact, Volantis users including businesses are able to gain insight and most importantly take the best decision based on the available information quicker and better. While the process of transforming data to AI model traditionally takes years and need a lot of resources to implement, here in Volantis it all can be done in a matter of minutes. Long term impact that could occur here, Volantis could help predict terrorist attacks, as well as find the cure for cancer using the unified data that is gathered.

On the other hand, Volantis data & AI marketplace enable business users, software engineer, data scientist, student & researcher to effortlessly buy and sell data and algorithms. This creates a new kind of ecosystem that benefits overall players in data science and thus helps accelerate the data science advancement.

Business benefit

Volantis Technology has two main business models: B2B model and B2C model. Since Volantis Technology is a computer and software company, all of the businesses are built based on this innovation. From this innovation, the business has gained and improved values in all of these: low ownership cost of the product, easy migration, fast deployment, flexible deployment, connected data ecosystem, data monetization, unlimited scalability, as well as best in class security. Volantis Technology itself is using the technology that they offer, in which helps to take better business decision, more efficient operation, mitigate risk and better marketing strategy. In the end, the real benefit reflected by both cost saving and revenue gain.

Social and environmental benefit

Volantis marketplace helps researchers easily find new exciting datasets and perform modeling of a certain problem. For example, Volantis launched Volantis Public Data to help gather important datasets about climate, food supply, disaster, environment, research and many more. This Public Data can be used by everyone, including student and researcher to conduct new research, including environmental research. In addition to that, Volantis is also designed for data producers and data scientists who have no opportunities to be exposed or earn money using their bright brains. They could actually give a price or credit for their data and model, and that credit amount will be charged to the consumers. Using this opportunity, students, researchers, and everyone who has the knowledge and brains to do data science but has no tools or opportunities to make use of it can actually be part of world enhancement.

As a result of this collaboration, most popular datasets and models will be exposed, and our smart people that have no opportunities in exposing themselves will gain opportunities to develop them. By democratizing all scattered and unused data, we believe that this can be a benefit not only for business but also society as general.


Bachtiar Rifai, CEO

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Volantis Technology

Volantis Technology

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Year Founded: 2018

Number of Employees: 11 to 50

Volantis Technology is a data platform that enables businesses and societies to unlock the power of data by simplifying the complicated data lifecycle using Volantis end-to-end data & AI pipelining technology. We have a B2B model as well as B2C model.