Flying to a Better Tomorrow

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The main innovation that the CEO of Viva Aerobus told us was the implementation of joint bus and plane trips in the same package. Which makes it easier for low-income people to travel without any financial complications.


Marcelo Ramírez

Marcelo Ramírez


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Universidad de Monterrey


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Consuelo Garcia-de-la-torre


Speaking with Juan Carlos Zuazua he told us about the importance that his airline gives to their customers, so they show day by day the concern they have towards their customers by giving them the opportunity in Viva Aerobús to be able to get trips by bus and plane in order to make your experience cheaper and more comfortable. Because, as he told us, an example would be a trip to Cancun and that the client travels by bus from Saltillo to Monterrey and then arrives by plane to Cancun from the Monterrey's airport.

At the same time, he also told us that the airline is working in the United States to build one of the first electric airplanes in the world, although he told us that there are many years left to meet the objective, but it shows us that Viva Aerobús is concerned about it for the environment and for how to improve the world for a better future.

Flying to a Better Tomorrow


Juan Carlos Zuazua told us that the most important thing for them has always been the customer and Viva Aerobús has always shown that its customers are the most important thing for them. An example he gave us happened recently when the landing gear of the plane failed before taking off and he found out thanks to a friend who was on the plane. He explained how the airline decided to host the passengers and he wrote himself a letter apologizing to every passenger on the plane.

He envisions a better world in the future where fossil fuel is no longer required and the environment is improving instead of being worsened by humans. Due to this, Viva Aerobús is working on creating an electric plane that helps reduce carbon emissions in the atmosphere and thus be able to improve the quality of life in the future.

Overall impact

If we get to review the history of the airline we can see how at the beginning Viva Aerobus was not an airline known for its good decisions, instead it was a highly criticized airline that had many problems with their customers. Until Juan Carlos Zuazua took the direction of the company and turned it into what it is today, one of the most important airlines at the national level, that practically manages the Monterrey airport. It is recognized for its concern for its customers and at the same time for having the most accessible prices, as well as the best travel options within the country. The innovation of the way of traveling in Mexico, helps them in the long term, because at the beginning Viva Aerobus was a small airline and today is one of the most important in Mexico.

Business benefit

As we can see in the video, the main innovation of viva aerobús was the creation of a service that did not exist in Latin America, which dealt with joint trips by bus and plane so that the client could travel in a more economical and simple way. This brought many benefits to the airline because it began to grow in an impressive way and this brought many more employees, opened new markets for the company, and in turn was able to open new opportunities to invest such as in an electric aircraft, which despite that it is not something that can be created in the coming years, it is a long-term project that they are working on to help improve the world in a less polluting way.

Social and environmental benefit

We all know that currently the world is suffering from pollution thanks to human beings and the tycoons of the most powerful companies in the world and that we are destroying the world. So these types of innovations that help make the world a better and healthier place, is what all companies should be doing. By creating an electric airplane, they would not only be ending the use of fossil fuels, but they would also be creating a new and cheaper way of traveling, which would make all the airlines in the world adapt this new idea. So the only thing the world needs is a company that dares to do something different and innovative so that others dare too, and that company is Viva Aerobús with its CEO, Juan Carlos Zuazua.


Juan Carlos Zuazua, CEO

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