Finding the "Why" in Every Business

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2. Zero Hunger 4. Quality Education 5. Gender Equality 10. Reduced Inequalities 17. Partnerships for the Goals


Flow Office Wisdom is a "one stop shop", their innovation is to inspire and empower leaders by supporting their visions through mobilizing plans and getting tasks done. Flow Office Wisdom aspires to bring women to the front lines of the workforce, not just in the community, but internationally. Equal rights and equal pay all around the world are important to ensure a better future for the world to come. There projects help to solve the SDGs, gender equality, reduce inequalities, zero hunger, quality education and partnerships for the goals.


Tanya Ortwein

Tanya Ortwein


Beyond Borders

Beyond Borders


Matthew Mulhern

Matthew Mulhern


Flow Office Wisdom is an organization that support leaders through their vision, by mobilizing plans and turning their ideas into reality. Flows team offers six different services; Book keeping & Finance, Social Media & Communication, Human Resources, Executive assistance & Administration, Website & Design and Fundraising Events & Project Management. Flow uses these services to get behind your goals to insure your organization can move forward.

Flow Office Wisdom sells their teams skill sets and time to the business in need of their support. Their team can work flexible hours and work is all virtual, therefore work life balance is achieved.

Flow Office wisdom strives to help not-for profit organizations raise money for projects to help their community. Their main focus is ending hunger and improving women's rights. They support hunger projects and support women in the work force.

In the future their hope is help rehabilitate women in prison, by helping them understand why they made the choices they made and what they can do different in the future to create a happier more positive life.

Finding the "Why" in Every Business


The business leader wanted to create something of her own. She wanted to prove that a business can do more than just make money, but can make a change. She wanted her employees to feel valued at work and to maintain a work life balance. The business leader wanted to motivate and empower women to do more and be more than what society deems possible. Flow Office Wisdom offers a variety of services to help companies and not - for -profit organizations reach goals, projects, and plans to move the organization forward.

In her past experiences, she felt undervalued and under appreciated in the corporations she worked for. This encouraged her vision to create a business that valued their employees and manufacture an environment full of positivity and growth.

Overall impact

Flow Office Wisdoms has an overall impact on the people who use their services and the knowledge they give to those people to make their company better.

The short term effects were that April had a job and a place where she could create meaningful work and strive to make a difference.

The long term effects are continuing to be innovative and creative. Creating meaningful work and meaningful employment for the people who work for Flow. Flow wants every organization they work with to live their vision and find their "Why" statement, to enhance their organization overall. Flow has helped raise over $700,000 for not-for-profit organizations, to help the issues and projects these organizations are trying to address. Flow Office Wisdom prides themselves in helping not-for-profit organizations because they believe these organizations will continue to make the world a better place.

Business benefit

Flow Office Wisdom has created a business where its overall goal is to help people and ensure success within their organization. Flow prides themselves in paying their employees above living wage and offering flexible hours to ensure work life balance. They offer a variety of services, each run by a different person with the skills to help to the best of their abilities. Flow has helped many business and not-for-profit organizations build their ideas into their vision and purpose, creating long lasting success and change.

Social and environmental benefit

To benefit society, Flow Office Wisdom aspires to join forces with organizations that are willing to do better so that the world does better. Their goal within the company is to change the mindset and empower women who can and will make a difference. On an environmental aspect, Flow Office Wisdom is a virtual company meaning there is little to no impact on the environment. Flow encourages their employees to be conscious of their overall carbon footprint, seeking the smallest footprint possible. In the past, Flow has planted trees, eliminated plastic, and all the littles things that will overall make a big difference. Flow Office Wisdom has a main goal to encourage and push other companies to care about the environment and the implications some practices can have on the environment.


April Burrows, CeO


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Flow Office Wisdom

Flow Office Wisdom

Guelph, Ontario, CA

Business Website:

Year Founded: 2012

Number of Employees: 2 to 10

Flow Office Wisdom inspires and empowers individuals and business to act on their ideas and achieve their goals. Each individuals needs are cared for and every plan is altered to the strengths and weaknesses of the business/organization.