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Eyewear with Purpose: Empowering Communities Through an Optical Business

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Mirly Anne Charis De Vera

Mirly Anne Charis De Vera


De La Salle University Manila

De La Salle University Manila


Pia Manalastas

Pia Manalastas

Global Goals

1. No Poverty 3. Good Health and Well-Being 10. Reduced Inequalities

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Florentino Optical takes eyewear fashion to new heights, providing top-notch products and ultra-modern services contributing to Sustainable Development Goal (12) - Responsible Consumption and Production. They achieve this by embracing sustainable materials in their offerings. Furthermore, they've allied with a non-profit organization, championing vision care for underprivileged communities. This collaboration aligns with SDG 13 (Good Health and Well-Being), SDG 1 (No Poverty), and SDG 10 (Reduced Inequalities), revealing Florentino Optical's commitment to making a tangible difference in the world.


"Occasionally, I find myself yearning for simpler times when digital aspects played a smaller role in our lives. However, I understand the significance of adopting modern technology to drive my company's growth," says Dr. Tito.

In this rapidly advancing technological age, Mr. and Mrs. Tito Florentino have expanded their optical practice to cater to greater customer satisfaction by embracing innovation. Through their Facebook page and word-of-mouth referrals, they can swiftly connect with a broad audience and utilize various social media platforms to share images and videos of eye examinations, customer testimonials, and ratings.

By leveraging free online resources, they have significantly streamlined processes and adapted to the rapid pace of contemporary technology. These critical adaptations have assisted the Optical Clinic in remaining competitive as a small-medium enterprise (SME) while providing unparalleled patient care.

Moreover, innovation is not limited to technological advancements; the Florentinos actively participate in Medical Missions across various locations in partnership with Local Government Units. These outreach programs have brought vital eye care services to those unable to afford eyeglasses or pay for check-ups, genuinely making a difference in countless lives.

In conclusion, Dr. Tito and his team are shining examples of how embracing technology can evoke positive change within one's business and the wider community it serves. Their unwavering dedication to offering personalized care advanced by contemporary innovations inspires others to nurture mutually beneficial partnerships and lend a helping hand wherever possible.

Eyewear with Purpose: Empowering Communities Through an Optical Business

In 1993, Dr. Tito Florentino became the first Vice President of the "Samahan ng mga Optometrist in Riyadh Chapter." Dr. Tito Florentino led the charge in planning Sight Saving Week, an annual event to promote awareness for eye care and to provide free vision screenings for elementary and high school students in Riyadh. Dr. Florentino's work in the field of optometry has been recognized by the International Arab Business Daily newspaper, where he has been a regular contributor to the section on health. Dr. Tito Florentino is a dedicated professional who has made it his life's work to serve others.The Florentino Clinic is an old-fashioned-style clinic located in the heart of Saging Street in CAA Las Pinas. Despite its old-fashioned style, the clinic is easy to locate thanks to Waze and Google Maps. The clinic is well-known and highly recommended by its customers for its generosity and kindness, which are qualities that will inspire you. The clinic's customer service is top-notch, and you will be impressed by the level of care and attention you receive. The Owners are not only great at what they do, but they are also excellent role models and inspirations for anyone looking to succeed in business and in life. Their kindness, generosity, and dedication to their work are qualities that are not often found in today's business world. If you are looking for a clinic that will take care of you and make you feel like family, the Florentino Clinic is the place.


During his grade school years, Doc. Tito was already exposed to the world of optical clinics as his father began establishing the family business. His only sister, Dra. Lily aspired to become an engineer, but ultimately, the siblings followed in their father's footsteps. Dr. Eleuterio's exemplary work ethic inspired Dr. Tito in his journey to restore the family's legacy. He creatively integrated vintage and antique elements into the clinic's design as a nod to the past and a source of inspiration for patients considering a career in the optical industry.

"God created us as instruments to anticipate the people's unanticipated needs." - Doc. Florentino

Dr. Tito believes that we are all divinely created with unique abilities and motivations, imbuing us with a calling to serve others in ways that even they can't foresee. With this understanding, we can uplift and encourage new generations of leaders who can extend support during times of hardship and need. Fostering connections and empathy among people is essential; it enables us to develop a keen intuition and foresee the needs of others before they recognize them themselves.

In this spirit, Dr. Tito emphasizes proactive efforts to help those struggling without waiting for requests or formal calls for assistance. This approach reflects the core values that have driven countless medical missions in different areas. By being attentive and responsive caregivers, everyone–regardless of profession–has it within them to be ambassadors of hope and inspiration for others they encounter in life's unique journey.

Overall impact

The remarkable tale of Florentino Optical dates back to its humble beginnings. As the company flourished in the 70s and 80s, it expanded by constructing a laboratory in Quiapo, Manila, to become its product supplier. Dr. Tito Florentino's accomplishments in 1990 saw him become the first Vice President of the "Samahan ng mga Optometrist in Riyadh Chapter." During his tenure, he spearheaded annual "Sight Saving Week" events every August at the Philippine Embassy School for elementary and high school students.

Drawing from his experiences and innovative spirit, Dr. Tito turned obstacles in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, into learning opportunities that strengthened their family legacy within the optical retail industry. Inspired by the belief that it is time to "explore more things, and invest more based on the current flow of the generation," Dr. Tito Florentino continued to pursue innovation.

With the acquisition of an Automatic Refractometer (AR) for accurate eye grade measurements and a digital projector to enhance visual diagnostics, Dr. Tito and his wife revolutionized ocular care at their clinic. The introduction of modern equipment and meticulous record-keeping allowed for swifter, more precise diagnoses and customized treatment options catering to each patient's unique needs.

These cutting-edge developments paved the way for long-term client relationships as Florentino Optical continued to uphold its cherished family legacy. By consistently elevating customer satisfaction levels and increasing public awareness about eye health, the clinic remains at the forefront of change as it embraces new technology and techniques within its business operations, poised to redefine the future of eye care excellence.

Business benefit

“Our family's proudest accomplishments stem from daring to think outside the box and crafting inventive solutions for our valued clients” - Nenette Florentino (Wife of Dr. Tito)

Ever since the visual clinic began providing free eye care surgeries, a multitude of positive outcomes has surfaced, benefiting both the clinic and the broader community. One of these remarkable results is the substantial enhancement of overall health and quality of life for those who have undergone these surgeries. Tackling vision problems that might have otherwise remained unaddressed due to financial constraints, individuals can now carry out daily tasks with greater ease, significantly boosting their self-esteem and levels of productivity.

Furthermore, the clinic has garnered notable praise within the community because of its philanthropic endeavors. Such recognition has fostered an environment where people are more inclined to choose the clinic for their future eye care needs. In addition, by offering these complimentary services, the clinic has played a vital role in raising awareness about the importance of regular eye care check-ups. As a result, an increasing number of people have taken proactive measures to maintain their eye health.

Ultimately, these complimentary surgeries have not only profoundly impacted patients' lives but also generated a ripple effect in promoting preventive healthcare and cultivating goodwill within the community. This inspiring story demonstrates how one compassionate act can lead to widespread benefits throughout society, highlighting the power of kindness in enhancing our shared well-being. By continuing to challenge conventional thought and provide innovative solutions for those in need, we can foster an ever-expanding network of support and positive change that moves us closer to a brighter future for all.

Social and environmental benefit

The dawn of groundbreaking innovations in the optical industry has led to tremendous advancements across various sectors, ultimately enhancing the well-being of society and fostering a sustainable environment. As Dr. Tito Florentino once said, "It is our opportunity to see the innovation and not to threat of the advanced generation." This rings true as these transformative improvements continue to reshape the landscape of vision care.

Revolutionary developments in eyewear, such as eyeglasses and contact lenses, have enabled millions worldwide to access effective vision correction solutions. Cutting-edge progress in materials science has paved the way for creating lightweight, comfortable glasses frames made from ethically sourced, environmentally friendly materials. As Nenette Florentino stated, "This is our bread and butter, and we want to continue the legacy of the Family." Indeed, the heart of serving people is truly embedded in the husband and wife.

Furthermore, remarkable strides in optometry and ophthalmology technologies have expedited the early detection and treatment processes for eye-related issues. This has significantly alleviated the burden on healthcare systems while greatly improving patient outcomes. Dr. Patricia Bath, a pioneering ophthalmologist who invented laser treatments for cataracts, said: "I consider myself a catalyst of change that has allowed me to create new possibilities for healthier vision." This sentiment underscores the essential role of continual innovation within the field.

In conclusion, innovations within the optical business sector are crucial for bolstering societal welfare and ardently pursuing eco-conscious principles. These forward-thinking advancements serve as powerful reminders that by embracing change and exploring better alternatives, we advance individual well-being and contribute towards building a greener and more sustainable world for generations to come.


Nenette and Tito Florentino, Founder

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Business information

Florentino Optical

Florentino Optical

Las Pinas City, National Capital Region, PH
Business Website: https://N/A
Year Founded: 2000
Number of Employees: 2 to 10

In the vibrant city of Manila, 1967 marked the remarkable beginning of Florentino Optical, a testament to founder Optician Eleuterio Florentino's unwavering commitment alongside the talented Optometrist Dra. Lily Florentino. Driven by his experience as a technician at Macam de Jesus Optical, Optician Eleuterio decided to venture into the optical business industry. Eventually, his two eldest sons joined the trade as optical technicians. The family business swiftly garnered an esteemed reputation due to its devoted focus on exceptional eye expertise. As the new millennium dawned in 2000, Tito Florentino, Eleuterio's son, and his wife, Nenette Florentino, took it upon themselves to continue this extraordinary family legacy in Las Pinas City, beautifully adding their own unique chapter to the inspiring Florentino success story.