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Equal Opportunities for Men and Women Are Essential

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Cole Van Santen

Cole Van Santen


University of Guelph

University of Guelph


Ruben Burga

Ruben Burga

Global Goals

5. Gender Equality

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The equal representation of men and women within the business allows for smooth operations, as there is diversity in the workplace. Since men and women typically have different key skill sets, combining them equally into a business helps optimize the functionality of the company.


The innovation is considered a business model because it involves everyday operations of the business. To help the company be successful, the owner realized many years ago that a balance between female and male workers was crucial for running and maintaining the company efficiently.

Another motive for this innovation was to support social corporate responsibility, and the first step was to have fairness and equality in the work place. Having an equal number of female and male employees has also put Jess-Don Dunford in a positive position by opposing gender discrimination.

Equal Opportunities for Men and Women Are Essential


The president realized many years ago that female and male workers bring diverse skill sets to the company, and that mix is essential for the success of the business. He knew that there was an unequal opportunity for women in the workforce and he did not want to be a contributor to this statistic.

To fulfill his corporate social responsibility, the president decided to include gender equality as part of his business model for all future operations. He believes that this is a very important issue for all companies to tackle, and he hopes that in the near future there will not be gender discrimination or unequal opportunities for women in the workplace.

Overall impact

This innovation has an overall positive impact on the business and society as a whole.

Business benefit

Gender equality benefits the business by incorporating employees' unique skill sets in order to carry out the operations of the business efficiently and successfully. Having a diverse, gender-equal workforce has allowed the company to thrive in many different ways, especially because of the multiple viewpoints on business decision making.

Social and environmental benefit

The innovation helps society by allowing females and males an equal opportunity for job positions and by not discriminating against females in the workforce. Incorporating this innovation can also help pave the way for other companies to follow suit with gender equality, with the overall goal to eliminate this gender-gap altogether in the near future.


Arthur Van Santen, President

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Jess-Don Dunford Limited

Jess-Don Dunford Limited

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