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BTL CUP is a company set in Mexico City who works with biodegradable materials understanding the impact of consumption to make it responsible and as its name says, their main focus is on BTL advertising innovation







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Universidad Externado de Colombia


Gustavo A Yepes López

Gustavo A Yepes López


In our globalized world, where the annual estimation of the advertising industry is around 1.7 trillion dollars according to Redburn and PwC, brands are constantly moving forward, BTL CUP COMPANY understands consumption and makes it environmentally friendly.

Juan Carlos, one of the shareholders said that “Innovation is extremely important, considering our company was created to impact Mexico socially and economically, because BTL CUP is a product, a service, and technology as a whole, all of our products are recyclable or even biodegradable, we do not sell anything pollutant”

As a result, Juan Carlos and Francisco, business innovators, firmly decided to set what in their words is considered as EcoFriendly, Responsible Advertising by standardizing the different sizes of disposable lit cups and some food containers made of biodegradable materials such as Polylactic Acid (PLA), a natural plant extraction and also wheat bagasse whose rate of decomposition is significantly lower than others normally used in industry.

Environmental Advertising Cups


Daily walking on the streets or even being at the office and observing different cups with random brands, along with the 30 minutes average exposure of the product and living in Mexico City, a metropolis where every day the tons of waste are dumped comparable with 8.7 football fields (around thirteen thousand tons), challenged Juan Carlos and Francisco about the usage of environmentally sound materials to develop low impact consumption.

The founders declare ‘“The principal purpose is to bring life to entrepreneurs' brands and some others by displaying them while protecting and reducing the consumption generated.”

Overall impact

Taking into consideration the fact that world consumption increases year by year and the commitment society should have about the way future resources not be wasted, BTL CUP COMPANY has a strong commitment to responsible consumption, looking forward to decreasing the per capita material footprint by using products which include higher natural composition, like Polylactic Acid (PLA) and wheat bagasse.

Once Francisco, a BTL CUP founder partner was asked about the future, he mentioned “we have been seeing significant changes in how our products are selling, we do not rule out the idea of having our own distribution chain”

On the other hand, as mentioned above, BLT CUP participates in Mexico City becoming a sustainable city confronting the dilemma of waste and clearly understanding the reduction of decomposition.

Business benefit

During the time BTL CUP has been a company, profits have been significantly good if taking income as a reference, with not even five employees BTL CUP sold the previous year around 40.000 USD representing 440.000 units of product.

As Juan Carlos said, “We are talking about changing 90% of food containers in the market, so that new customers realize they do not have to buy materials that impact global warming but instead reduce their waste tremendously

If we consider each one of those reductions the impact on the environment is about 30 or more percentage of the biodegradable time, the impact on decomposition could be considered environmentally friendly.

Social and environmental benefit

As mentioned previously, Méxican waste is huge, owner Carlos said, “The problem of waste has to be solved by this generation” government commitment confronting it sometimes seems weak, however, it is important to highlight local efforts in Mexico City (CDMX) developing an ecological plant where inorganic materials would be transformed into energy, that will power the city's subway. BTL CUP materials significantly contribute to the project by using sustainable oil inks decreasing environmental impact.

Once customers consume BTL CUP products, they are adding value and caring about the environment. Francisco, one of the shareholders told us “the usage of an electronic invoice which is a governmental initiative, helps the disposal chain as long as they do not print invoices anymore” also, and fosters responsible consuming without neglecting customers needs.


Juan Carlos Zarate & Francisco Torres, BTL CUP

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Mexico City, Mexico City, MX

Business Website: www.btlcup.com

Year Founded: 2017

Number of Employees: 2 to 10

BTL CUP is a company set in Mexico City who works with biodegradable materials understanding the impact of consumption to make it responsible and as it name says, their main labor its focus on BTL advertising.