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Education for The Welfare and Future of Indonesian Young Nation and SMES Well-Being

Global Edukasi Talent Inkubator GETI

4. Quality Education 8. Decent Work and Economic Growth 9. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure


Regarding the 17 SDGs, GETI has a role in number 4, namely Quality Education which wants to improve the quality of education that can be understood and change the paradigm of Indonesian young people and Indonesian MSMEs to be able to compete in the digital era 4.0. This innovation has been carried out by GETI since 2018 to give birth to millions of e-commerce experts in all cities of Indonesia.

This innovation provides solutions to:

1. Young Indonesians are literate in the digital world, where Indonesia is entering the digital era 4.0.

2. Providing solutions to open up great job opportunities or make young Indonesians entrepreneurs or at least have an entrepreneurial spirit.

3. Providing solutions to improve Indonesia's finances by helping Indonesian products compete in the international arena and become an attraction for Global Buyers.

4. To become the main solution for the State of Indonesia for the progress of the nation in terms of education with the best quality and improvement of the Indonesian economy.


Irene Marshella

Irene Marshella


IPMI International Business School

IPMI International Business School


Amelia Naim Indrajaya

Amelia Naim Indrajaya


• GETI is created and run by expert multi talent creativepreneur and young creatives and entrepreneurs

• The business model allows young people and MSMEs to train and practice in the digital world of B2B platforms and the digital creative world first before joining the International team

• The business model trains skills to become entrepreneurs

• Provide an adequate ecosystem for training, education, and incubator programs for young people and Indonesian MSMEs to enter the digital and entrepreneurial realm.

Education for The Welfare and Future of Indonesian Young Nation and SMES Well-Being

Meeting with Bu Amalia to get her insight about GETI built an ecosystem for UMKM and young Indonesia to penetrate Digital Era


We are inspired by the ecosystem run and created by GETI in bringing to life and creating the future of youth education that is honed into new things, especially in the Digital field. As we all know, Indonesia has been entering the new era of Industry 4.0 which is marked by increasing connectivity, and interaction, as well as more convergent people, machines, and other resources as the result of information and communication technology advancement.

During the office tour at GETI Office, Amalia shared with me how she created an ecosystem for the digital world and gave birth to millions of e-commerce experts. "Indonesia needs a lot of human resources (HR) who understand global e-commerce to encourage exports, especially through digital platforms," said GeTI Incubator LPK Chair, Amalia Prabowo. Amalia said that until now people still think that online business is very easy. It's not that simple. According to him, online business is not just a 'side', the organization is not easy, so it must be done seriously. According to her experience while at GETI as a person engaged in digital marketing, Amalia found that MSMEs in Indonesia are very difficult to invite to go online. Only 4 percent of MSMEs can afford it. While overall, only 8 percent or 64 million MSMEs are online in Indonesia. “It takes a quick understanding to get online. SMEs go online that must be considered is diligently uploading products. This affects their business brand.” Amalia Prabowo continued. That's why Amalia built the GETI Incubator and created an ecosystem to educate and provide digital understanding to young Indonesians and Indonesian SMEs. Built in 2018, so far there have been 150 pieces of training with 350,000 young Indonesians and MSMEs who have joined.

Overall impact

Providing the best education and knowledge to the nation's children to be literate in the digital world so that Indonesia is not inferior to developed countries in the world of digital technology where Indonesia is now entering the digital era 4.0. In addition, the impact of innovation in the realm of MSMEs is to bring Indonesian products into the global market to be able to increase Indonesia's foreign exchange and also get attention or interest from global buyers for Indonesian products. Another impact is that Indonesian children who are capable and literate in the digital world can collaborate with Indonesian MSMEs to promote and sell Indonesian products with their digital skills so that Indonesian MSMEs can focus on producing products with large quantity scales according to Indonesian standards.

Business benefit

This innovation benefit for GETI's business is that it is also able to get the attention of the President of the Indonesian government or SOEs to provide support to GETI with digital education programs for the nation's children and MSMEs. On the other hand, he also wants to improve the welfare of employees in other fields, in the field of doing humanitarian things to not only be smart alone but also invite Indonesian children to be smart together and open up new markets and provide opportunities for Indonesian products so that they can export their products.

Social and environmental benefit

The benefit for the community on the MSME side is that they can see market share opportunities in the global realm and are also able to innovate their products at the request of global buyers. Seeing differences and being able to adapt to the global world and be able to compete with international products.

On the side of young Indonesians, the benefits that new opportunities get in the digital world, they can be literate in the digital world with new things, hone their skills with the global world, negotiate with global buyers, and do technically in the global world with their advanced skills. sharpened.


Amalia Susilowati Prabowo, S.M.MM, Managing Director

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Global Edukasi Talent Inkubator GETI

Global Edukasi Talent Inkubator GETI

Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia, ID

Business Website:

Year Founded: 2018

Number of Employees: 51 to 200

GETI aims to empower young Indonesians and SMEs economically and educationally about online digital and entrepreneurship by facilitating incubator programs and job training to produce country children with work competencies and international standard entrepreneurs.

GETI sees new opportunities to overcome the problems of education and the future of young Indonesian children, which when they graduate from school or college they do not get a job. Instead of waiting for them to be accepted by a company, they create a business and become an entrepreneur. In addition, GETI also sees opportunities and potential for Indonesian products made by Indonesian MSMEs naturally and uniquely in Indonesia to reaching the global market. GETI sees opportunities in the digital world 4.0 and the demand for global market share for Indonesian products and it is time for Indonesian MSME products to compete on the international stage with quality that is no less competitive with international products. In the end, GETI will make collaborate between young Indonesians and Indonesian MSMEs to collaborate to enter the digital era 4.0 where young people can promote Indonesian MSME products to the global market with digital technology and MSMEs continue to produce Indonesian products.