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Edible, Lovable, Spreadable Cosmetics Possible



Ece Nur Korkut

Ece Nur Korkut


Ankara Yildirim Beyazit University

Ankara Yildirim Beyazit University


Semih Ceyhan

Semih Ceyhan

Global Goals

11. Sustainable Cities and Communities 12. Responsible Consumption and Production 13. Climate Action

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Se7en Ecological Solutions produces personal care and cosmetic products that respect nature and the body. They do not harm the body and are aimed at nourishing it. Its mission is to go as far as possible and offer people cosmetics with natural ingredients. The products are produced in Istanbul, Küçükçekmece.


Se7en Ecological Solutions produces waste-free recyclable, compostable, vegan cosmetics and personal care products. We offer solutions to chemicals, non-vegan cosmetics and personal care products that are not recyclable or difficult to recycle. It first went into operation in 2020 and currently sells online.

Innovation develops awareness of social responsibility. Se7en Ecological Solutions does not produce its products by saying "let it be sold" but produces them by saying "let it be useful" to people without harming the environment. It does not offer its products in plastic packaging and it avoids it as much as possible. It wraps all cargos in materials such as paper and cardboard and delivers them directly to the consumer in cardboard boxes without putting them in the bags of the cargo companies. They reuse the cartons they receive in packaging and allow their customers to send the surplus jars back to Se7en Ecological Solutions after they finish the products. And ultimately, the jars are disinfected and put to use again.

Edible, Lovable, Spreadable Cosmetics Possible


Protecting nature is the main objective of Se7en Ecological Solutions. The main profession of Mrs. Zeynep, the founder of the brand, is Finance. However, producing her own personal care products, and living more sustainably, were among her other dreams and goals. She had been producing her own personal care products for 3 years and then started selling her products in 2020. This path began with her desire to make personal care products that will not harm the environment, and with those who wanted to buy them.

Se7en Ecological Solutions has a sense of responsibility toward the human body and society. It tries to help protect the environment with its sustainable products. Considering that the temperature of the world has increased by 0.9 degrees Celsius since the Industrial Revolution, it is imperative that we incorporate change into our lives. The firm emphasizes that sustainable life does not mean an uncomfortable life; on the contrary, it is important to be able to change one's habits. Especially nowadays, make-up and personal care have a great place to go green. It's easy to come across products wrapped in plastic packaging on the shelves of many brands/shops. The motivation of Se7en Ecological Solutions stemmed from the goal of reducing waste to a great extent and producing products free from harmful chemicals, plastic packaging, and those that are respectful to the body, nature, and animals.

Overall impact

Se7en Ecological Solutions has many impacts on the environment. Instead of packaging their products in plastic containers/jars, they package their products in glass jars. Moreover, they offer to take back the finished jars from their customers post their usage, and re-use them. Thus, they create a sense of responsibility in their consumers as well as help them contribute to sustainability. All Se7en Ecological Solutions products are produced & curated by hand one at a time.

While producing, packaging, and shipping their products, they ensure a minimum carbon footprint. For this reason, wastes are either soluble or recyclable. Reducing the carbon footprint is an important factor that needs attention in terms of increasing our energy efficiency as well as supporting the fight against global warming and climate change.

One of the ways to help improve waste reduction is to be able to understand the consequences of using plastic in personal care products, cosmetics, and beauty products and even in their packaging. Considering that the biggest source of the worldwide plastic problem is product packaging, we are faced with two major sectors: food and cosmetics where the cosmetic sector is a bigger contributor. Therefore, supporting environment-friendly and sustainable brands as consumers will increase the overall demand in the sector enabling cosmetic giants to take action faster.

Business benefit

Se7en Ecological Solutions currently has online sales and a presence on social media. Of course, a physical sales channel will reduce its carbon footprint and offer a more sustainable space, however, since consumers prefer to meet their needs online given today's conditions, it can be seen that responsible companies have higher sales rates on online platforms along with physical sales. They do not use any shipping methods other than paper and cardboard to reduce waste. Even the tape used consists of kraft paper tapes.

Small businesses support each other in this regard and give examples of how waste-free they can be. And it works too. In general, the company has adopted sustainability in sales and commercial issues. It continues to grow and be a respected business that continues to benefit society.

Social and environmental benefit

Since the innovation produced by Se7en Ecological Solutions is online sales, it is truly incredible that it appeals to many people. This online presence can reach people from many walks of life. The way the business manufactures its products serves people all over Turkey while helping the general population cope with the abundance of waste all over the planet. And it does this without damaging our comfort zone.

Its social benefit can be summarized as follows: It is known that there are actually very harmful chemicals in cosmetics, but some large firms ignore this. These and other products threaten the health of their users and harm the environment. Some lipsticks contain more than twenty harmful chemicals. Considering these conditions, Se7en's products with clean ingredients do not threaten people. By offering them resources from nature, they are given an alternative path. Remember that the make-up materials we use are passed on to our siblings, family, friends, and even those little babies every time we kiss them. When this happens, Se7en's products, which never contain the damage caused by harmful chemicals, consumers are surprised because it shows how they have been deceived for so long.

In addition, when it comes to environmental sustainability, the first thing to know is that resources in the environment and nature are exhaustible. Many benefits are obtained by taking good care of the surrounding resources and, moreover, by making this care continuous. Especially with the protection of the environment and the economic use of resources, it is becoming possible to leave a more livable world for future generations. Adopting this idea, Se7en Ecological Solutions contributes to the environment and produces products.


Zeynep Özer Kaymak, Founder

Business information

SE7EN Ecological Solutions

SE7EN Ecological Solutions

İstanbul, Küçükçekmece, TR
Year Founded: 2020
Number of Employees: 2 to 10

Se7en Ecological Solutions is a small business that produces plastic-free, vegan cosmetics, make-up and personal care products that respect the environment and the human body.