Konstinopel Eco-family fashion

Eco-Natural Family Fashions

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Amelia Naim Indrajaya

Amelia Naim Indrajaya

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The idea of the effort pioneered by Konstinopel is to harness natural fibers from plants to produce shoes, bags, and other fashions products. This idea merges the creation of natural eco-fashions with their concern for the environment.

Based on their educational understanding of the science of textiles, Konstinopel tries to explore the use of natural fibers that grow in Indonesia as a main material in the manufacture of footwear.


Natural fibers are abundant, renewable materials. Their use to fashion products such as shoes and handbags is an innovation which reduces the use of materials that are not environmentally friendly such as polyvinyl chloride, polyurethane and other synthetics.

The utilization of fiber from trees hemp, coconut and pineapple is an innovation to replace the use the non-natural fibers.

Eco-Natural Family Fashions


Konstinopel wanted to use fiber textiles from raw materials from plants that grow freely in nature such as trees hemp (pohon rima), coconut, and others. Likewise, the production process is still purely handmade to involve the local community as craftsmen. That way, Konstinopel's products not only help the environment, but empower local communities.

Konstinopel consists of five youth who teach craftsman about management, quality and production control.

Overall impact

Konstinopel has been producing shoes and bags since 2014 with young people ages 20-24. While still in college, four of them have been able to create a business that not only cares about the environment, but engages and fosters other business opportunities including the selling of craftmen's shoes. They are also educating the craftsmen with basic knowledge on how to manage the processing of orders and how to effectively manage their lives.

Business benefit

The use of natural fibers for the manufacture of shoes has made Nizar, Benny, Muhajir, Sandi and Yasin turn a profit. Their business now also brings advantages for shoe craftsmen and weavers.

Social and environmental benefit

The sale of natural fiber shoes provides the opportunity for more established job security and may have an impact on improving the living standards of craftsmen.

This product contributes to the earth because of the use of the renewable raw material. The company also invites people who use these products to participate and care for the environment. The company is also creating jobs for craftsmen where the whole product is handmade.


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Business information

Konstinopel Eco-family fashion

Konstinopel Eco-family fashion

Bandung City, West Java, ID
Year Founded: 2014
Number of Employees: 2 to 10
Bandung, the West Java is a footwear center, and has a significant role in the movement of the regional economy. Based on their educational understanding of the science of textiles, group Konstinopel tries to explore the use of natural fibers that grow in Indonesia as the main material in the manufacture of the shoes.