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Kushagra Bansal

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Anushkar Chauhan

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Divya Singhal

Global Goals

6. Clean Water and Sanitation 9. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure 12. Responsible Consumption and Production 13. Climate Action

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Absolute water pvt ltd. is working in the direction to provide clean drinking water, rejuvenate groundwater from the wastewater. It installed the country's 1st green water technology waste STP which provides us clean water without leaving any sludge behind. Along with that, they deploy the ozonation technology to filter water which is completely chemical-free.

Absolute water is working in the direction of a circular future fulfilling the UN SDG goals 6- clean water and sanitation, 9- Industry, Innovation and infrastructure, 12- Responsible consumption and production, and 13- climate change.


Absolute Water is focused on building green and organic solutions to provide clean drinking water. They became the #1 technology provider for 100% Green Water Recovery System. They have built a system for the detection of SARS-CoV2, a virus that has made an unprecedented impact in most countries. Absolute water has used the method of Ozonization as advanced disinfection treatment in their plants, which has been proved worldwide to kill/remove viruses like SARS.

Absolute water uses technology that imitates nature. They have used specially bred worms who consume the micropollutants for their sustenance. Their filtration system uses organic as well as inorganic media such as woodchips, pebbles, and sand to purify water so that it can be used for agriculture. It can be further processed to give us drinking water with advanced treatment.

The advantages of Bio STP is that it doesn’t use any chemicals, it doesn’t generate any sludge compared to conventional systems and it doesn’t use RO resulting in 100% conversion. It also uses minimal electricity, minimal cost, and has a high return on investment.

The water recovery system used by absolute water is India’s first green water recovery plant and converts raw sewage water into drinking water without any sludge generation and this has led to low operating cost, ultimately leading to higher profits.

The facilitation of STPs has led to an increase in the availability of sustainable management of water and the availability of the same for the sections of the society that haven’t had proper access to clean water as well as the sanitization for all, which is a basic need for the population of any nation.

Absolute Water has successfully installed more than 50 STPs which has led to them catering to more than 30 organizations as clients, with more on the horizon. This shows the promotion of sustainable and inclusive industrialization.

Source -https://absolutewater.in/

Each Drop Counts


"The quality of water and more importantly the Yamuna River in Delhi were the primary reasons for us to start the project".

Ms. Singhal was accompanied by her father who gave her the technical expertise and basic operations of the business. They were shocked by the water supply which came to their homes.

She shared that "even the tap water was not suitable for various water-related activities, let alone drinking it. The pH level of water was way above the permissible levels of what it should have been. There was no regular supply of tap water coming to the homes of Delhi people".

The water that came to their offices was foul smelled having a lot of harmful chemicals embedded in it. The other reason is pollution in the air particles which caused the water quality to degrade. Even the water table in the location was slowly going down which is the case in most parts of India, which has also become a global problem now as seen in South Africa's Cape Town.

"The motivation came from the Chilean scientist and professor who used vermiculture as the first form of filtration wherein the cost of the project implemented was as minimal as possible due to low per capita income in the country".

All these factors and reasons compelled the leader towards the inception of Absolute water.

Overall impact

Water has been one of the most important elements that constitute the existence of life on this planet and will stay the same until there is no life left in the universe. But with the progress of humankind, the operational exertion on the planet has increased substantially, which has led to the exponential increase in the disposal of harmful chemicals in the sewage, and these chemicals will lead to polluted water which will ultimately hamper the existence of life.

Absolute Water, located in Greater Kailash, Delhi, the Union Territory which has become part of a network of sewage waste over the past decades has benefited greatly due to the inception of the organization in 2016.
Since its inception, the company has successfully treated more than 11 million liters of recycled water which will have an impact in the long term over the world, especially in the challenging conditions posed by the industries on the Indian subcontinent.

Absolute Water has also been treating more than 350 tonnes of organic waste on a yearly basis which is helping in the recycling of the waste that is increasing on a daily basis. It has also successfully installed more than 50 units of Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs) in India with more on the horizon. This successful tenure of Absolute Water has garnered more than 30 organizations to become their clients and these achievements only point towards exponential increment in these numbers.

Absolute Water has been contributing substantially to indemnify for the wastes that have been increasing exponentially over the previous years by successfully deploying a first of its kind 100% green technology to facilitate the water recovery system that converts raw sewage into drinking water quality (as per standards set up by World Health Organization). This raw and untreated sewage if left in its original form would flow into the rivers and distributaries giving birth to a plethora of water-borne diseases.

For the short term impact, the contribution to the betterment of the world by Absolute Water has increased even more so in the challenging times of the pandemic, by deploying Ozonation as an advanced disinfection treatment in their plants, which has been proven worldwide to kill/remove a potentially fatal group of viruses like SARS.

source: https://absolutewater.in/

Business benefit

The water that is used in the home, is smelly and the cities water pipes were old which made the water stink very often.

So, the business built upon the fact that it can provide smell-free, freshwater by the use of wormy-culture also known as vermin-filtration. The business took so much elevation in booking profit because they were not using any kind of chemical, even in a negligible amount, to treat water. Because these chemicals can prove to be deadly for longer periods of consumption.

Since all the big institutions and even the institutes with innovative ideas want to present something valuable to their respective stakeholders, they really liked the concept of this water filtration without chemicals.

The company has been on track with the aim of being sustainable as the process of treating the water is carried out in such a way that it creates Zero Volume of Sludge. Absolute Water also possesses the only STP that provides 100% organic manure along with treated water which can have a plethora of uses both in rural households and in industries.

Another positive reason is that, both the concept and company were homegrown in India, so, it acted as good leverage for the company to become a profitable business.

The initial set-up cost is quite high but is in line with any other water filtration process, that involves RO. But, the process is really cheap in the long term, because after years it involves a negligible amount for maintenance and repairs. This is how the company is booking a high profit of INR.

Social and environmental benefit

Water is essential for survival. Water is also a limited resource on earth. Due to the geographic mismatch between demand and supply of water, there is a scarcity of water on a global scale. The main reasons for the increase in global levels of water scarcity are increasing world population, improved standards of living and changes in the pattern of consumption. Climate change is also a big reason for droughts and floods along with deforestation and increased water pollution. Wastage of water can also lead to scarcity of water over time. Day by day water resources are depleting and it is time to preserve them for a better future.

Absolute water believes that water is life and clean water means health. They are using organic methods to treat water safely and convert sewage/untreated water into clean and nutrient-rich water thereby reducing water wastage and increasing the supply of clean water.

Due to the spread of the coronavirus in recent times, people were worried about the spread of the virus through various means including physical contact, food items, water, etc. Absolute water has managed to mitigate this issue by deploying ozonization as an advanced disinfection treatment in their plants which has been proved to kill viruses like SARS and is expected to fight against COVID due to a similar genetic structure which is a great benefit to have for the society due to the current pandemic.

Since Absolute Water uses a 100% Green STP (Biofilter), it helps in keeping costs low during treatment of sewage from any source without generating any sludge, odor, and noise thereby not only reducing the chances of water pollution but also generating clean water and benefitting society.


Smita Singhal, Director

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Business information

Absolute Water Pvt. Ltd.

Absolute Water Pvt. Ltd.

New Delhi, Delhi, IN
Business Website: https://absolutewater.in/
Year Founded: 2016
Number of Employees: 51 to 200

Absolute Water is a manufacturer of India’s first 100% green water recovery plant. It is a full-service water management firm with engineering expertise to develop and implement comprehensive water and wastewater management systems. Absolute Water's environmental dedication maintains it at the cutting edge of product development, filtration, and recycling technologies. It provides water solutions for Institutions, Industry, Municipal Authorities, and Commercial & Public properties. It can build Sewage Treatment Plants (STP) and Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP) of any capacity and customize them as per requirement.

source: https://absolutewater.in/