Crystal Clear Skin and Beauty

Crystal Clear Skin and Beauty

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Global Goals

5. Gender Equality

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Crystal Clear Skin and Beauty and Facify, both owned by Crystal Koro, represent gender equality because the Dermatology, Skincare, and Beauty Industry is male dominated while targeting women to purchase cosmetics, treatments, and skincare lines as anti-aging. It is admirable that Crystal grew her women-owned independent businesses that expanded through the Skin and Beauty Industry. She has made her mark and paved the way for so many freelance women to open their businesses in this space as well as aspiring estheticians who can show how much their brands can expand.


Who were the brains behind this innovation? Crystal Koro is a skin and beauty specialist who started off working doing facials and investing in skincare products for her clients. Fast forward to now, she has a booming business as an esthetician and has helped many people with their skin issues. She has an extensive range of clients that she sees, from ordinary everyday average joes to house call clients to A-list celebrities.

What was her innovation? Her innovation was building a long list of loyal customers who continue to use her products and services because they have improved their skin. She has gone as far as collaborating with Sanitas, one of the most well-known skincare lines on the market. She also owns Facify, a brand-new innovative tool with six features to give customers a spa-like experience in their homes.

When was her inspiration?

The inspiration behind this innovative tool was the lockdown during COVID and being away from her office, she wanted to find a solution not to neglect her clients' skincare.

Where did her career take her?

Crystal has traveled to hundreds of trade shows dedicated to skincare across the country and the world. Being an esthetician has taken her into many clients' homes and has allowed her to bond and get closer to the root problem of her client's skincare needs. She has also been featured on "The Doctor Show" and presented as a celebrity esthetician.

How this all started?

Her passion for skincare at a young age and being in that space led her to help many people with their skin issues.

Are we creating a better world - UN SDGs?

Crystal has inspiringly created a business that went from an ordinary facial to a luxurious experience with skincare products she owns in under a decade. Having a female-owned business in the competitive space of skincare and dermatology makes the most significant difference and inspires women to pursue their footsteps as she leads the way.

Crystal Clear Skin and Beauty

Facify will change the skincare industry forever


Due to the pandemic and being unable to see her clients for almost two years because of businesses opening and closing, that was when the idea of facify was born. It provided a luxury spa facial experience in the comfort of your home or where ever you go.

Overall impact


Crystal said, "COVID changed our lives, but we had to adjust to life again together and remotely." Although in her interview, she claimed to feel like a failure during this time due to the pandemic because of her plans for her business, it gave her time to reflect and create an even better service and products for her clients.


What emerged from this discovery during quarantine was the invention of Facify. This revolutionary all-in-one-step tool will change this skincare industry—everything from Cleansing, exfoliating, and even massages for lymphatic drainage.

WHEN: Facify was invented and brought to life by Crystal during quarantine but reached the markets post-pandemic, online and at her workspace. It was an opportunity for her clients to have a luxurious facial tool at home and reach out to all the skincare fanatics across the US and internally due to her celebrity esthetician status online with thousands of followers.

WHERE: This product can be purchased on her online website, booking a consultation, or a video chat to talk about skincare needs for every client.

HOW: Due to the many removable tops, the wand has this multi-functional beauty that cleanses, tones, circulates, smooths, firms, and performs a lymphatic face massage all in one.

Business benefit

WHO: Crystal is a one-woman show. She is the CEO, Founder, Consultant, and Owner of both of her businesses, Crystal Clear Skin and Beauty and Facify.

WHAT: What inspired Crystal to take her experience with being an esthetician to the next level was all the trade shows she went to for years just looking on the market for new innovative treatments, tools, and skincare items to bring her customer the best products honestly and trying to treat their issues with natural remedies as well. She truly leaves her clients feeling like they're in good hands.

WHEN: Crystal Clear Skin and Beauty was established in 2016, and Facify hit the market in 2021.

WHERE: Where are Crystals' services and products located? For consultations and bookings as well as purchasing, Facify is all on her website. She currently works in Newport Beach and West Hollywood.

WHY: Crystals' motivation to help people with their skincare journey is to guide them on a customized path and ensure they use safe products and practical steps that aren't abrasive or irritating the skin.

Social and environmental benefit

Who created this product: Crystal Koro, the owner of Crystal Clear Skin and Beauty.

What caused the change: COVID made every industry and business have to adapt and change the new norm for schools. It had the classroom on Zoom for estheticians. It was creating a do-it-yourself product to bring that skincare spa experience into your home.

When was this shift thought of: Crystal wanted to expand her services beyond her clients and what she could provide within her office. She tried to reach real ordinary people everywhere and create an all-in-one product that would be an environmentally friendly, all-in-one, one-stop tool that saved time and money for the everyday skincare consumer.

How Facify was born: " Not everyone can travel to West Hollywood or Newport Beach for a facial with Crystal. But, thanks to Facify, anyone can enjoy Crystal Clear Skin." Facify will reach a broader audience by having a tool at home to step up their cleanser and moisturizer with a product that cleanses, tones, circulates, smooths, firms, and does lymphatic drainage. Due to the product being multi-functional, it helps minimize the number of tools in a skincare set and creates an all-in-one, saving time and money and making it easier to travel with.


Crystal Koro, CEO, Founder and Owner

Business information

Crystal Clear Skin and Beauty

Crystal Clear Skin and Beauty

West Hollywood/ Newport, CA, US
Year Founded: 2016
Number of Employees: 2 to 10

Crystal Koro is the owner, founder, and CEO of Crystal Clear Skin and Beauty, with a wide selection of skincare products and skincare services she provides as a licensed esthetician. She also owns "Facify," a new innovative product that gives you six different skincare functions to offer a spa-like home experience. Crystal Clear Skin and Beauty and Facify is a women-owned independent business.