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Creating Soundproof From Waste

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PT Rekadaya Multi Adiprima (RMA) developed the idea to use waste clothes in creating useful soundproof products for the automotive industry. In the process, RMA invited the surrounding community to collect this waste which has increased their wealth also.


RMA's main activity is processing the waste clothes to become felt sheet. This felt sheet is formed into soundproof which is used in car component such as car door trim and base carpet. Although the raw material was from the waste clothes, the quality of the felt product has to meet the automotive standard and this product could support for about 70% of national production from automotive industry such as Toyota, Daihatsu, Suzuki, and Mitsubishi.

RMA also has program to create wealth for its surrounding community, so they invite the people in the surrounding areas to become the collector for waste clothes and regularly collected and bought the waste clothes from the collector. By doing this program, RMA had giving opportunity for the surrounding community to had a better life and sustained livelihood.

Since the raw material of the product is from the waste clothes, RMA is known as the green company which giving impact for reducing waste and recycling to another useful product in automotive industry. Further, in the production process, any material waste is collected to be recycled again into raw material so that RMA is implementing zero waste of materials.

In order to expand their business, RMA gets funding and development program from PT Astra Mitra Ventura and also obtained training program from Yayasan Dharma Bhakti Astra (YDBA). This cooperation brought good impact for them which has increased their performance and sustainability of the company.

Recently, Farri Aditya as the Chief Executive keep thinking for another innovative product from waste material such as using the waste of coconut fiber to become another new innovative product for home industry.

Creating Soundproof From Waste


At first, creating soundproof product using waste clothes material was challenging for Farri Aditya, but with his persistence, hard work, and cooperation with some institutions and universities for research and development, he could realize his dream creating good quality soundproof product for automotive industry and the product is the first soundproof product that could get Indonesian National Standard certificate.

Farri Aditya always thinks to reduce waste and create green environment by recycling the waste to become useful products. And in his mind, Corporate Social Responsibility is not just philanthropy but it is about how to contribute to the world in reducing waste. He also thinks about creating wealth to the community, so he decided to invite people in the surrounding area to become a collector of waste clothes so they could have more income and increase their standard of living

Overall impact

Based on the interview obviously RMA activities create a cleaner environment by reducing the waste from unused clothes. Moreover, RMA invite the surrounding community as waste collector which creates wealth for the surrounding community by selling these waste clothes. The Overall impact is to improve the wealth of surrounding community and at the same time also create a cleaner environment.

Business benefit

RMA produces soundproof products that have good quality and meet the standard of automotive industry. They sold the soundproof products to automotive company such as Toyota, Daihatsu, Suzuki, and Mitsubishi. And even now, they still get orders from these big brand company because they can produce qualified products that meet customer requirement.

RMA keeps innovating by using another waste such as coconut fiber as the raw material for soundproof products. By doing this, the business of RMA could be sustainable toward the future.

Social and environmental benefit

By using the clothes waste as raw material, the environment become cleaner. Moreover, RMA has empowered surrounding community and established wealth creation to the community.


Farri Aditya, Chief Executive of Business Development and Cooperate

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Business information

PT Rekadaya Multi Adiprima

PT Rekadaya Multi Adiprima

Bogor, West Java, ID
Year Founded: 1994
Number of Employees: 201 to 500
Clothes are one of the basic needs and people usually buy clothes not only for its function but also for fashion. When clothes are damage or out of date, naturally people will throw away and they became waste for the environment. Farri Aditya as Chief Executive of PT Rekadaya Multi Adiprima (RMA) saw the opportunity to use these waste clothes to become useful soundproof products for automotive industry. RMA obtained waste clothes by inviting the people in surrounding area to become collector and collect these waste clothes and packed into one sack. By collecting these clothes, they earned continuous income and increase their wealth.