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Creating Social Change "Superheros"

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Ashley Tonkinson

Ashley Tonkinson


Case Western Reserve University - Weatherhead School of Management

Case Western Reserve University - Weatherhead School of Management


Ron Fry

Ron Fry

Global Goals

1. No Poverty 2. Zero Hunger 3. Good Health and Well-Being 4. Quality Education 5. Gender Equality

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One conversation with a team member from The Sheridan Group (TSG) can leave you feeling capable of becoming a social change superhero who can make this world a better place. The feeling is not fleeting, either. TSG inspires people to recognize that bold, innovative ideas have greater possibility to transform our world when the idea is partnered with an authentic conviction for a cause, the courage to advocate for systemic social change and having rigorous, steadfast discipline in fulfilling a strategy to achieve this change.

TSG was founded in 1991 by Tom Sheridan with the mission that the "world will be a more livable place when the interests of the common good get the representation they deserve in the halls of government." Clients partner with TSG for their innovative expertise in policy development and legislative strategy, political engagement, advocacy training, strategic planning, coalition building and management, budget and appropriations. Some of the key client partners of TSG include the ONE Campaign, Save the Children, Benetech and National Multiply Sclerosis foundation.

TSG’s partnerships and dedication to transform actions that are “done for a good cause” into “helping the good do better” are innovative trademarks of the firm. TSG works together with their clients to imagine bold possibilities to improve equality and quality of life for communities worldwide. While they are thought leaders in inspiring solution-based possibilities, they are also resourceful, deliberate and disciplined in formulating strategies to achieve these bold dreams. Another key trademark of TSG is the humility it displays in being a part of these exciting initiatives with its clients. Team members at TSG consider it a great honor to work with the minds and hearts of their client partners. TSG is humbled by the trust their clients demonstrate in inviting the company to join the effort to address deep rooted systemic issues, transforming communities toward more equality and increased opportunities.


TSG’s consulting services open the minds and hearts of people to transition their passion for a particular cause into disciplined action and advocacy efforts that result in legislative support to initiate positive change. Government lobbying and encouraging philanthropy and non-profit groups to transition from a 501c(3) designation to a 501c(4) to gain more legislative influence is one example of how TSG helps its client partners take strides in making a positive systemic impact on communities they serve.

Team members at TSG are skilled in their craft and innovation is at the forefront of their strategy when working with their client partners. TSG is focused and nimble to identify and embrace the root cause, purpose and passion behind the work being done by its clients. TSG’s work with the ONE campaign, for example, originated with ONE's deep desire to fight against extreme poverty and hunger. TSG has an extraordinary agility to invest time to research the detailed landscape of the systemic issues their clients want to address, while boldly offering strategic vision and pathways to accomplish the desired outcome. TSG will organize efforts, not simply to make a dent or to offer a contribution, but to attack an issue head-on with action including political engagement and advocacy training to implement sustained, desired change to eliminate issues from existence. TSG is an excellent example on how to use innovative political strategy, advocacy and strategy to offer long-term solutions to the 17 UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

Creating Social Change "Superheros"


The Sheridan Group inspires businesses and individuals to see themselves as the social change agent. As Tom Sheridan shared, team members of the TSG do not shrink away from challenges. They rise to understand the need of the client, and are dedicated to organizing solutions to help their client partners achieve sustaining positive social change and opportunity in the communities they serve.

Overall impact

TSG’s partnerships have made excellent strides in producing social change including fighting poverty and hunger (the ONE campaign and the Children’s Aid Society), providing children with opportunities in education and accessibility to healthcare (Save the Children) as well as protecting people from toxic chemicals (Center for Environmental Health).

Business benefit

TSG uses its expertise in advocacy training, knowledge of legislative processes and a disciplined business strategy to “help the good do better.” They imagine unchartered possibilities with their clients to both contribute to and solve the kinds of gnarly social issues that other organizations might find too daunting to approach.

Social and environmental benefit

TSG is investing time to help its client partners to become social change agents and directly influence international systemic change through legislative strategy and advocacy actions to address several of the issues recognized among the 17 Global Goals.


Tom Sheridan, President

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Business information

The Sheridan Group

The Sheridan Group

Washington, DC, US
Year Founded: 1991
Number of Employees: 2 to 10
The Sheridan Group has been honored to partner with some of the most thoughtful, bold and dedicated social change leaders of our time. Our clients include international and domestic nonprofit organizations, philanthropic organizations, social enterprises and corporations that are pursuing new strategies to help their communities and improve their triple bottom line- social, environmental, and financial. Most often these strategies involve the powerful lever of public policy. As a small firm, our team bring passion, creativity, tenacity, and superior strategic skills to develop and implement cutting-edge strategies to advance our clients’ goals. (From