Create a Platform of Art and Spiritual Business

Chu's Fine Arts & Tibetan Antiques

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Innovations - Transformation via Tao "a road"

In the market, uniqueness has become a necessary factor for every company to survive. In fact, behind every enterprise, there is a hidden humanity. You need to know your own uniqueness, understand your own value, and understand the needs of others, just like helping others, use your own resources to help everyone's needs, and use your meaning to infect and nourish others' lives. Everyone has a different path. Perhaps the company is going to be a medium for everyone to get better and better, so that every guest has more to get out of their last good road.


Ko Yu Sum

Ko Yu Sum


Gratia Christian College

Gratia Christian College


Shirley M C Yeung

Shirley M C Yeung


Since the 1990s, Ms. Chu has cultivated her clients' knowledge of antiques with the spirit of entrepreneurship, the best listeners and the best sales people. Developing a sustainable lifestyle allows her to see a bigger world with a down-to-earth feeling and returns.

Create a Platform of Art and Spiritual Business


The six key elements of Ms. Chu’s new business model are:

1) Change awareness in a dynamic business environment;

2) Explore the inner self and follow the flow of passion;

3) Integrate yourself into a new perspective through the adventure of open minds;

4) Address the challenges of innovation and the creation of network diversity;

5) Recreate the meaning of life for yourself and others; and

6) Identify new elements into existing or new products/services.

Overall impact

Integrating living elements and cycles into products/services is the future of sustainable business for accommodation and appreciation of sustainable lifestyles and ways of working.

Business benefit

Economic Benefits

According to Schaubroeck and Rugani (2017), the main objective of sustainability assessment is to assess the impact of systems (such as humans or natural systems) or areas that seek protection and maintenance. These are called Areas of Protection (AoP). (p. 1464) They also mentioned that human well-being is considered to be the main content of AoP (page 1466). They emphasize the similar needs of Steen and Palander (2016) for basic human thoughts and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), such as nutrition and love. (p. 1467).

Social and environmental benefit

Social and Community Impacts

In an interview with Ms. Chu, people found that in the high rent, competitive business environment and advanced technology and new perspectives, the business of selling traditional antiques may be disrupted. In the need to maintain business and participate in commercial marketing and management, the financial, legal, and art communities in Central Hong Kong can create a true self-platform through human-touched healing services.


Ms. Sally Chu, CEO

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Chu's Fine Arts & Tibetan Antiques

Hong Kong, Hong Kong, CN

Business Website:

Year Founded: 20

Number of Employees: 2 to 10

In Asia, business operations are always focused on 4M - manpower, machinery, methods and materials with 7P - products / services, locations, prices, promotions, processes, personnel and physical evidence to attract new customers, retain existing customers and explore potential customers . Management rarely actively establishes connections with networks created at different times by understanding the core flows. Understanding the networks you create and the needs of your employees through empathy and new perspectives can help you gain insight into reinventing new business models to sustain and grow. This can be shown at Sally Chu's (Chu's Fine Arts & Tibetan Antiques.)

Ms. Chu said: "The sharing process in life can gain insight." When dealing with treatment services in her network, she encountered different cases and found that she was developing from an art career to a passionate treatment.

“The challenge is solved through exploration and emptiness,” Ms. Chu stressed.