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Global Goals

5. Gender Equality 9. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure 12. Responsible Consumption and Production 17. Partnerships for the Goals

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Ad Victoriam Solutions is a consulting company that helps companies reach their full potential. They are a certified B Corp and practice being socially responsible and a great workplace.


Ad Victoriam Solutions helps businesses reach their full potential. Their consultants give advice and strategies that help maximize the utility of all of the companies resources. Ad Victoriam believes that no goal is ever unattainable, and they do what they can to help them reach it. They work a lot in helping companies overcome roadblocks in technology and production. Technology is always changing, and Ad Victoriam has employees and consultants that can help someone change their ways accordingly.

Ad Victoriam also has a very inclusive workplace. My interviewee spoke extremely high of her job and spoke of how gender equality was one of the SDGs that she felt represented Ad Victoriam. A happy workplace is typically more productive, which contributes to Ad Victoriam's success even more. This company strives to give back to the community and to businesses that need consulting. They also have allocations that allow employees to do volunteer work while working.

Consulting Solutions


Ad Victoriam strives to be socially responsible. Through their consultations, they help businesses be the best they can be. They believe that there is no goal that is not attainable. Their goal is to help a company reach any goal they want, and go above and beyond from there. They help businesses maximize the utility of their resources and production.

Ad Victoriam also works with B corps or soon-to-be B corps. They want to help other companies become more socially responsible, or even become a B Corp. They also work with non-profit organizations and sometimes offer them a discounted rate. They work to maintain an establishment that is socially responsible and is a great place to work. In doing this, it benefits all that is associated with the country while offering help to anyone that wants to better their company or become more socially responsible.

Overall impact

Ad Victoriam has both short-term and long-term effects through its innovation. One of the short-term effects is being attractive to employees. Ad Victoriam allows employees to do certain amounts of volunteer work while they are working. Another short-term effect is drawing more business by doing well at what they do. Some of these short-term effects can also be long-term effects if you look at them from a more complex and in-depth perspective.

One of the long-term effects is that through being socially responsible and having happy employees, they will develop a good reputation. Employees from this organization get to volunteer doing work they want to do while also benefitting the community and the company. Doing this will benefit the organizations that they choose to volunteer in. It will also allow others to see how this company benefits its employees, and make them want to join the team. A good reputation and having happy employees are key factors in a company's long-term success.

Business benefit

Ad Victoriam has a great workplace. My interviewee spoke very highly of it, mentioning how gender equality was an SDG that described them well. A workplace that is happy and inclusive is very important. Happy employees tend to be more productive, and also gives them a reason to want to come to work. This sense of motivation can give some reasoning behind Ad Victoriam's success.

The well-being of their employees is most definitely valued significantly. Some of the benefits that are offered to the employees are great. These attractive benefits will likely continue to draw in more employees. These benefits also make them much different from other companies and allow them to be involved in society while working. The value of the employees’ wellbeing will continue to keep employees inclusive.

Social and environmental benefit

Ad Victoriam has been a company for more than six years. They give back to the community by being socially responsible and doing volunteer work. The thought of being able to contribute to the company's social responsibility by doing volunteer work and working with other B Corps is very appealing to many employees. This attractiveness will keep their business afloat and will allow them to continue to work with other companies to make them better. Through these consultations, maybe other companies will also want to become more socially responsible like Ad Victoriam.

Through Ad Victoriam's work, they meet several of the SDGs. One of them is responsible consumption and production. Many employees work from home, and all they need for their job is their computer. This helps minimalize the number of goods used. They also take pride in their partnerships for their goals. They often work with other B Corps.


Kinsey Robinson, MuleSoft Developer

Business information

Ad Victoriam Solutions

Ad Victoriam Solutions

Alpharetta, GA, US
Year Founded: 2015
Number of Employees: 51 to 200
Ad Victoriam Solutions is a consulting company. They help companies overcome barriers on their road to success.