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This company is dedicated to giving executive training to companies in an innovative way and with benefits not only for companies but also for the personal life of each worker who attends, opening their perspective and creating new scenarios that help them grow and see things in a positive way.


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Elizabeth Rangel, Founder and Executive Director of B Global Business Solutions has a master's degree in Labor Psychology, Finance, and Human Talent and has more than 15 years of providing consultancies within the market being recognized for her professionalism and dedication.

B Global was born from the need to improve the capacities of the human talent that works within companies. For this reason, different companies seek to provide seminars and training to identify the areas of ​​the company that need more improvement, so they can work together and provide the necessary knowledge so that employees know what skills are necessary for their job development.

Currently B Global conducts seminars and training in companies within different countries of Latin America.

Whether in person or virtually, their main interest is to share knowledge so that activities within companies are as expected and that employees are able to exploit their potential.

B Global maintains the ability to adapt to the changes that occur every day within a changing society, therefore, it has the ability to provide training to whoever requests it, from automotive companies, such as pharmaceutical companies, meaning that it has the ability to impact a greater number of people.

Consulting for quality work


For Elizabeth, her main inspiration is her family.

But, in addition, the company seeks to continue spreading its knowledge in a way that manages to create a positive change within people, so that they exploit their capabilities and continue to improve in their work, as well as personal life.

"When I started with this project I did it thinking that I would touch some people, but I didn't think that many. Life has given me the opportunity to touch different ways of thinking, different levels of knowledge, from someone who finished elementary school to someone who already has a Master's degree, and to be able to sow a personal benefit in each person. I didn't think I was going to do it, but people have told me and they have shown me and they have been attentive to what I can continue to contribute ”.

"My purpose is: To touch people for their benefit, to make them better human beings" - Elizabeth Rangel.

Overall impact

The impact of B Global is to make people know their capabilities and implement them to be better human beings every day.

Within the organizations in which he has had the opportunity to carry out training, he seeks to teach the collaborators the areas in which they can improve so that the service and the final product that will be offered to consumers are of better quality.

In addition, it provides the opportunity for employees to understand what their capabilities are and how to implement them so that the work they do within the organization is as expected.

The company seeks to provide knowledge so that whoever has the opportunity to receive it, implements it in their daily life so that they can perform their activities in the best way, and with this improve as a person every day.

Business benefit

Every day, more people and more companies are requesting the services of B Global. In this way, a benefit is created because it manages to make itself known as a company and provide knowledge to a greater number of people.

Its mission is: Support clients with comprehensive solutions to boost their development.

While their vision is: To be recognized as the most efficient business service providers to solve practical management problems.

This means that your company continues to grow and obtain benefits while more and more people and more organizations have the opportunity to implement the knowledge provided in the seminars in such a way that a greater number of people will have the opportunity to improve based on their capabilities.

Social and environmental benefit

Within this scope, it can be explained that the necessary knowledge is provided so that the people who have the opportunity to attend the seminars obtain a greater knowledge of how to use their abilities to improve as a person every day.

Similarly, within its impact, B Global even provides free training so that knowledge is shared even if you do not have the opportunity to make full payments for the service.

This means that the main reason for the company is to provide knowledge and ensure that more people have the ability to improve every day and be better human beings, to improve the capabilities of future generations.


Elizabeth Rangel Martinez, Chief Executive Officer

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BGlobal Business Solutions

BGlobal Business Solutions

Veracruz, Veracruz, MX

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Year Founded: 2010

Number of Employees: 51 to 200

Provide consulting and training to companies so that employees have the ability to improve their work within the company, and can develop in a better professional way.