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At 4:30 a.m., the lights turn on at Momentum Thibodaux CrossFit as a day of community, fitness, and fun will ensue until 7:30 p.m. David and Katherine Elias had envisioned a place for the small town of Thibodaux, Louisiana where members from all walks of life could join together in their fitness journey. The ultimate goal of Momentum is to make everyone who walks through the door a healthier person. Not only physically, but mentally as well.


Chris Duet

Chris Duet


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Nicholls State University


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Christopher Castille


The innovation that guides Momentum Thibodaux CrossFit is the values that it was founded on and that have ultimately lead to the tight-knit community it is today. David Elias, an orthopedic surgeon, had been doing CrossFit in a town nearby and thought it would be something that could really thrive in the Thibodaux area. From there, he got with a group of doctors at the hospital where he worked and asked if they would like to invest. The doctors agreed and Momentum Thibodaux CrossFit was born. David Elias M.D. was the head of operations, Nick Sorrel M.D. set up programming and the structure of the gym, Mike Ory did taxes and payroll, and Katherine Elias got people in the door. Jason Higgins M.D., Johnny Hildenbrand M.D., and Patrick Ellender M.D. were all silent partners that invested in the gym. As the gym was owned by a group of doctors, the goal was not for any financial gain, but to build a gym that would foster a sense of community and make people want to better themselves. It was the these dedicated doctors’ mission to give back to the area that has given them so much. Katherine Elias further explained this saying, “the owners and employees have found a sense of pride in guiding members through their fitness journey… in other words, not for the monetary gain, but for the mental gain of knowing you’ve helped someone reach their goals.”

Community, Companionship, CrossFit


The original idea for Momentum Thibodaux CrossFit came about through David Elias’s prior experience at a CrossFit gym in a nearby town. David saw the benefits that CrossFit could potentially provide to the Thibodaux area. His initial leap of faith in opening the gym has ultimately turned into something bigger than he could have ever imagined. As an orthopedic surgeon, David knows the importance of keeping one’s body active and moving. David, as well as the other doctor owners, now can truly say they practice what they preach. It further establishes their credibility as healthcare leaders in the area. Another vast part of the innovation that makes Momentum so great is the number of healthcare professionals that are in the gym on a daily basis. Besides the owners, Momentum’s membership rolls are filled with physical therapists, family doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses, dermatologists, and dentists. This means that, while injuries are bound to happen from time to time at a gym, when they do there is almost always someone on sight that can tend to it immediately. This is a huge part of what makes Momentum Thibodaux CrossFit so unique.

Overall impact

Momentum Thibodaux CrossFit has made a positive impact on the Thibodaux area since opening four and a half years ago. There have been numerous success stories of members who have lost a good bit of weight, lowered their blood pressure, or were able to get off medications they depended on. Momentum has not only had an impact on members physically but mentally as well. Every day, people come to the gym to get a well-deserved break from their hectic daily lives at work or school. Alex Tucker, a member, stated,

“Momentum has been almost like therapy to me… it’s a place where I can take a break and not have to think about anything else for that one hour of my day. I walk through the doors and am greeted by my friends every day and nothing brings a smile to my face more than that.”

It’s almost as if everyone at Momentum is a family. It is a judgment-free zone, where the last person to finish their workout gets the most and loudest cheers. At Momentum, everyone knows your name; you’ll never workout alone; and you’ll always be supported. Each day, when members walk in the door they are a step closer to where they want to be. The long-term effect of this innovation is the lasting impact that Momentum has on the community, as a place where people can tackle fitness from a whole new perspective. Katherine Elias says, “It’s about focusing a life around health, not just working out. There is a bigger goal for everyone, and it must be something they can stick to consistently in order to make lasting changes in their life.”

Business benefit

The community aspect of Momentum Thibodaux CrossFit benefits the business by bringin in and retaining customers. Momentum has created an atmosphere that fosters friendship, fitness, and excellence. By doing this, they no longer have to spend any money on advertising. Members and employees are so confident in the gym that they spread by word of mouth what a great place it is. It has truly created a buzz around Thibodaux, Louisiana, and it doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.

Social and environmental benefit

Momentum benefits society by putting on their annual “Liftathon” in honor of one of its former owners, Mike Ory, who lost the battle to cancer shortly after opening the gym. When Mike Ory became very ill, Jason Higgins, also an owner, wanted to help raise money for Mike’s medical bills. He did an iron man to raise as much money as he could. Being the selfless person that Mike was, he refused to accept the money. This then started the Mike Ory foundation which raises money to help fund cancer patient’s medical bills and traveling expenses. Momentum now puts on a “Liftathon” every year to raise money for the Mike Ory foundation. The first year was so successful that it raised $21,740 in one morning, and it has continued to raise more and more every year. Mike Ory is still very special to the community, and he wanted to help other people in need more than anything.


Katherine Elias, Owner/Manager

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Momentum Thibodaux CrossFit

Momentum Thibodaux CrossFit

Thibodaux, LA, US

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Year Founded: 2014

Number of Employees: 11 to 50

Momentum Thibodaux CrossFit provides Thibodaux, Louisiana with a place where members of the community can gather together daily to reach their fitness goals. A closer look into the foundation of Momentum reveals why it is truly so extraordinary.