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Global Goals

5. Gender Equality 8. Decent Work and Economic Growth 9. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure 12. Responsible Consumption and Production 17. Partnerships for the Goals

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The innovation for Amavida Coffee is to allow the workers in the coffee bean farms a living wage. There is also promotion of programs that help educate the local populations about issues such as sexual assault education. Lastly, Amavida has net-zero carbon emissions and they are plastic neutral across all of their operations.


Amavida Coffee was established in 2004 out of the home of Dan and Sally Bailey. The intent of the creation of Amavida Coffee wasn’t to just sell good coffee. Their plan was to connect coffee producers in many different countries. These coffee bean producers gave jobs to the locals which allowed the local economy to flourish. For some of these producers, Amavida’s teams would set up “mega runs” where women runners would run marathons all around the region to support the gender equity programs. These runs would raise money for these programs while also placing a spotlight on these programs. Amavida also has many partnerships to support many different programs such as sexual assault education programs and women equity programs. By partnering with these groups, Amavida helps spread the news of the programs provided and helps to bring these programs to nations around the world that desperately need them.

This company embraces five of the UN Sustainable Development Goals while also selling coffee. They achieve gender equality by supporting women equity programs around the world. Net-zero carbon emissions allow them to embrace the Responsible Consumption and Production SDG. They follow the Industry Innovation and Infrastructure by supporting local regions across the globe and creating “mega runs” to raise money for the local programs. They embrace the Decent Work and Economic Growth SDG by providing good pay for women and men, equally as well as including persons with disabilities. Finally, they follow the Partnership for the Goals SDG because they increase exports of the developing countries who provide the coffee beans for the company.

Coffee for the People


The inspiration for Amavida Coffee began, as Dan Bailey describes it, as “a journey to find out what I was supposed to do rather than what I wanted to do”. After working in a corporate business, Dan found his job to no longer fulfill his drive to do good in the world. All of his material needs were met by his previous company, though his purpose in the world, he felt, was lacking. Dan looked to many different organizations such as the Red Cross but felt these routes were not what he was interested in. Dan went looking for organizations on the import side that had the right relationships started. His wife, Sally Bailey, was also along with the decision to “jump off the high dive”. The company is an impact company, willing to find solutions for issues abroad.

Overall impact

The innovation of Amavida Coffee benefits more than just the business alone. By partnering with producers across the globe, Amavida brings in some of the best coffee beans to sell for a profit. The business allows people of any gender and any disability to work in a safe and fair environment. The wage for these employees is above the local living wages, allowing these employees not to have to worry about working multiple jobs to provide for themselves and their families.

The innovation Amavida brought to society can be seen across the globe. The producers located in the many countries become connections for Amavida and their partnerships to bring in programs to help their society. Programs such as sexual assault education are supported by events created through Amavida and their partnerships. Amavida also provides a living income for the farmworkers who provide the coffee beans and any other resources needed for production. The buying price minimum is set at $2.75/lb FOB, allowing these farms to make more profits eventually turning all back to the local economy.

Amavida does everything they can to minimize their impact on the environment. They have net-zero carbon emissions and they are plastic neutral across their operations. Amavida encourages sustainable agriculture with all of their partner farms which spreads their sustainability reach to all of the different countries Amavida works out of. Amavida is partnered with Arcadia Power to purchase renewable energy credits and offset their energy usage.

Business benefit

This innovation Amavida has established has allowed them to reach different parts of the world, spreading their name to many different countries. The word-of-mouth advertising is free for Amavida and is very effective because the information is backed with positive comments about sustainability.

Social and environmental benefit

Amavida’s innovation brings many different partnerships and programs to many different parts of the world that are in desperate need of help, such as sexual assault education. By spreading the positive word of Amavida’s impact on these outside countries, shows other businesses how they can also reach these countries to help where help is needed. Amavida’s environmental impact has net-zero carbon emissions which is a way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and smog. The plastic neutrality Amavida provides across their operations helps keep plastic waste out of our oceans and environments across the globe. Finally, offsetting their energy usage by purchasing renewable energy credits allows Amavida to give back to our world by using less nonrenewable energy, and more renewable energy.


Dan Bailey, Owner and CEO

Amavida Coffee

Santa Rosa Beach, US
Business Website:
Year Founded: 2004
Number of Employees: 11 to 50

Amavida Coffee is an ethical and sustainable coffee roaster company that provides dignifying wages to farmers, generates a net-zero impact on our environment, and provides a path for communities to thrive. This company can be found serving five of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.