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#kedieveimadoreden (mycathousefromadore) is a project carried out by Adore Furniture and pet lovers thorugh out Turkey to make sure the cats on the streets can have a shelter through out the winter. The main purpose of this project is to provide maximum benefit for both the company and alley cats by recycling the damaged or returned products of the company.


Şahin Okan Kartal

Şahin Okan Kartal

Akın Aksen

Akın Aksen


Ankara Yildirim Beyazit University

Ankara Yildirim Beyazit University


Semih Ceyhan

Semih Ceyhan


Many years ago they maufactured few cat houses to provide shelter for the cats living in and around their manufacturing plant. Through out the years these cat houses became so popular among their staff and their friends and families. They started to get many requests from animal shelters, municipalities, NGOs and such. So they began to think on a more organised and detailed project that can be an answer to the needs of all these people and organisations that care about animals without any shelter during harsh winter times. Earlier, they mentioned about the importance of avoiding scrap and waste during their manufacturing process. Wood based partical board makes up the biggest potion of their inputs. During manufacturing process or during delivery and assembly these boards can get damaged. Due to their high quality and customer care standards they cannot use boards with even negligable damages. They never let these parts be packed to reach to their end customers.

This project belongs to all Adore Furniture family. R&D, Manufacturing, Project & Planning, Packing, Warehouse & Delivery, Call Center, Online & Social Media etc. all their staff is doing a great job. They are working with devotion, joy, passion and big satisfaction. They bring together all these left over parts through out the year and spend a minimum of two months to manufacture these cat houses while they carry on their standard manufacturing and responsibilities. All their staff contributes to this project with their ideas, hard work, and most importantly with their passion and devotion.

It is truly unacceptable to disregard the environment and their surroundings while operating a factory or managing a company. Especially a factory of their size. Adore Furniture cares for their environment and doing their best to make sure that the coming generations will have better world to live in. No matter how much the cost is they only use the boards manufactured from controlled forests and they only use safe and nature friendly raw materials.

Their main materials are materials that specially produced for industrial purposes. They love forests as much as they love cats. For this reason, we can clearly see that this project is suitable for the "life on land" goal of UN SDG.

Cat House Project

Cat House


Before this project, they used to collect all these damaged parts as well as the scraps to be sold out. However, since they started this project they decided not to sell these parts any more and use them to manufacture cat houses as much as they can. Also they began to use the returned products from online sales that are damaged during cargo delivery or returned from the customers due to certain reasons. They truly believed that cat house projects can become a much bigger project and shared this idea through out Turkey with an online campaign. Every year they are manufacturing thousands of cat houses and distributing them for low cost. Until today they have manufactured of thousands cat houses and shared with animal lovers through out the country. In animal lovers, they paid great attention to these cat houses made at very reasonable prices and bought them.

All of their managers and workers are always motivated to care for their environment, their nature, their country and of course our world. They always think about a way to be more beneficial to their surroundings and create an awareness, especially a social awareness that can change the way factories and companies operate. Their biggest motivation behind this project is to support the street animals' life. They believe that they should do all they can to achieve this. Their aim is to create a sustainable project that can help to create a safer place for these street animals such as cats. In essence, they hope to make this project an example to all factories and the business world, to create an awareness on how businesses can really make a difference in the lives of these street animals with just a small devotion. They think what they are doing is an outstanding example.

Overall impact

In short term, through the support and contribution of countless animal lovers from all over the country they mangaed to deliver thousands of houses to cats and helped them to live in a safety during the cold winter times. This project is a true example of what can be achieved through respecting their environment and surroundings. If so they can achieve a lot. They can do many good things.

In the long term, they believe they could become an example of how factories and companies can also care about social responsibility but not just care for profitability. They tried to set up an example that businesses can care about street animals as much as they care about their customer. They hope they could manage to create this awareness. They are seeing that this project has created attention in many other parts of the world via social media coverage. They are getting many positive feedback and support messages from different countries. They believe this project is just one stone dropped in to the lake. The waves will follow.

Business benefit

With this innovation, the company became more recognizable. Their reputation has risen throughout the country and in many places around the world. They have been a Trend Topic many times in Twitter. This had also been a very successful PR study for them. As a result, their worldwide reputation rose. Many national and international media organizations interviewed them. This brought them to a very good place in their image.

In addition, thanks to these cat houses, which were formed from damaged or returned materials, they both made some profit in financial terms and used these hard-to-use products again for a good job. These products, which are sold at reasonable prices, were also purchased by thousands of people. In this way, the company communicated better with many people and gained new consumer profiles thanks to its rising image. These new consumers, who knew the company with this project, bought new products from them and increased the sales of other products. In this sense, this project has been a complete win-win project for them.

Social and environmental benefit

Thanks to this innovation, many people have became aware of this issue. This project has initiated a beautiful movement. Many people and many platforms mentioned these projects and helped to spread it. Especially those little kids painting these houses with their love and turning these boxes into a real home for cats. No words can describe this.

Of course, the most important beneficiaries here are street cats because thousands of them have had the chance to stay in these homes. They were saved from freezing during the cold winter months. With this project, they had the opportunity to live in a healthier environment. In short, street cats are undoubtedly the most benefited and happiest winners of this project.


Mustafa Kemal Kayalar, Interview About Cat House Project

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