Business Development in Family Empowerment


1. No Poverty 3. Good Health and Well-Being 4. Quality Education 8. Decent Work and Economic Growth 17. Partnerships for the Goals


The innovation of this business are the products itself and the marketing strategy to get business continuity.

In term of products, the company has developed a type of herbs that can be consumed routinely by people such as coffee and tea. In term of the marketing strategy, the company empowers families as reliable agents in selling company products.


rosihan anwar

rosihan anwar


IPMI International Business School

IPMI International Business School


Amelia Naim Indrajaya

Amelia Naim Indrajaya


In order to get profits, HNI-HPAI developed an innovative business model by empowering families. The family is the target to be shaped as marketing agents of HNI-HPAI products. Family became the star of the advertising model for all HNI-HPAI products without the need for promotions through television and other paid advertising media. In general, conventional business models rely on paid media for promotional activities and other marketing strategies and use the services of famous people as advertising models. In this business, the company does not expect marketing costs to be issued and enjoyed by a handful of paid media and advertising models. HNI-HPAI utilize the family as a promoter media. The costs of promotion and marketing are given to those who are able to sell HNI-HPAI products consistently and grow in the form of bonuses.

In the beginning, this business only produced various kinds of herbs, where the raw materials came from plants that are widely available in Indonesia such as tea, soursop leaves, aloe vera, green grass jelly etc. Currently, in order to maintain business sustainability, the products produced by HNI-HPAI are not only products that are limited to herbs. Some of the latest products developed are in the form of household products that are often used everyday such as toothpaste, bath soap, shampoo and detergent. In addition, the development of HNI-HPAI products has also expanded to cosmetic products, agricultural products, livestock, plantations which are made from raw herbs materials, and fashion as well.

Business Development in Family Empowerment


This business model is one real example where corporate social responsibility in community empowerment, especially families, is part of the company's strategy to grow sustainably. Companies create families that are aware of healthy lifestyles and develop them to be business people. Housewives who previously did not have activities other than housework, could easily become agents of HNI-HPAI products to participate in developing family independence in the economic field. They do not have to think about what products to sell, think about the production process, and invest in their production equipment.

In addition to family empowerment, the choice of products marketed in this business is a good product to consume, namely herbs where this product can be an alternative compared to buying chemical medicines from pharmacies or hospitals. This business is easy to implement by the family. They only need to sell in the market, actively socialize the products and conduct healthy lifestyle campaigns.

Overall impact

No Poverty, Good Health, Quality Education, Good Jobs and Economic Growth and Partnership for The Goals are some of the goals that can be achieved in this business. The company can develop together with the family, or vice versa the family can develop together with the company. Business has positive implications for the sustainability of the company and the independence of the community in terms of health and economic independence.

Business benefit

Good business offers a profitable and sustainable business opportunity. Usually, business opportunities are not only seen in terms of the value of money, but also the opportunity for great success in the future, such as the answering the issue of sustainability. Reasonable costs and easy work methods can be a good business model to be expanded to various regions even internationally. By developing a business model that empowers families as agents who sell the products, companies get benefit from minimum labor costs because they do not need these family agents to become their labor which will translate into the company's production costs. HNI-HPAI products are affordable products with great benefits but not low quality, making it easy for companies to compete in the herbs market and household daily products. The benefit for the family itself is the availability of opportunities for them to do business with small capital, low risk, flexible time, products that are ready to sell, and getting a free mentor.

Social and environmental benefit

The goal of the HNI-HPAI business is to make a healthy family, in an easy way, at a low cost, with good products starting at home. The HNI-HPAI business model is different from conventional business models. Where conventional business applies to get as much profit as possible with capital as low as possible, the HNI-HPAI business aims to provide the widest possible benefits to business partners. The business partners are those who initially started as individual consumers / families then become agents of HNI-HPAI products themselves.

The key word in this business is empowerment where the target is the family. There are two fields that are empowered from the family potential, namely the health and economic fields. Those who become partners both at the level of ordinary consumers or have become entrepreneurs are given insights not only about the herb products themselves but about how to have a healthy lifestyle. Families become skilled in the health sector. As for economic empowerment, consumers are given insight and even "forced" about how to become tough entrepreneurs. With this concept of empowerment, it is expected to create as many families as possible who care about health and passionately empower as many people as possible around them so as to create social economic independence.


Zulchaidir B. Firly Ramly, S.Si

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Jakarta, Jakarta, ID

Business Website:

Year Founded: 2012

Number of Employees: 1001 to 5000

HNI-HPAI, Herba Penawar AlWahida Indonesia, is a network marketing business originating from Indonesia, and has now expanded to various countries in ASEAN and Asia. The big idea of this business is creating health conscious individuals and families by changing their lifestyles through healthy consumption patterns and making herbs as a preventative need to prevent disease. In this business, the Company not only attracts as many consumers as possible, but the value of them. Individuals or families, become formidable business agents, so they can also attract consumers not only to be loyal consumers but more to be reshaped as tough new entrepreneurs as well. With such a big business idea, the company hopes to create a large community that has a healthy lifestyle and has independent incomes from those who sell HPAI products.