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Philippine Wacoal Corporation is at the forefront of sustainable innovation with its proactive Bra Recycling campaign, which addresses environmental consciousness and responsible consumption. This initiative not only aligns with UN Sustainable Development Goal #12 but also reflects the company's commitment to meeting multiple SDGs, including Good Health (SDG #3) and Partnerships for Goals (SDG #17), through the Keep Abreast Campaign.

In addition to promoting eco-friendly practices, the Bra Recycling campaign tackles the often-overlooked issue of proper undergarment disposal. Bras, composed of fabric, plastic, and metal, present a challenge for traditional recycling centers due to their intricate composition. As they lose elasticity over time, the difficulty in disposing of bras responsibly exacerbates their environmental impact. By transforming old bras into Fluff Fuel and supporting breast cancer awareness through partnerships with non-profit organizations, Philippine Wacoal Corporation pioneers a holistic and sustainable approach to both environmental and health-related challenges.


Launched a decade ago, Wacoal’s Bra Recycling campaign has evolved into a transformative force in responsible consumption and environmental consciousness. The initiative encourages customers to deposit old bras at any Wacoal stand-alone store, regardless of the brand. These undergarments are transported to Cebu and recycled into Fluff Fuel. This innovative solution replaced traditional coal in cement production, resulting in a significant reduction in environmental impact.

Ms. Ann Christine Palisoc, Philippine Wacoal’s President, notes, “...we try to minimize our impact on the environment by trying to help out in the disposal of these merchandise.” The initiative has expanded over the years, extending the collection period to three months and reaching regions across Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. Addressing the common issue of unwanted and worn-out undergarments, the campaign not only promotes responsible consumption but also significantly contributes to reducing the culture of passing on undergarments within families. Ms. Palisoc also shared, “...what we learned actually, there’s a culture of passing on underwear to any family members or a household helper as long as it is still useful.” The initiative tackles environmental concerns and challenges societal norms, promoting a more conscious approach to undergarment use.

In addition, the Keep Abreast campaign, focusing on breast cancer awareness, involves partnerships with non-profit organizations such as Gift2Life and Soroptimist. Through regular seminars and medical outreach, Wacoal provides financial and workforce support for breast screening initiatives. Ms. Palisoc stressed the importance of early detection and debunking misconceptions about breast cancer, noting the positive impact of these efforts on individuals within the community.

Bra-Vo to Eco

Supporting More Than Just The Bust


“The inspiration behind the bra recycling campaign is the reduction of waste coming from the products that we sell or what we produce.” — Ms. Palisoc, Philippine Wacoal Corporation President.

The campaign stems from a desire to go beyond the confines of the Wacoal brand, actively encouraging women to contribute without brand restrictions. The company acknowledges the cultural practice of passing on underwear within families and aims to address the environmental impact of non-biodegradable components in these items.

“Breasts are very close to our hearts because that is also our line of business.” — Ms. Palisoc, Philippine Wacoal Corporation President.

The Keep Abreast initiative is a response to the societal impact of breast cancer, aligning with Wacoal’s commitment to making a positive difference and supporting breast cancer awareness. In addition, one of the goals is to dispel misconceptions, provide moral support, and empower women to detect and address breast cancer at an early stage.

Overall impact

Based on a company survey, 61% of women prefer not to dispose of unused bras as trash, making the campaign a popular choice for environmentally conscious actions and responsible disposal. The Bra Recycling campaign has made a significant impact by promoting responsible consumption. Over a ten-year span, the initiative has evolved to address challenges, including logistical and awareness issues. Despite initial weak responses, Wacoal has gradually increased its collection periods and expanded operations across Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. The collected bras are transformed into Fluff Fuel, contributing to sustainable cement production and minimizing non-biodegradable waste.

The number of undergarments received for recycling fluctuated over the years. In 2018, Wacoal received a total of 2,727 undergarments for recycling. This number decreased slightly to 2,559 in 2019. However, during the height of the pandemic in 2020 and 2021, the number of undergarments received dramatically reduced to 284 and 500, respectively, as people were unable or hesitant to go out. The initiative saw a resurgence in 2022, with 1,584 undergarments received, followed by 1,742 in 2023, Showing a continued commitment to environmental sustainability despite external challenges.

In addition, the Keep Abreast campaign has contributed to breast cancer awareness, supporting medical outreach programs and clinical breast examinations. Although temporarily halted during the pandemic, the initiative has left lasting impacts on communities, emphasizing early detection and supporting potential patients. Wacoal’s partnership with Gift2Life and Soroptimist showcases the company’s dedication to societal well-being.

Business benefit

“Personally, it makes me proud to be a part of this company because, without these activities, it would be just regular work. But by having a different goal, it becomes more meaningful for the company to be more relevant. And in fact, although slow, the customers tend to be more loyal and proud of the company because of these efforts.”—Ms. Christine Ann Palisoc, Philippine Wacoal Corporation President.

The Bra Recycling campaign benefits the Philippine Wacoal Corporation by fostering customer loyalty and pride. The company’s commitment to environmental responsibility enhances its brand image, attracting customers who appreciate ethical and sustainable practices. While the direct revenue impact may not be significant, the campaign indirectly contributes to the company’s success by aligning with consumer values and attracting a more conscious market segment. The initiative minimizes the company’s ecological footprint and enhances its image, attracting socially conscious consumers.

Furthermore, the immediate impact of the Keep Abreast campaign is evident in the awareness it generates and the screenings it provides, contributing to early detection and improved healthcare outcomes. The campaign has been a consistent effort, even during the pandemic, showing resilience in addressing critical health issues. The long-term impact extends to fostering a culture of proactive healthcare and support for individuals facing breast cancer within the communities reached by the campaign.

Social and environmental benefit

Wacoal’s Bra Recycling initiative benefits society and the environment by promoting responsible consumer behavior and reducing textile waste. The collected bras are transformed into Fluff fuel, an eco-friendly alternative fuel in cement production. In addition, the campaign fosters a culture of responsible undergarment disposal and encourages environmental consciousness.

Furthermore, aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goal 3 and Sustainable Development Goal 17, Wacoal’s Keep Abreast campaign contributes to breast cancer awareness and support. Partnering with non-profit organizations like Gift2Life and Soroptimist, the initiative provides seminars, breast screenings, and support during medical outreach programs. Wacoal actively contributes to early detection and increased survival rates through these activities. The initiative goes beyond business interests, emphasizing the company’s role as a responsible corporate citizen dedicated to improving community health.

To continue the company’s efforts, Wacoal is set to introduce the Ecosense Collection in June 2024, featuring products made from recycled yarns. This extends their commitment to incorporating sustainable practices into product development. The company is also taking strides in sustainability by introducing uniforms made of recycled yarn. This upcoming initiative shows Wacoal’s dedication to weaving environmental consciousness into every aspect of its operations, from intimate apparel to corporate uniforms. The company aims to balance sustainability with profitability, highlighting the importance of a gradual but impactful transition.

“Our approach is still slow. We have to have that good balance of achieving sustainable efforts at the same time, still profitable to be able to afford succeeding plans... It’s not a matter of just campaigns. I mean marketing campaign has to be sustainable. The company really has to be ready and set aside a budget to support.” – Ms. Christine Ann Palisoc, Philippine Wacoal Corporation President.


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The Philippine Wacoal Corporation is a renowned lingerie manufacturer and retailer in the Philippines, specializing in high-quality undergarments for women. With a focus on comfort, style, and durability, the company offers a wide range of bras, panties, shapewear, and other intimate apparel items. Known for its innovative designs and meticulous attention to detail, Philippine Wacoal has built a reputation for providing women with products that enhance confidence and support. Through its extensive distribution network and commitment to customer satisfaction, the company has become a trusted name in the lingerie industry, catering to diverse preferences and body types.