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Black Soldier Fly to Eliminate Organic Waste

PT. Magalarva Sayana Indonesia

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Magalarva started in 2017 with a couple of youth with loads of ideas trying to change the world for the better. They discussed over how they can create a more sustainable future, and come up with several ideas. But not until they visited Jakarta’s landfill in Bantar Gebang that they know for sure that waste problem is the most urgent for us to solve.

At the landfill, they saw mountains of waste everywhere they look. And with the 7000 tons of waste that Jakarta produces everyday, it’s just going to build up more and more. As 60% of it were organic waste, their trip to the landfill drives them into researching about Black Soldier Fly (BSF). And what they have found is even better: BSF larvae are not only one of the fastest eliminator of organic waste, but they are also rich in nutrients such as essential proteins, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals which make them a sustainable alternative to tackle protein scarcity, another major problem that we need to address.


miranti.lucia Herliana

miranti.lucia Herliana


IPMI International Business School

IPMI International Business School


Amelia Naim Indrajaya

Amelia Naim Indrajaya


After learning all the facts, they know that BSF is the way to go. With the help of these flies, they aim to produce sustainable high quality animal feed, while reducing as much as organic waste from ending up in landfills all over Indonesia.

They conducted research in their lab facility for the best way to optimize this natural process, as well as creating a scalable and sustainable business model. Then in August 2018, Magalarva’s pilot facility started its BSF larvae commercial production operations.

Black Soldier Fly to Eliminate Organic Waste


Magalarva VISION

Magalarva leaders of two youth generations (Rendria Labde as Founder's and CEO Magalarva and Arunee Sarasetsiri as their CMO and Founder's) that aims to provide sustainable protein as one of the solution to increasing environmental and protein scarcity problem caused by the ever growing population, while closing the loop of consumption by eliminating organic waste build up for a more sustainable future.

Magalarva MISSION

Produce sustainable, high quality products through operational excellence and constant research and development.

Overall impact

Who involved on the research in 2017, founder's and the team in a small laboratories at Bogor region. They observe BSF (Black Soldier Fly) as one type of flies that can produce larvae with high protein and beneficial to the farmer's and fisherman's and also can eliminate the organic waste by 60%-80% from the wasteland.

Magalarva also produces : Magalarva Who Dried Maggots, Magma Organic Fertilizer, Fresh BSF Maggots and BSF Maggot Defatted Meals.


Magalarva whole dried larvae is produced from 100% Black Soldier Fly larvae biomass which are fed with pre-consumer organic side-stream. The larvae is rich in protein and can be used as raw material to substitute fish meal. Whole dried larvae can be given directly for poultry, aquaculture, ornamental fish, birds, and exotic pets as supplement, or further processed and mixed with other ingredients.


• Contain high amounts of energy, protein and essential amino acids, fatty acids, and micronutrients

• Contain natural antibiotics

• High palatability

• Promote growth

• Increase colour vibrance on ornamental fish

• High calcium : phosphorus ratio

All process is 100% natural, no chemicals added. Larvae were fed pre-consumer organic sidestream, harvested, washed, and dried.


Magalarva Organic Fertilizer is a by-product of the Black Soldier Fly larvae bioconversion process, including larvae waste and exoskeleton sheds. It has dry fine particles, with a good blend of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) as well as minerals. Suitable for crops fertilizer and soil conditioner. 100% natural, no chemicals added.


• Have bio-stimulant properties

• Facilitate plant nutrients absorption

• Increase yields and health of vegetables and fruit trees

• Improve overall soil microflora

• Contains chitin which stimulates plants to grow stronger cell walls and reinforce their structure.


Magalarva defatted BSFL meal is produced from powdered and defatted Black Soldier Fly (BSF) larvae that are very rich in protein. It is a suitable alternative for the unsustainable existing protein source which is fish meal. Best to be mixed with other components in animal or pet feed formula.


• Contain high protein and essential amino acids, fatty acids, and micronutrients

• Contain natural antibiotic properties

• Contain high calcium : phosphorus ratio

• High palatability

• Promote growth

• Hypoallergenic

All process is 100% natural, no chemicals added. Larvae were fed pre-consumer organic sidestream, harvested, washed, dried, mechanically defatted, and ground into powder.


Black Soldier Fly larvae can consume almost any kind of organic sidestream. In Magalarva they process organic sidestream such as leftover fruits and vegetables from markets, food leftover from caterings & hotels, food & beverage factory production waste, and so on. So far, they have worked with these following companies: Shangrila Hotel, Superindo, Kalbe Farma,

Business benefit


They have a partnership with markets, hotels, as well as multiple food and beverages factories — one of which is the largest chain in Indonesia ranging from milk, beer, snacks, drinks, etc. They formulated the best mix of the organic side-stream for the best result of larvae products.


They have developed an efficient production process that covers optimum food conversion rate, larvae weight multiplying rate and survival rate, as well as land and manpower efficiency. Through continuous research, they will constantly improve our process to reach operational excellence.

Social and environmental benefit

Waste Management Service

Magalarva provides an environmentally friendly waste management service which includes waste collection and waste processing using Black Soldier Fly larvae technology. Through Black Soldier Fly larvae bio-conversion, Magalarva upcycles and puts organic waste back into the food chain, resulting in a circular and sustainable solution.

Black Soldier Fly, or scientifically known as Hermetia illucens, is a type of fly that has many useful qualities. At their larvae stage, they are one of the fastest organism to consume organic waste: in a single day they can consume four times their body weight!

The harvested larvae then will be rich in proteins, fats and chitin, making it useful for the animal feed, pet food, and even pharmaceutical industry. They also contain fatty acids that have prebiotic and antibiotic effects that are good for animals. Moreover, as by-product of the waste-eating process, they produce high quality organic fertilizers with 47x less greenhouse gases emission compared to windrow composting.


Kevin, Marketing Director

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PT. Magalarva Sayana Indonesia

PT. Magalarva Sayana Indonesia

DKI Jakarta, Bogor, Indonesia, ID

Business Website:

Year Founded: 2017

Number of Employees: 11 to 50

Magalarva produces sustainable protein for animal feed by bio-converting organic sides-stream using Black Soldier Fly.

Magalarva is one of the fastest growing Black Soldier Fly protein producing company based in Indonesia. They bring organic side-stream back into the food system by bio-converting them into high quality products using Black Soldier Fly larvae. They process organic side-stream cleanly from producers such as food and beverages factories, traditional and modern markets, hotels, as well as plantations. The products range from protein for animal feed or pet food, and organic fertilizer. They are also developing other products from Black Soldier Fly derivatives, such as for chitin, insect oil, and even human food.