Beta Peduli Indonesia (Improving quality of education in rular area)

Improving Education Quality in East Indonesia area

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Building libraries in remote areas to improve the quality of knowledge of children and surrounding communities.


boby tambunan

boby tambunan


IPMI International Business School

IPMI International Business School


Amelia Naim Indrajaya

Amelia Naim Indrajaya


Building a library without government funding and involving the private sector is difficult. Asking money to philanthropy is also not a good idea for sustainability. Finally, an idea was born from a group of people who were concerned about the living conditions of people in remote areas to be able to build a library that would later be useful to improve the quality of their lives.

The way they get the money is by selling general products that are commonly used in everyday life such as bags, clothes, clothes, glasses, hats, and some household handicraft products. Not only that, another way is by holding workshops such as making tulips from patchwork, making sports activities that come from payment of entrance tickets and several other innovative activities. It is time to be creative and innovative in raising funds while promoting green and sustainable business models.

Beta Peduli Indonesia (Improving quality of education in rular area)


The leader gets inspiration when he visits one of the remote areas for a vacation. At that time he was discussing with children in the area about their educational background and what was their habit during their free time. It was found that reading was not one of their habits. When asked further, one reason is the limitations of reading material. They cannot spend much time in the school library because they have to go home when class is over to help their parents work in the fields. They are not accustomed to reading. Newspapers, magazines, storybooks are very difficult to find in the area.

Limited internet access adds to another list of lack of knowledge or information in the area. This is what makes BETA CARE feel the need to work together to build a library that can be used by the community in improving the quality of knowledge which will later have an impact on improving the quality of life.

Overall impact

The local community especially children will be very enthusiastic in welcoming the library. They participated in the building process until completion. They use the library well when reading books that are in the collection and maintaining their cleanliness. Its impact is the willingness to learn is increased and it is recognized by parents of children who actively take the time to read in the library.

Libraries also contribute to the health of individuals and the community by providing a welcoming environment where people can learn more about their condition, or how to support the people they care for, in their own time and on their own terms. Reading Well Books on Prescription, which offers self-help reading through public libraries, is just one example of how libraries can provide cost-effective support for existing services.

Business benefit

BETA PEDULI getting funds to build a library from selling souvenirs, gimmicks and dolls that are their mascots. Another way they also conduct sports training activities is by inviting experts and including registration fees if they want to join this activity. Both of these methods have proven effective in getting funding to meet the cost of building a library.

There is no service fee for building a library. Because they get support from the local government and local community organizations to help mutual cooperation. Building a library certainly costs a lot. At present the budget allocated by the government is used to build or revitalize libraries in schools, where only students at the school can enjoy these facilities. Then what about their parents who mostly never felt sitting in school when they should. The community environment, especially parents are very enthusiastic in building this library, they work together to build a library without expecting anything in return. Because they are aware and confident that with this library in the end it will be useful to improve the quality of their lives along with the knowledge they get from reading.

Social and environmental benefit

Many children spend their time reading in the library when there is free time. parents gather to discuss and ask their children what they get during reading in the library. In the end they improve the quality of their education at school and it is felt by their parents.

For parents, this is very useful for adding information related to the business or work they are undertaking by the majority of farmers and gardeners. they learn how to make business results multiply in quality and market to the right place. Selected books that are useful for local people such as how to improve the quality of crop production, how to choose a business with small capital, how to use land maximally (for example while farming can also be used to raise livestock), how to manage employees in a fun and can produce productive performance. The selection of the right books is one of the reasons why people ultimately want to visit and even spend time reading in the library.

All levels of society benefit from the existence of libraries as adding information to improve the quality of their lives.


Ollies Rope, Founder Beta Peduli Indonesia

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Improving Education Quality in East Indonesia area

Improving Education Quality in East Indonesia area

Jakarta, DKI Jakarta, ID

Business Website:

Year Founded: 2016

Number of Employees: 2 to 10

BETA PEDULI Indonesia (Library Revitalization Youth Support for Indonesian Environment) was established in January 2016. It is a movement for communities encouraged by young people who are worried about the educational and environmental conditions in the rural areas.

This community was initiated by young people from multi regions in Indonesia who have diverse professional backgrounds.

The naming of BETA PEDULI ID other than as acronyms (in Bahasa Indonesia) "BEDAH PERPUSTAKAAN PEMUDA DUKUNG LINGKUNGAN INDONESIA". BETA PEDULI means "I CARE" which meaning of "PEDULI" in English is "Care" and "BETA" in the Maluku's language means "I".

According to the Mars 2016, Indonesia’s rank 60th of 61 countries in term of reading interest. This condition generate BETA PEDULI Indonesia to do more activities especially motivate student to increase reading interest through the library revitalization including providing of books. Teach educators (teacher and literacy activist) to understand literacy process and technique how to manage library management in school libraries and reading park.

BETA PEDULI Indonesia drives local youth as an investment driver to be able to embrace all elements of society to take part in social and environmental activities. The commitment is 10 schools and reading parks every single year.