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Artisan Hands: Innovation And Creativity

Talavera Armando

1. No Poverty 4. Quality Education 5. Gender Equality 6. Clean Water and Sanitation


It arises from the need to create a difference before its competitors and take the seal of the Puebla’s Talavera further, since it was losing its essence due to emerging new forms of production, seeking cost reduction in the manufacturing process and trying to get future economic benefits.


Jose Agustin Badillo Lopez

Jose Agustin Badillo Lopez






Universidad Iberoamericana Puebla

Universidad Iberoamericana Puebla


Miguel Hernández Lechuga

Miguel Hernández Lechuga


Talavera Armando has implemented a change as a result of the technological advances that have been emerging. The Enterprise has implemented the usage of gas ovens, instead of wood ovens, due to economic adjustments. This is their main innovation in regards to the production process, but it is not the only aspect of the company’s innovation. The heart of its business model is the concern on cultural environment preservation. Talavera Armando does not want to leave traditions behind, hence they created a Museum of Puebla`s Talavera where they exhibit collections of representative pieces, showing decorative styles from different influences that have contributed to the cultural richness through the centuries in the art of making the Talavera ceramic pieces.

Part of the cultural innovation that the Museum of Talavera has been working on is artistic exhibitions promotion, sharing stories through dance, painting, theater, sculptures. There is an opportunity for all the artists of the region to express their art, while the spectators are also attending dinners while at the same time they can enjoy Museum of Talavera performances, and tasting the menu offered by the restaurant.

The company aimed to support students and new professionals have created an employment program for this target group, giving them the opportunity to exploit their talents and be rewarded financially, contributing to cultural activities planning and execution, and expanding their human capital and talent.

Other elements to be considered:

a) Use of gas ovens in the production process, ensuring the characteristic “shine” in Talavera articles.

b) Gender equality approach in hiring procedures. Paul Aguilar, Shop Manager has said that “talent is not men’s or women’s, talent has been given to anyone”.

c) First job program to bring students closer to paid employment.

d) Take advantage of pluvial water collection, use of this resource has been reduced in the production process, reducing the impact on the environment as well.

Artisan Hands: Innovation And Creativity

Manos de artesano innovación y creatividad


Owner and company’s CEO, Mr. Armando Pérez Dominguéz, considered that one of the main changes for the company would be the implementation of constant innovation in order to be pioneers in Puebla’s culture.

It arises from the same need to be different in the market and keep certification that would give authenticity to their products.

Overall impact

The main innovation's impact on society is the cultural preservation of the 18th-century manufacturing process, through the oral and written tradition regarding how traditional Talavera should be made. This has contributed to obtain the certification before UNESCO as the tangible heritage of humankind.

Talavera Armando has improved its economic situation as a result of all the implementations that have arisen due to the need for process improvement, in order to be more competitive in the market.

For this reason, the customer’s portfolio has grown not only at the local level (Puebla Mexican State), but also national and international wide.

Business benefit

The company has had an economic positive impact moreover, increasing sales as a consequence of receiving and keeping origin certificates, is one of the 3 companies achieving it in Puebla State.

The increase in sales due to new furnaces implementation was a business need due to an expansión in the demand of the company’s national and international clients since it is one of the few companies certified and authorized to export this type of product.

Social and environmental benefit

The reduction of CO2 emissions to the environment since wood-fired ovens were replaced (wood ovens produce larger CO2, causing harmful effects on employee's health as consequence).

The company is giving others job opportunities, ensuring proper training and personal growth, letting them express themselves in cultural activities, in line with environment protection, reducing carbon dioxide emissions, collecting pluvial water to be used in the production process, having a positive imprint in economic, social, cultural and environmental spheres.


Paul Aguilar, Gerente de tienda

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Talavera Armando

Talavera Armando

Puebla, Puebla, MX

Business Website: https://www.talaverarmando.com.mx/

Year Founded: 1991

Number of Employees: 11 to 50

Talavera ArmandoIt is a company dedicated to the manufacture, distribution, and sale of beautiful and exclusive pieces of Talavera Poblana (traditional ceramic pieces), certified and with an origin certification, as well as the creation of the other two most representative ceramic styles of Puebla: The colonial style and the modern Earthenware.