An Inspired Croatian Start-Up

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Arta Statovci

Arta Statovci


University of Split

University of Split


Judita Peterlin

Judita Peterlin

Global Goals

7. Affordable and Clean Energy 8. Decent Work and Economic Growth 9. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure 11. Sustainable Cities and Communities 12. Responsible Consumption and Production

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- the most awarded Croatian Start-up with the best innovation in 2015

- solar powered smart bench

- basic and exclusive features

- impact on society, environment, business


Steora is the latest in smart bench technology, creatively harnessing green solar energy to provide practical solutions to increasingly pressing problems. From providing smart USB charging, mobile Internet, local information, to data gathering and revenue generation from advertisements. Steora is more than a bench. Steora is the future.

The solar panels generate around 110W of electricity per hour. Steora's solar panels are situated under the seat, cover the whole upper surface and enable maximum solar power absorption.

Steora is equipped with an independently developed wireless device charger, allowing newer generations of smart phones and watches to charge without a cable. It also provides two smart USB connectors with an output power of 10 W, providing fast charging for mobile devices whilst ensuring battery protection.

Internet access is constantly available within a four-meter diameter of the bench, delivered by a superfast 4G mobile router. It is also possible to limit each users access to enable equal access to everyone. We are able to provide Internet packages in association with the best network agencies available in each country.

Steora is bolted down and locked to prevent any unauthorized opening. There is also a sophisticated tracking system, enabling us to pinpoint its exact location at all times. If Steora is ever shut down, an alert is sent through to our internal tracking system to ensure we are able to notify you immediately.

Steora is made from high quality materials to ensure protection against weather and rusting. We use 3mm thick steel plate with a bearing capacity of 1000kg which is sand blasted and laminated to achieve a high gloss finish. Panels and screen are covered with homogeneous polycarbonate, which is often used in things like police shields.

Steora's advance capabilities are presented in a brilliantly modern and tasteful aesthetic. Minimal and stylish, Steora is perfectly suited to any environment, whether bustling town or national park., typos,

Steora has the option of a 19” weather and vandalism resistant screen that can be used to display any desired information, picture or video. The Screen is built in to fit design perfectly and positioned sideways for optimal visibility

Advertising with Steora is backed by newest software that combines best characteristics of internet advertising and street advertising. By installing one of Steora’s three advertising options, Steora’s display and internet connection can be used to deliver advertising in order to generate revenue.

Steora comes with built-in sensors of movement which enable counting passing pedestrians. This data can be very useful both for statistical and commercial purposes.

An Inspired Croatian Start-Up


When Ivan was really young, he always played with electronics and liked to innovate things from the pencils that could fly with propellers to some other things. Being innovative was something ordinary in his life. Ivan said that in fact everything started from different products - led chairs in shape of the box with led lights which you could change it with the mobile phone. It was for the purpose of coffee shops and the idea was that customers can use and manage colour when they sit. Anyway, the problem was that the system of charging was very complicated so he realised that he needs another solutions. He knew that chair had potential but he needs to transform it into something which will look simple but have high-technology for wider purposes.

So, in fact, he was motivated by few factors. Firstly he realised that many people nowadays use mobile phones, laptops and another technology on daily basis and they do not have place to charge it or to connect to the Internet, but they lose a lot of time going home and accomplishing important obligations.

Secondly, he realised that smart bench purpose for young, business people should also have higher importance connected with global, urban problems of contaminated and congested cities which need new renewable energies in order to become sustainable.

Overall impact

Impact on society - sustainable cities, environment - climate action, responsible consumption and production, business - innovative advertising, part of smart cities, a step ahead of the competition.

Business benefit

By implementing smart bench Steora, each business will have opportunity to be part of the global trend, smart cities. Furthermore by installing advertising options in Steora’s display and internet connection can be used to deliver advertising in order to generate revenue and to strengthen brand. Another benefit for business comes with built-in sensors of movement which enable counting passing pedestrians. This data can be very useful both for statistical and commercial purposes.

Social and environmental benefit

The innovation faces environmental problems that bustling and very populated cities have today. With usage of solar power and air purification system the quality of life will be increased. Sustainable and technology advanced cities will be an enabling environment.


Ivan Mrvoš, Director

Business information



Klis, HR
Business Website:
Year Founded: 2014
Number of Employees: 11 to 50
First Croatian and European company which is in trend with the latest technology of smart benches.