Ambulant Healthcare Centers equipped with Telemedicine


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Universal Healthcare. A healthcare network expansion to ease accessibility and reach more people.


GERARDO Suarez Anguiano

GERARDO Suarez Anguiano


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EGADE Business School Tecnologico de Monterrey


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Fernanda Concha


“Every person has the right to receive healthcare”, states the 4th article of the Mexican constitution; is this really a fact? Does this constitutional right apply in equality to 100% of the people in México? These questions have been addresses in multiple occasions through different decades. The story we want to tell today is the one of a company that is trying to facilitate the access to a high quality healthcare, by creating and expanding the network of professionals in different areas as well as locations that geographically can reach more people with the objective to provide quality healthcare at a competitive cost. WellMedic’s strength, consists of a “full-service” approach that empowers medical professionals to provide their services to more people by providing them with all what is necessary, infrastructure (medic centers) and connectivity so that they can reach more people and focus on the patient, all of this at a very competitive cost.

In accordance with the “Plan Nacional de Salud2019 – 2024.” (national healthcare plan) which main premise is to make effective the 4th constitutional article for Mexico, with its main purpose: Every mexican regardless of it social condition should have access to integrated healthcare services. “Que todos los mexicanos, independientemente de su condición laboral o socioeconómica tengan acceso a los servicios integrales de salud”.Plan Nacional de Salud 2019 – 2024.

In terms of heal care accessibility, two main adversaries are the ones that WellMedic, in its new innovation approach, tries to tackle:

1. Overloaded Centers

2. Lack of healthcare professionals

WellMedic has invested, though an alliance with one of the biggest healthcare providers in the world The group Walgreens in an innovation that includes Ambulant Healthcare Centers that will target the distant communities where the access to this vital service is not feasible.

In México, there are 2.4 medics for every 1000 habitants, almost half of what countries like Switzerland, Norway or Austria, and 2.8 nursing personal for every 1000 habitants, one ninth of what Switzerland has; but the biggest detractor for article 4th is mainly the distribution. In other words, besides the fact that we lack medical personnel, it is not geographically distributed so that it can reach the complete population, this is in essence, inequality.

The role that WellMedic plays here is, through their Ambulant Healthcare Centers, to empower and extend the existing medical professional capabilities, to reach the communities where these type of primary services is difficult.

Ambulant Healthcare Centers equipped with Telemedicine


It was an idea that came to mind of Luis Elizondo, CEO of the company, this idea arose when visiting southern Mexico and noticed the absence of doctors and the problems that this generates. Along with this, the Mexican federal government decided to re-design the “supplier network” for public healthcare which was very concentrated and narrowed to a very few suppliers. The new administration published their main pillars, as the “Plan Nacional de Salud 2019 – 2024.” (national healthcare plan) stated, one of them would be to expand the reach of quality healthcare. This is where WellMedic decided to look for a partnership with “Walgreens” with the main objective of pursuing this new business opportunity and fulfilling the huge gap currently available for mobile healthcare.

Overall impact

Disruptive growth, we earn the right to be seen as socially responsible, and we attract the attention of new investors.

Mexico had many years without a world-class company, a new giant, now it is brewing in our country, we started in Mexico but this will cross borders.

Business benefit

The company has grown in a disruptive way, caught the attention of giants in the pharmaceutical industry such is the case of Walgreens who approached us precisely because of the tele medicine project. There is a huge business opportunity as this innovation is actually aligned with the Mexican government primary objectives.

Social and environmental benefit

it is directly aligned with UN goal 3, Good health and well-being. Actually, the company’s mission states:

”Create the most innovative medical center in Latin America, where health specialists can carry out their duties in a simple, ethical and practical way”

WellMedic’s beliefs:

• Generate global impact.

• Execution based on ethics.

• Operate with transparency.

• Promote evolution through empathy.

• Develop through investment.

• Innovate to achieve exponential growth.


Moisés Cespedes, Operations Manager

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Business Website:

Year Founded: 2016

Number of Employees: 51 to 200

Wellmedic Health Centers offer all health and wellness professionals an empowerment platform with the vision of achieving exponential growth. Though the leasing of equipped co-working spaces for health professionals it empowers them to reach more people.