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De La Salle University Manila

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Pia Manalastas

Pia Manalastas

Global Goals

1. No Poverty 2. Zero Hunger 5. Gender Equality 8. Decent Work and Economic Growth

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Providing employment, Wonderfun addresses Goals 1 and 2 - No Poverty and Zero Hunger. By advocating talent over gender, it promotes Goal 5 - Gender Equality. Lastly, by contributing to the USD 75 million events industry of the Philippines, as estimated by the Philippine Association of Convention/Exhibition Organizers and Suppliers (PACEOS), Wonderfun is aiding in achieving Goal 8 - Decent Work and Economic Growth.

"The seed of Wonderfun Events was planted from our dream to create lasting memories through events that matter – for our clients and our community. We were keen to create events that were more than just parties, but experiences that could support artists and freelancers."


The innovation at Wonderfun sprouted organically with the evolving industry trends. They recognized the demand for unique, personalized experiences and the increasing trend of virtual events, which led to the integration of technology into their operations. Their primary motivation was to provide unparalleled experiences contributing to community development and social responsibility. They aimed to redefine industry standards by prioritizing fun, creativity, and meaningful engagement.

"Well, the real magic behind Wonderfun Events lies in our special business model. We mix traditional event planning with personalized, fun experiences. And we don't stop there! We're also dedicated to improving community wellbeing and integrating tech into our work to create engaging virtual and hybrid events."

This innovative approach has left a significant impact on the business and society. It expanded Wonderfun's reach, diversified its clientele, enhanced its brand identity, and positioned them as pioneers in offering personalized, creative events. They have provided job opportunities to young artists and freelancers, promoted a spirit of joy, creativity, and unity through their events, and had a positive influence through their collaborations with NGOs and NPOs.



Innovation in the events industry has undergone a transformative evolution and the story behind Wonderfun Events is a remarkable testament to this change. The inception of Wonderfun Events was marked by observing how the event scene shifted towards unique and tailored experiences. This was further catalyzed by the rise of virtual gatherings, making incorporating technology a natural and intuitive decision for the company.

"We were driven by the idea of shaking things up in the events world. We wanted to create experiences that go beyond the norm, spark joy, inspire creativity, and most importantly, make a difference. That's what got us out of bed every morning!"

The original idea for Wonderfun Events emanated from a profound dream to create ephemeral parties and meaningful experiences. The founders aimed to design events that would leave lasting impressions on their clients and contribute positively to the community. There was a keenness to support artists and freelancers by providing them with platforms to express their creativity.

At the core of Wonderfun Events was the motivation to innovate. The company was driven by the ambition to disrupt the conventional event management paradigm and replace it with something fresh and exciting. They wanted to craft experiences not just out of the box but also imbued with joy, creativity, and a sense of purpose. The desire to make a real difference became the force that propelled them into action every day.

"Our Wonderfun family was at the heart of it all. Each team member brought their skills to the table – brainstorming fresh ideas, refining our strategies, you name it. Our suppliers and customers too had a hand in this, helping shape our journey."

Wonderfun Events' innovation reflects a broader trend in society: a craving for personalized and extraordinary experiences enhanced by technology and grounded in values beyond mere entertainment. It's a story of aspiration, creativity, and a commitment to enriching the lives of people and the community, and it symbolizes the new age of event planning that emphasizes connection, inspiration, and impact.

Overall impact

Short-term Effects:

The innovation by Wonderfun Events, a company that wanted to change the dynamics of the events industry, saw immediate positive effects. Their blend of unique experiences and technology integration was not only timely, considering the rise in virtual gatherings, but also met the demands of a rapidly changing market. Shortly after the introduction of these innovative approaches, the company experienced an increase in customer engagement. They also enjoyed a boost in their reputation within the industry. Evidence of this impact was found in the growing number of attendees at their events, positive customer feedback, and heightened interest from industry peers and competitors.

Long-term Effects:

Wonderfun Events' innovation did not only yield short-lived success. The tailored experiences they provided fostered loyal relationships with both customers and partners. By consistently delivering beyond the norm and being a pioneer in incorporating technology into event planning, they managed to position themselves as leaders in the industry. Over time, this has translated into a sustained customer base, long-term partnerships, and a role as a trendsetter in the field. The fact that they are now regarded as industry leaders shows the enduring impact of their innovation, proving that creativity, adaptability, and a focus on community can create a lasting legacy in business.

"In the short run, we saw a bump in customer interest and our reputation in the industry took a positive turn. Long-term, we've built strong, loyal relationships with our customers and partners and carved a spot for ourselves as industry leaders."

Business benefit

Because Wonderfun Events embraced the trend of tailored experiences and integrated technology into their event planning, they achieved remarkable success in various aspects of their business. In the short term, they witnessed a surge in customer engagement and earned an enhanced reputation within the industry. This immediate success likely translated into increased revenue, as satisfied customers would return and spread the word, bringing in new clients.

"Our innovative approach was a game-changer. It opened up new doors, brought in a diverse crowd of clients, and let our brand shine. Plus, being known for our unique, creative events is something we're pretty proud of!"

Furthermore, this innovation opened new markets, catering to a clientele seeking personalized, tech-driven experiences. The company's creative approach probably attracted talented individuals who were keen to work in a dynamic and forward-thinking environment, resulting in the hiring of new employees and increased retention. The supportive and inspiring work culture likely fostered employee well-being, creating a positive feedback loop that further contributed to the company's success.

Additionally, Wonderfun Events' reputation as an industry leader allowed them to expand their product or service lines and attract new investment opportunities.

Social and environmental benefit

Wonderfun Events' innovation has not only reshaped the events industry but has also positively impacted society and the environment. Through their carefully crafted events, they have opened up opportunities for young artists and freelancers, creating a platform for emerging talents to showcase their abilities. This initiative has nurtured creativity and spread a sense of joy and unity within the community. Collaborations with NGOs and NPOs have further enabled Wonderfun Events to extend their reach and give back to society, contributing to causes that align with their ethos.

In addition to its societal contributions, Wonderfun Events has been conscientious about its environmental responsibilities. They have made significant strides towards sustainability by reducing waste and sourcing eco-friendly materials for their events. Their commitment to "green" event planning reflects a broader trend of environmentally conscious business practices, serving as a model for others in the industry. Their innovative approach goes beyond compliance with environmental regulations, manifesting a genuine desire to contribute positively to the planet.

"We like to think we've made a positive dent in society. Through our work, we've managed to provide opportunities for young artists and freelancers, while our events have spread a sense of joy, creativity, and unity. Our collaborations with NGOs and NPOs have also given us a chance to give back."

In summary, the innovation by Wonderfun Events stands as a testament to how businesses can weave social responsibility and environmental stewardship into their core operations. Their ability to blend creativity, joy, and community engagement with environmental consciousness showcases a path forward for companies seeking to positively impact both the people they serve and the world they inhabit.


Seleena Salvador, COO

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Business information

Wonderfun Events Management Services

Wonderfun Events Management Services

Mandaluyong City, PH
Year Founded: 2021
Number of Employees: 51 to 200

Picture a scene where you are at an event, absorbed in memorable moments, surrounded by joyous laughter, and immersed in the fun and excitement that the occasion brings. Now, imagine your kids being part of this exhilarating journey, having fun, and learning valuable life lessons. Imagine a team of expert event organizers ensuring that your party runs like a well-oiled machine, with every detail in place, letting you sit back, relax, and enjoy the event. That's exactly what Wonderfun Events is all about!