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A Truly Innovative Footwear

Mónica Marquéz

8. Decent Work and Economic Growth 15. Life on Land


Mónica Márquez is a company that designs and creates fine handcrafted cactus shoes. This innovation consists of extracting the skin of the nopal cactus to turn it into footwear in an original and innovative way. It has a striking artisanal process that begins by watering the nopal cactus in a natural way, based on rain. The way to extract the nopal is from the leaves and not from the root because these grow back, then the leaves are cleaned, selected, ground and left to dry for 3 days and the process begins to give the shape and texture of skin.

It integrates two Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): number 15 "Life of Terrestrial Ecosystems". This goal has brought about a major transformation by broadly respecting nature and animal care by defining footwear that is more compatible with nature and number 8 "Decent Work and Economic Growth". The company seeks to prioritize the full and productive employment of its craftsmen and promotes a safe working environment.


Kevin Javier Vargas Pérez

Kevin Javier Vargas Pérez

Belén Alejandra Chagoya Morales

Belén Alejandra Chagoya Morales


TecMilenio University (Universidad TecMilenio)

TecMilenio University (Universidad TecMilenio)


Susana Arenas

Susana Arenas


It maintains an idea of spectacular creation on a fine handcrafted footwear, but thanks to the impact that has had the care of the environment, they have decided to opt for the creation of a line of shoes that take advantage of the characteristics of the nopal obtaining as a result a substitute for animal skin, offering quality, durability and on a product made with organic and biodegradable materials.

It should be noted that the company is fully involved in the processes of these products, from the way of obtaining and converting them into leather, to the quality and durability tests required within their shoes to be part of the sustainable ecological line.

It has been a company in constant innovation through designs with a great positive impact on both nature and the consumer by implementing an essential element for the development of the footwear it offers, the nopal cactus. This 100% Mexican product has brought a radical change in the development of footwear compatible with the environment, avoiding the use of other elements that damage the environment and even pollute, which has favorably helped to implement this great element for its development in a positive way.

A Truly Innovative Footwear


The main inspiration to create this collection is the creation of timeless products, of excellent quality, with the same resistance as if it were real animal skin and free of animal cruelty, that is why we use a product such as nopal.

In the interview, Monica Marquez's representative comments, "The perseverance and faith we had in our shoes was that we never lost our goal of bringing quality shoes to Mexicans with timeless models, so that they could wear high quality footwear, different from what is offered today being representative of Mexico." (Hernández, 2021)

The company's representative also tells another great inspiration, "Monica was a child and says she saw in her father a natural passion when making shoes or during the process of making them and in her was born the idea of 'I will not do anything that does not make me feel the same emotion' years later, she would be at the forefront of this brand." (Hernández, 2021)

Overall impact

Monica Marquez feels a great opportunity that other companies from different parts of the world can work with them maintaining a very successful business relationship where they make footwear for their wide recognition in a successful way.

Trying to achieve a great impact of hunting made of nopal being accepted not only in the country, but internationally requesting a variety of orders so it has been a great success for the company. It has really had a good response from the Mexican society so it is planned to manufacture more footwear in larger quantities in the near future.

Business benefit

The company has a sense of gratitude and respect towards nature, it has been until now a company that demonstrates the true meaning of union and teamwork forming a commitment in a significant way considering the loyalty that employees have with the company. The Monica Marquez organization is a wide variety of people who demonstrate their skills and knowledge where day by day, they try to improve in everything they consider an opportunity to provide a quality product and comfort to people showing a fair and equitable treatment at all times. .

Monica Marquez has managed to stand out in the world of footwear, despite the great competition that currently exists in Guanajuato in the industry and more in these times where ecology is a decisive factor to know if a product will be a trend or not. Worrying about the customer having a shoe that gives him the security of combining with many garments, that is comfortable and timeless, allows us to ensure the following strengths: respect, empathy, leadership, quality, affection, honesty, social responsibility, punctuality.

Social and environmental benefit

They promote great values to society on the care of animals avoiding the use of their skin for the manufacture of footwear taking into account the respect they deserve as living beings. It shows a high responsibility demonstrating widely its quality and efficiency in the elaboration of each shoe adding a special value in comfort in a unique experience.

It has taken the interest and commitment to define highly accessible prices with the main objective that people can acquire their footwear without any problem. They have always tried to implement the best techniques of elaboration and production in the best possible way for their customers adding a really irresistible value. It seeks to be of great scope showing a special value to the Mexican society as well as to the different countries that have the interest of acquiring it.


Miranda Rocío Hernández Vázquez, Representative

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Mónica Marquéz

Mónica Marquéz

León, Guanajuato, MX

Business Website: https://monicamarquez.com.mx/

Year Founded: 2015

Number of Employees: 51 to 200

To be widely recognized nationally as a great company in the footwear industry, in addition to being recognized in various parts of the world as one of the companies that shows the quality of a good shoe of 100% Mexican origin.