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The production process of sugar normally requires utilizing a lot of resources which create a negative impact on the environment. SEDL Mohali came up with ingenious and innovative methods of efficient production processes which involve reducing and reutilizing the energy and other resources required in the manufacturing of sugar which helps reduce the overall environmental impact of the business.


Sai Dhiraj Bosetty

Sai Dhiraj Bosetty

Vrunda Jajoo

Vrunda Jajoo

Aditya Dhandhania

Aditya Dhandhania

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shorya jain

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Samrath Singh


Goa Institute of Management

Goa Institute of Management


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Divya Singhal


The innovation index and research and development capability of the team is evident from more than 90 innovations and design patents granted globally in the name of the company.

They have an in-house IPR and technology division which helps to capture innovations within the organization and take it further.

Some of there innovative products are:

1) Low temperature evaporator

2) Spray continuous pan

3) Mill electrification

4) Condensate flashing system

5) Mechanical circulator

6) Molasses conditioner

7) Sugar melter

8) Plate type falling film Evaporator

9) Tubular falling film Evaporator

10) Direct contact heater

Benefits of the innovations:

1) Minimal electric power demand

2) Better massecuite quality

3) 100 % clean water recovery and recycling

4) Good circulation maintained through the strike

5) Low cost

6) Eco-friendly

7) Auto alarming indicator for level fluctuating

8) Low foot print area

9) Low noise pollution

10) Less civil construction cost

A Sweet Innovation


The inspiration behind this innovation is that SEDL is dedicated to sustainable environmental development to unlock perpetual food and energy resources.

Overall impact

Recycling resources reduces waste production and, as a result, resource consumption. Recycling of resources, which helps preserve energy and resources, is the simplest approach to save money and enhance the bottom line. Disposing of industrial pollutants and some business byproducts comes with a hefty price tag. These costs are decreased through recycling, which serves to increase the bottom line. All of this also aids the organization in maintaining its market reputation.

SEDL received an award for being a sustainable business; the Industrial excellence award for outstanding contribution in the development of equipment designing for the growth of sugar and allied industries.

Business benefit

Recycling resources helps to produce less waste and consequently use less resources. The simplest way to save money and improve the bottom line is through the recycling of resources. There are a lot of costs associated with disposing of industrial wastes and some commercial by-products. Through recycling, these costs are reduced. All these things also help the company to maintain its reputation in the market.

In Vivek Verma’s words “SEDL sets up the wastewater treatment plants in different industries. If we compare SEDL to other water treatment industries the measured difference is that SEDL WTP didn't use any external source for a steam generation like boilers and that makes it very sustainable. Low-temperature evaporation as steam is generated at low temperature by creating a vacuum using a vacuum pump and heat exchange between steam and effluent. Then condensing the water gives us clean water of very low TDS.”

Social and environmental benefit

The world's supply of fresh water is finite and is threatened by pollution. Rising demands for water to supply agriculture, industry and cities are leading to competition over the allocation of limited fresh water resources. On September 19,2019 Spray Engineering Devices Limited won the National Award for Excellence in Water Management 2019 for Low Temperature Evaporation Technology under Innovative Water Saving Product Category. Which helped in water conservation and making the water availability in the areas where water is a scare resource.

The Indian sugar industry, already second largest among the country's processing industries, shows even greater potential, according to the Plan Documents. The potential of waste heat in sugar processing plants, which produce white crystal sugar using the double sulphation clarification process, is estimated at 5757.9 KJ / kg of sugar. Efficient waste heat recovery (WHR) systems could help arrest the trend of increasing production costs. This would help the sugar industry not only in India, but in many other countries as well. The innovative methods suggested and discussed briefly in this article include dehydration of prepared cane, bagasse drying, and juice heating using waste heat. These methods can reduce the cost of energy in sugar production by at least 10% and improve efficiency and productivity.


Vivek Verma, MD

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SEDL Mohali

SEDL Mohali

Mohali, punjab, IN

Business Website: https://www.sprayengineering.com/

Year Founded: 1992

Number of Employees: 201 to 500

Spray Engineering Devices Limited (SEDL) is a public limited company with a corporate office in Mohali, Punjab, India and three manufacturing facilities in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh, India. They offer “innovative technological solutions” for sugar and related industries, specializing in vaporization, condensation, evaporation, heat exchange, crystallization and sugar refining.