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A Medical and Social Mission Towards Sustainability






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Global Goals

3. Good Health and Well-Being 8. Decent Work and Economic Growth 11. Sustainable Cities and Communities

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CFB Marketing and General Merchandise ensures healthy lives and promotes well-being and economic growth by disseminating enlightening medical and health information on its Facebook page and imposing good relations with customers and employees, compliance with laws and regulations, and efficient management operations. In line with the company’s advocacy of bringing hope, healing, and health to those in need, they are also conducting medical missions and outreach programs that provide different services for free such as medical and dental check-ups, laboratory testing, basic trauma life support training, hair grooming, blood donation, gift-giving, and feeding programs.


CFB shares educational and enlightening health-related facts on its Facebook page to raise awareness and build capacity for its followers. It encourages the community to promote reliable knowledge and engage in meaningful conversation. It also empowers individuals to take proactive measures to prevent illnesses and adopt healthier lifestyles. By fostering preventive measures and positive health practices, dissemination efforts can lead to healthier communities.

The owner was recognized for being one of the top taxpayers for the year 2016 in Cordillera Administrative Region. As they generate high revenue, they significantly stimulate economic growth, reduce unemployment rates, and enhance social stability. They also received a certificate of recognition for outstanding compliance with the Bagwis Award parameters in conformity with the applicable consumer laws, effective customer relations, efficient store management operations, and exemplification of social commitment and responsibility. They continuously impose a sense of predictability, fairness, and respect for societal norms, leading to a more harmonious and cohesive society.

The Company allocates a portion of company profits to support initiatives addressing challenges in healthcare needs of underserved or vulnerable populations, typically in areas near the location of the business. They conduct it annually or whenever the need arises. Some of the services provided are general medical checkups with free medicine, dental checkup, and laboratory testing. They also offer educational support and outreach programs such as training, blood donation, gift giving, and feeding programs to nearby schools and residential areas. By strengthening participation and collaboration, these programs encourage individuals to voice their needs, identify solutions, and work toward positive community change.

A Medical and Social Mission Towards Sustainability

Spreading Smiles, Changing Lives


According to Ms. Kathleen Bacullo, daughter of Mrs. Charito Fagyan Bacullo, the owner of CFB, her mother has a natural affinity for children and enjoys spending time with them. Kathleen expresses that, “My mom possesses an inclination to give freely, she embodies qualities that create a nurturing, supportive, and enjoyable environment for children to prosper.” Some of their relatives and children nearby their residential area have autism spectrum disorder. They are known for having problems with social communication and interaction, and restricted or repetitive behaviors or interests. Despite increased awareness, stigma and discrimination against autistic children and their families still exist. Unfortunately, some autistic children are targets of bullying or teasing due to their differences.

Because of her love for the children, she developed patience and understanding when dealing with them, recognizing that each child is unique and may have different demands and emotions. She aims to create a warm environment that makes children feel safe, comfortable, and loved. Her genuine care and understanding form strong bonds with the children she interacts with that led to the company’s engagement in outreach programs such as yearly gift-giving and feeding programs to the Mountain Province SPED, including Home-based SPED, schools, and the local community during Christmas and Company anniversaries.

Kathleen shared that, “My mom believes that helping others, even when you earn little, is a reflection of a heart that knows the true value of compassion and the impact of kindness. It's not the size of your earnings that matters; it's the size of your heart and the willingness to make a positive difference in someone else's life.” Thus, as they earn more, they were able to provide assistance not just to children but to all the residents in their community by means of medical missions and outreach programs. This highlights the value of sharing as a way of giving back to the community for their support throughout the company’s 26 years of existence.

Overall impact

The short-term effects of conducting medical missions and outreach programs are it provides a cure and attends to the needs of people at that moment. It just lessens or relieves the sickness and hunger for a day or weeks. Despite all, its long-term effect would be giving hope to the community. It is an eye-opener for people to demonstrate the good side of providing help. Kathleen emphasized that "Small gains may seem insignificant individually. Still, I dedicated a portion of that gain to help others. You will eventually notice the huge impact you are creating on the community." It also inspires healthcare professionals who envision this to do it for the rest of their lives, to render service free of charge at least once or twice a year. One of the medical doctors who volunteered claimed that it was satisfying and self-fulfilling that he finally found his purpose in life. He is now inspired to learn more for his patients to receive the best service they deserve.

For a certain period, profitability increases cash inflow that covers the company's daily operation and provides a reasonable amount of compensation and benefits to its employees. Cash inflow allows the business to cover various expenses and ensures that the company meets its financial commitments necessary to keep its operation running smoothly. Kathleen says that "Everyone here in CFB is treated as a family. Aside from the incentives that we provide, during outings and team building, we make sure to include them." Providing competitive compensation and benefits helps employees meet their personal needs and aspirations. In the long run, cash inflow and profitability assisted CFB in supporting external activities like community projects and sustainable practices, positively impacting society and the environment. Furthermore, adequate salaries and incentives provide a productive work environment, employee retention, and satisfaction. Most of their employees are still working for them for a long time.

Business benefit

By actively engaging in medical missions and community service, the business has established a positive reputation in the eyes of many. People value their generosity by showing appreciation on their page, supporting their activities, and patronizing their products. They are known for maintaining ethical practices; hence, customers are more likely to trust them over competitors. It continuously fosters customer loyalty, contributing to its long-term success. It also grants them a competitive advantage in the marketplace. They enjoy favorable perceptions among customers, employees, and other stakeholders. Kathleen said, "Kindness should be practiced sincerely and without expecting personal gain. If you are generous enough, blessings may come. "

Most of their activities demonstrate a business commitment to Enhanced Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) that showcases their dedication to social welfare and address the needs of marginalized communities. Somehow, the experiences and challenges they encountered while providing these social activities gave them ideas about the community's unmet needs. These encounters inspire initiatives to enhance or create products that address specific challenges. For example, they have supported the need for touchless operation during the pandemic thus foot activated alcohol dispenser was offered to their store. Individuals can access hand sanitizer without touching any surfaces with their hands, reducing the risk of cross-contamination.

Community involvement allowed CFB to engage its employees in meaningful activities outside the workplace. Volunteering and participating in community projects boosted employee morale, fostered team building, and improved job satisfaction. Employees feel proud to work for their company, leading to increased employee loyalty and retention. The professionals who were also part of the medical missions are spreading word-of-mouth recommendations and positive community interactions that attract new customers who actively support and participate in community initiatives.

Social and environmental benefit

Medical missions and outreach programs often incorporate health education and disease prevention initiatives. Healthcare professionals and volunteers provide information on hygiene, nutrition, family planning, and disease prevention strategies. By educating communities about healthy behaviors, disease transmission, and preventive measures, medical missions empower individuals to better care for their health and make informed health decisions. These programs also educate communities about environmental issues that impact their health, such as air pollution, water contamination, and sanitation practices. Raising awareness about environmental health risks and promoting sustainable behaviors can contribute to environmental conservation.

By owning a Facebook page, CFB uses digital methods for advertising and marketing instead of traditional printed materials. “My mom was a former medical representative. She doesn’t know anything about business, but she tried exploring this area. She had the courage to put up her own business,” Kathleen says. Aside from being cost-effective, it significantly reduces the environmental footprint. It helps save trees, reduce energy consumption, and minimize waste generation. They can easily track engagement, conversion, click-through rates, and other metrics, enabling them to make data-driven decisions and optimize their promotions for better results. Given the scale of paper consumption within the area, adopting paperless advertising can significantly positively impact the environment globally, helping to address pressing environmental issues such as deforestation, climate change, and resource depletion.


Kathleen Bacullo, Manager

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Business information

CFB Marketing & General Merchandise

CFB Marketing & General Merchandise

Bontoc, Mountain Province, PH
Year Founded: 1997
Number of Employees: 11 to 50

Founded in 1997, CFB Marketing and General Merchandise was established by Mrs. Charito Fagyan Bacullo to supply quality drugs and medicines to Bontoc General Hospital in Bontoc, Mt. Province. CFB Marketing launched its own Drugstore and Grocery in Bontoc, which opened a new opportunity for the company to expand its business as a retailer and be known as a one-stop shop for medical and grocery supplies. It is now a distributor of generic drugs and medicines, surgical, dental, laboratory, x-ray, medical supplies, and equipment.