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A Clean Community for All

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Global Goals

4. Quality Education 7. Affordable and Clean Energy 8. Decent Work and Economic Growth 11. Sustainable Cities and Communities 17. Partnerships for the Goals

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The Clean Foundation is an independent organization that looks to support growth and help make an impact in order to create a cleaner future. Some of their supported UN goals include quality education; affordable clean water; economic growth; and sustainable communities. However, their main goal is to partner with other community members, government officials, stakeholders, and Indigenous community groups to help educate and empower individuals every single day.


Clean Foundation is a Nova Scotia based independent, non-governmental environmental charity that began in 1987. Their drive is to make real progress towards a cleaner and more sustainable future by taking on climate change challenges across Atlantic Canada. Clean Foundation focuses on 5 different project areas and has a dedicated team for each of their project areas.

Clean Foundation's Workforce Development Team focuses primarily on a green economy and workforce development for the future. This team is dedicated to promoting economic growth in communities across Atlantic Canada. Through leadership programs, Clean Foundation is providing support to employers within today's rapidly growing clean economy.

Another project area that is a part of Clean Foundation is its Education Team. This team focuses primarily on teaching the youth of Atlantic Canada about the environment and sustainability. Through direct work in schools and camps, Clean Foundation's Education Team inspires the youth of today to become leaders of the future.

Clean Foundation's Energy Team focuses primarily on providing low-income families with access to more affordable, clean energy through home upgrades at no cost to the homeowners. Nova Scotia has the highest proportion of families who are incapable of putting food on the table, due to their expensive power bills. Clean Foundation's goal is to ensure that all families have access to economical energy options, allowing them to use their hard-earned money for other necessities.

The Clean Coasts Team started by working primarily on stream restoration but has expanded its role to include coastal restoration as well. Their main projects include restoring the salt marsh habitat along the Northumberland Strait and finding new areas in need of restoration while providing all information about their ongoing projects to local communities.

Lastly, Clean Foundation's EV Adoption Team focuses on electric mobility and ensuring the infrastructure is in place to support the shift towards sustainable transportation options. This team's main project is the development and installation of electric vehicle chargers and encouraging individuals to choose more ethically sustainable transportation alternatives.

Through the development of these 5 project teams, Clean Foundation is doing the work to make a difference while showing communities across Atlantic Canada the positive impact of creating a cleaner, more sustainable society.

A Clean Community for All


In the 1980s, Nova Scotia was identified as the highest waste-polluting province in Canada. Active legislation was put forward and agreed to establish an organization to take charge of the waste management problems Nova Scotia was facing. When Clean Foundation first started, initial seed funding was to help reduce and manage the waste produced by the province. Clean Foundation became an identity from this seed funding and became recognized very quickly for its accomplishments. Over the years, the organization recognized that there were many environmental problems that needed to be acted on. As a result, Clean Foundation expanded its reach and started taking on other projects.

In our interview with Shannon Harding, she mentioned that people are competing for funding. What is frustrating is that organizations are trying to accomplish the same goal independently, however they are not realizing that if they act together their reach, potential impact, and ability to make a difference is greater. Clean Foundation believes that relationship building and partnerships are essential to its ability to achieve its objectives.

Overall impact

Clean Foundation is working with today's youth and teaching them about sustainability and how to live a more environmentally conscious lifestyle. In today's society, many individuals have climate anxiety, meaning they know there is so much that needs to be done to make a difference, however they are unsure where they need to start. At Clean Foundation, they show people where to start and how they can make an impact. Additionally, they support municipalities through partnerships with other organizations, showing them how they can make a change.

Over the past year, Clean Foundation has evolved and has experienced an increase in staff, partnerships, and has expanded the reach of its work. Some of their major accomplishments this year have been focusing on combating sea level erosions through coastal restoration, helping employers create career opportunities for youth in the clean economy, empowering and expanding the youngest minds through their climate education, making clean sector careers accessible for every individual and helping Nova Scotians to make the switch to zero-emission vehicles. Overall, Clean Foundation continuously looks for opportunities that will allow them to provide the necessary support that is needed to help communities succeed in their climate goals.

Business benefit

One of the major benefits of Clean Foundation is their ability to act quickly on projects that need immediate assistance. For example, if an important project comes up and needs their help, Clean Foundation is capable of starting within a few weeks, whereas it could take months for the government to get approval to help with the project.

Another benefit of Clean Foundation is having 100 employees, who are experts in their field. The employees are all committed to making positive change in today's society and passionate about helping whoever is in need. They are also very nimble, allowing them to jump on and off projects as they are needed, and pass off projects to other organizations if their help is no longer required.

Social and environmental benefit

Clean Foundation is committed to not only completing their projects themselves but also educating organizations and communities so they can continue practicing sustainability. Additionally, this allows these groups to continue to engage in their efforts to be more environmentally conscious and inspire change.

Stream restoration and climate action are another one of Clean Foundation's primary initiatives. Recently, Clean Foundation has branched out from stream restoration and worked on coastal restoration as well. Along with restoration, ensuring the safety of inhabitants of ocean and streamside municipalities is another one of their goals. Through constant attention to erosion and water levels, Clean Foundation both monitors and teaches citizens how to ensure the safety of their property and belongings living close to and around waterways.


Shannon Harding, Director of Education and Engagement

Business information

Clean Foundation

Clean Foundation

Dartmouth and Sydney, Nova Scotia, CA
Business Website:
Year Founded: 1987
Number of Employees: 51 to 200

The Clean Foundation is an organization located in Nova Scotia that promotes green solutions for today and supports the environmental leaders of tomorrow. Their passion is to provide the knowledge, tools, and inspiration needed to encourage the actions that lead to positive environmental change within communities.