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1Community - Driving Real-World Impact through the Power of Storytelling

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Global Goals

1. No Poverty 5. Gender Equality 10. Reduced Inequalities 13. Climate Action 16. Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

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1Community is an impact-first entertainment company founded by Scott Budnick, producer of The Hangover, the highest-grossing R-rated comedy trilogy in film history. Through the power of storytelling, 1Community drives action towards change in social justice, inequity, gender inequality, immigration, climate action, and other vital issues of our time by connecting with the hearts and minds of viewers. 1Community is “using movies to change the world” and believes that the film industry and TV can be a catalyst for good.

1Community is leading the way in large-scale impact to UN SDGS, including no poverty, quality education, gender equality, peace, justice, strong institutions, reducing inequality, and climate action. They do this through untapped empathy in the hearts and minds of individuals who watch their films and are moved to positive change and action. Examples include legislation changes, impact partner collaborations, and sharing stories that can create real change.

1Community is the first of its kind in Hollywood, and no other entertainment company is connecting impact and social change in this way. Budnick is revolutionizing the film industry and sharing stories that move people to action for social good.


1Community drives innovation in Hollywood through impact-first entertainment that connects with the hearts and minds of viewers, calling them into action regarding some of the most pressing issues of our time. Scott Budnick, producer of The Hangover, the highest-grossing R-rated comedy trilogy in film history, and activist who founded the Anti-Recidivism Coalition (ARC), started the organization to share “stories of deep, deep, deep humanity” to capture the un-used empathy and turn it into change.

The movies produced by 1Community are different from those made by other Hollywood entertainment companies because, in “Guerilla Impact,” they combine diverse and unconventional tactics through culture and media to achieve social change. Each movie includes a social impact campaign that inspires and influences lawmakers, advocacy groups, and the voices of those who go unheard. The organization connects with many UN STGS, including those concerned with poverty, quality education, gender equality, peace, justice, strong institutions, reduced inequality, and climate action.

1Community makes movies worth watching and action worth taking. The goal is to connect with the hearts and minds of viewers and shed a natural light into the lives of real people through the power of storytelling. Through this connection, 1Community hopes to inspire listening, action, and understanding that moves us toward human connection, harmony, and a world worth living in.

1Community - Driving Real-World Impact through the Power of Storytelling


Scott Budnick took a break from Hollywood when he fell in love with correctional reform and criminal justice reform by starting the Anti-Recidivism Coalition (ARC) to end mass incarceration in California. During his time at ARC, Scott found a deep calling to create significant scale change to the social justice system and inequalities in the world. He reflected on this with a close friend who was instrumental in passing the marriage equality legislation in California. He asked his colleague what strategies worked best to make this large-scale impact. His friend replied by citing the popular TV series, "Will & Grace and Glee." At this point, Budnick realized that movies could positively change the hearts and minds of people and move us toward action.

Scott realized, "It was the stories and the un-used empathy that could change the hearts and minds" and enormously impact our world. At this time, he left ARC, although he is still heavily involved in correctional reform and changes to the justice system, and he founded 1Community. Instead of making movies about bachelors in Vegas and influencing the economy of Nevada, he switched to reaching the hearts and minds of viewers about many of the UN STG goals.

“The most powerful weapon I have to impact positive change is the unused empathy through storytelling,” says Budnick.

Overall impact

After starting ARC, it seemed only natural that Budnick’s first movie produced by 1Community was Just Mercy. Just Mercy is a 2019 American biographical legal drama film co-written by Destin Daniel Cretton and starring Michael B, Jamie Foxx, and Brie Larson. It explores the work of young defense attorney Bryan Stevenson, who represents poor people on death row in the South. The film explores a case of wrongfully convicted of the murder of a young woman. The film is based on Stevenson's 2014 eponymous memoir, which explored his journey to making his life's work the defense of African American prisoners. It cost $25 million and grossed $50.4 million at the box office.

Budnick shared that Just Mercy is his current high point; however, at the interview, he felt the future would likely bring many more high points as production was ramping up from 2 to 4-5 movies per year. The high point for Just Mercy wasn’t making the film or the storytelling; it was the impact campaign.

Budnick worked with all of the Governors of each state to screen the film with their Cabinet and Directors, which he did free of charge. He visited all the states and provided a screening of the movie. Budnick shared that the people crying and expressing emotions in the film, including empathy and compassion, impacted him personally. One Governor was so moved by the film that Budnick and his team worked with the Governor to establish legislation that would change laws around crucial social justice and correctional inequalities.

Budnick states, “Just imagine the world in 5-10 years. Look what storytelling and movies did for marriage equality; this is my vision for immigration, climate justice, and inequality.” Budnick is a true visionary and passionate entrepreneur who uses business for good.

Business benefit

Budnick employs a team of creative, entrepreneurial, and passionate human beings interested in social impact and business for good. The business innovation drives the organization to make movies that make a real impact by making the issues and stories of others honest. Bunick puts money on the line and looks for allies in the industry to bring stories to life, which benefits the organization, the real people’s lives, and the community and world. Additionally, Budnick and 1Community use authentic ways to collaborate with impact partners to extend their message into real-world impact, which benefits 1Communtiy and its partners more broadly.

Because 1Community is driven by impact and social change, the real stories and amplification of voices are at the heart of the work, which helps bring to life inequities and marginalization in a way that opens people's hearts and minds rather than pushing people away from one's another. Instead, 1 Community believes in Moving As 1.

The impact-first entertainment company raised $60 million in funding to scale the organization in the coming years, and diversity and inclusion are at the heart of the work. 1Community employs talented, multi-racial, and ethnically diverse groups to lead impact-first entertainment.

Social and environmental benefit

Budnicks 5-10-year vision is to create movies that create awareness about important issues such as climate action, poverty, economic injustice, gender inequity, and immigration. Through film and the power of storytelling, the organization calls viewers into action to open their hearts and minds to change and action. Budnick believes that if people can experience emotional connection through stories, change can occur. For example, imagine connecting to the story of immigrants who work tirelessly to pick up and supply our food in the US. He dreams of connecting viewers with the stories of real people to create a human connection, and movies can move the whole world.

The movies to date include Just Mercy, Respect, Winner, Lewis Hamilton DOC, King Leopold's Ghost, In the Shadow of the Mountain, Neighbors from Hell, Potus, and For Colored Girls. On the horizon are movies regarding immigration, climate change, and gender inequalities. Budnick plans for impact campaigns with each movie that can change legislation and perspectives and drive social change for all.


Scott Budnick, CEO

Business information

1 Community

1 Community

Los Angeles, CA, US
Business Website: https://1community.com/
Year Founded: 2018
Number of Employees: 11 to 50

Founded in 2018 by veteran producer and activist Scott Budnick, 1C invests in projects with the potential to make “guerrilla impact,” finding bold new takes on the most pressing issues of our time. From climate justice and racial equity to mental healthcare, every 1C production is connected to a cause. 1Community partners with movement leaders to launch impact campaigns that connect viewers from what they see on screen to taking action in their communities, building a business on the belief that if we’re going to make a difference, we have to Move as 1.