Maintaining Hearts Through Maintaining Lawns

1. No Poverty 3. Good Health and Well-Being 15. Life on Land


DeBaise Lawn Care has found a way to be profitable while benefiting their business and the environment. Stephen DeBaise, founder and CEO of DeBaise Lawn Care, takes pride in maintaining hearts by maintaining lawns.


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Stephen DeBaise created DeBaise Lawn Care and Photography in his junior year of high school, and has already amassed a hearty following in his hometown of Wallingford, Connecticut. Stephen works with clients based in his hometown and offers all landscaping services, including mulching, lawns, and other various upkeep. In his photography business, Stephen offers senior pictures, portraits, and other photography services. His innovation stems from his experience working with Joe Logano, a former NASCAR driver, who also comes from his hometown. Mr. Logano works with the Ronald McDonald House and women who have been victims of domestic violence, in having a charity auction and event once a year. Stephen partners with Mr. Logano to photograph the event and survivors, as well as submit the photographs for sale to benefit the victims. As for the Lawn Care business, Stephen provides lower cost lawn care for those who may not be able to afford the full-price care and services. Both innovations look to partner with other local business owners to provide dignity and lower cost services, and are completely replicable.

Maintaining Hearts Through Maintaining Lawns


As for the inspiration for the photography innovation, Stephen says he is motivated by the relationships formed from the conversations he has had with the survivors, as well as his partnership with Mr. Logano. The lawn care program for less fortunate homeowners stemmed from a conversation with an elderly client of his. He stated:

“I noticed her lawn was overgrown, and there was trash everywhere. I asked her about it, and it seemed that she could not have the lawn cut more than once per month. Overgrown lawns and trash can be bad for the environment, so we cleared all of the trash, and I was able to reduce the rate for her and start the program I have going now.”

Overall impact

The impact of both innovations has been tremendous. The impact for the Ronald McDonald House and Joe Logano partnership has been assessed to be over $2 million. Stephen’s business innovation created the pictures of this journey and gave more factual evidence of the work that can be done for those victims of domestic violence. The lawn care innovation has provided more dignity and well-being for the users of his program, as well as the land around them. As Stephen states, “Lawns are more than just appealing; a well-maintained lawn is healthy for the environment and animals that inhabit it.”

Business benefit

The photography aspect has a huge marketing benefit for DeBaise Photography, as he networks with other potential clients as well as businesses at the events. He knows the value of networking, as well as the impact of relationships on business. The lawn care program allows Stephen to grow his clientele while improving conditions, gaining experience, and ascertaining more capital for more equipment.

Social and environmental benefit

Socially, the photography aspect has helped chronicle the process and impact of the assistance and good that the Ronald McDonald house can do. The lawn care aspect has provided increased dignity for those who could not afford to take care of their lawn, and for the animals that inhabit the land around it. The three UN Goals that Stephen works under are Life on Land, No Poverty, and Good Health and Well-Being. Life on Land is contributed to by the increased environmental quality after his business begins to take care of a property. No Poverty is used, as Stephen helps his clients save money, providing for the use of funds elsewhere. Lastly, the photography events that Stephen works with also provide better quality of life for domestic violence survivors, as well as increased dignity and positivity.


Stephen DeBaise, Founder

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DeBaise Lawn Care

DeBaise Lawn Care

Wallingford, CT, United States

Business Website:

Year Founded: 2014

Number of Employees: 2-10

DeBaise Lawn Care operates as a small business, providing all landscaping services to those in Wallingford, CT.