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This story is about a man who worked as an electrical contractor before he realized the difference he can make in the world by switching to Solar electric. After his trip to Afghanistan, he was inspired by the number of lives he changed, and adopted his own business innovation which you will learn about.


Daniel Loureiro

Daniel Loureiro


Fairleigh Dickinson University at Florham

Fairleigh Dickinson University at Florham


Gerard Farias

Gerard Farias


Figuring out the best way for people to get solar and save money. Green House Electric will custom design the right solar system to fit your needs, and handle all permitting, engineering and installation. They offer residential and commercial ground mounts and custom solar canopies/carports. Green House Electric also provides off grid battery systems and battery backup for emergency power so that you can use your solar when the power goes out. To add to that, they offer energy storage batteries to reduce carbon footprints so you can use stored solar energy even at night.

Green House Solar


In 2011 after his college years, Frank moved to Denver, Colorado. It was there where his business emerged and he was working as a solar electric contractor and engineer doing basic solar work. As an electrical contractor, Frank saw what solar was doing for people. His company brought solar to places that do not have power, such as Iraq and Afghanistan. That alone was a stepping stone for Frank because he saw what a difference he could make in the world by installing solar. Frank mentioned that his contributions to these poorer countries was a high point in his career. It was then where he found his passion and purpose for himself and his business innovation.

Overall impact

The purpose of the innovation was simply to find a sustainable way for people to live while also saving money. Green House Electric has a mission of reducing carbon footprint of other people by educating them of the benefits of saving energy. In fact, they have a huge impact on the society and environment. For example, in 30 years the average solar installation will have the environmental impact equivalent of 410,450 miles driven in a passenger car, 401 barrels of oil consumed, 4,000 trees planted, and 62 tons of waste sent to landfill.

Business benefit

As a new and emerging business, Green House Electirc can benefit by competing with its competitors. This business will raise awareness and allow people to appreciate the benefits of solar energy.

Social and environmental benefit

The environmental impact of switching to solar is equivalent of 410,450 miles driven in a passenger car, 401 barrels of oil consumed, 4,000 trees planted, and 62 tons of waste sent to landfill.


Frank Curran, Founder

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Green House Electric

Green House Electric

Madison, NJ, United States

Business Website:

Year Founded: 2015

Number of Employees: 2-10

Green House Electric is a solar design and installation business. They manage solar operations and maintenance, provide battery backup and energy storage, offer EV charging stations and install generators. They offer financing options and thrive to reduce the carbon footprint.