Efficient Energy

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National Grid provides the service of bringing natural gas to both commercial and residential customers. This company is embracing innovative programs and partnerships to ensure a cleaner, more affordable energy future for all customers.


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National Grid promotes efficiency and safeguarding to their local and global environment projects while maintaining reliability and improving safety throughout the company and community. The grid brings clean energy to the world in order to help save the environment by reducing its carbon footprint. National Grid works to not only deliver natural gas to customers, but to do so in an environmentally friendly manner. Matthew Yudt explains that in going forward, "we have to make our network safer, smarter, and more resilient than it already is."

Customers have an appreciation for options; they want more choices, better reliability, faster and seamless delivery of high-quality power. On top of all of the requirements, they expect it to be more affordable and environmentally-friendly. National Grid has taken all of these factors into consideration and is continuing to work hard in satisfying consumers wants.

Efficient Energy


The creation of sustainable energy for our future is one of the hardest challenges that our society faces. National Grid strives every single day to succeed at this difficult obstacle in order to serve the people in its community. National Grid understands that the world is constantly changing and that the need for natural gas is at an all-time high. Matthew Yudt stated that, "we must change our current infrastructure to keep up with the demand for natural gas." The current system is aging and needs to be replaced with a more reliable one. The purpose of this upgrade to the system is to obtain a cleaner, safer, and more reliable gas system for our customers.

All of the employees at National Grid play a crucial role in making these changes happen. From designing and installing the new gas pipes to customer and community group involvement, each and every person affects this company and the work that gets done. "Every employee here at National Grid has a role in providing natural gas in the most efficient way for our customers," said Mr. Yudt.

Overall impact

National Grid is a forward-looking, environmentally focused business that strives to make this world a better place. Their strategy is to build and operate a better energy distribution infrastructure for the 21st century digital economy. Their main initiative is to provide energy for their customers with the guarantee that it is cleaner, more affordable, resilient and reliable, as well as having more customer choices. National Grid has the ability to tackle climate change while advancing America's economic and environmental health. The grid's top priorities consist of ensuring safety/compliance and reliability, investing to grow and modernize the system, improving customer experience, advancing clean energy solutions and environmental stewardship, and partnering with communities to make our region safer, healthier, and more vibrant.

Business benefit

National Grid is currently in the process of modernizing their gas system. They are replacing 585 miles of aging pipes in New York City and Long Island before the year 2020. National Grid is investing $3 billion to replace these aging pipelines; in doing so, they are creating more jobs, developing energy efficiency programs, and are working with the NYC Clean Heat program to help assist buildings in converting to natural gas. The conversion of these buildings is then helping reduce particulates, mercury, and sulfur within New York City's air.

The business will also benefit from modernizing itself since it will ultimately increase capacity and improve connections to renewable energy sources. When a company focuses on its customers, the community, and the well being of the environment, the business will most certainly benefit without a doubt. National Grid has developed a positive, good-for-the-world image that about 7 million customers choose to be a part of when deciding who to turn to for these services.

Social and environmental benefit

Natural gas is a huge benefit in our very own homes since we use it for cooking as well as staying warm (through heat). It is a clean alternative to heavy oils because it generates less emissions. This reduction in emissions converts to public health benefits, considering that these pollutants have caused asthma, bronchitis, lung cancer, and heart disease.

National Grid invests their time and energy inspiring children to study subjects such as mathematics, science, technology, and engineering in order to open their minds to the interesting and wonderful world of engineering and energy. The company has increased its community involvement through public activities, events, and partnerships; this involvement allows people to become more knowledgeable of the amazing innovations that National Grid has ingrained within their work ethic.


Matthew Yudt, Senior Engineer

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National Grid

National Grid

Brooklyn, NY, United States

Business Website: https://www.nationalgridus.com/Default

Year Founded: 2007

Number of Employees: 10000+

National Grid is one of the world's largest utility companies. They operate with an energy infrastructure in both the UK and north-eastern region of the USA. National Grid supplies electricity and natural gas, which are vital energy sources, to nearly 7 million customers.